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TGR Bite Size National Green Specification

13/11/2014 event NGS Logo png

The One and Only National Green Specification – an Encyclopaedia of Information for Construction Professionals

Brian Murphy, Green Register core trainer, founder and developer of the National Green Specification is creating a new website: The Encyclopaedia of Green Construction that is uniquely structured to perform like the neural networks of a human brain. 


Brian is seeking funding from the Technology Strategy Board to carry out R&D ‘Smart Funding’ market research for development of a new interface application that interrogates the Encyclopaedia as the user interacts with a 3D building model.

This bite-size session will be a chance to discover the scope of the Encyclopaedia, experience the novel structure and influence the 3D development.

 NGS 3D VIEW png



© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
19th October 2014 – 12th December 2015

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