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GBE Past Events G#710 N#732

By 19 October 2014July 10th, 2019Events

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GBE Past Events

GBE Past Events

GBE NGS ASWS Past Events


  • Benoy TAG CPD seminar:  Durability, Life expectancy, Product Quality and the HAPM manual.
  • CIIG Events Organising Working Group
  • Green is the Colour: The Practical Application of Sustainability

Application for post as Senior Lecturer in Architecture (Technology)

  • AECB Association of Environment-Conscious Building
  • CIIG Visit to BRE
  • Comax Nursery, RAF Farnborough
  • Greenwich Millennium Village Phase 2a Blocks 11-20 & Live/Work units
  • Interbuild 2000 CIIG Conference

Lunchtime CPD @ Libraria
January               Gabion Walls                                               Macafferri Ltd.
February              Safe Access Latchways                                  Latchways plc.
March                  Solar shading                                               Levolux the Louvre Blind Company
June                   Green Materials available in the UK today          Lucy Pedler of the CR
July                    Designing to reduce water demand                  Cath Hassell of the CR

  • CIIG AGM Events Review
  • The Green Register of Construction Professionals
  • CAT Centre for Alternative Technology
  • Construction Best Practice Club Cambridgeshire
  • CIIG Events & Visits Organising Working Group
  • CBPP, M4I, Environment Building & Integer House                                        Feb ’01
  • Greenwich Millennium Village & Sainsbury Store                                           July ’01
  • BedZED Beddington Zero Energy Development                                       Aug ’01
  • BRE Environment Design test Facilities                                                    Sept ’01
  • London Development Agency                                                                  Oct ‘01
  • Environment Agency                                                                                Nov ’01


  • Great Notley Discovery Centre M41 Demonstration Project                      Feb ’01
  • Visited Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales                                            Mar ’01
  • Cambridge CBPP Club Discussion: Sustainability KPI due for launch soon    Mar ’01
  • Cambridge CBPP Club Discussion around Sustainability                          April ’01
  • CIIG Review & AECB Green Pro

Attended TGR events

  • BedZED visit (Southwark Building Inspectors visit)
  • Talk by Jon Broome of Architype
  • BedZED and other ZED projects Talk by Bill Dunster
  • Green Dragon Housing Covent Garden visit
  • Peter Rickarby 21st Century House
  • Solar Century visit
  • Specification workshop at the AECB AGM/Conference


  • Attended GAIA Sustainable Construction Series
  • Materials Selection
  • Lighting and daylighting
  • Joined EDA Ecological Design Association
  • Joined ZEN Zero Energy Network at Hockerton Housing Project
  • Welsh Civic Trust Awards Cardiff Millennium Stadium Aberystwyth Arts Centre
  • CBPP/M4I/CITB at BRE Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Self Build Exhibition Alexandra Palace
  • WSSBT Self Build Conference
  • WSSBT Segal Self Build Seminar
  • BRECSU & Sussex CC Energy efficiency drive


  • Attended TGR events
  • Hockerton Housing Project                                                                        Nov ’01
  • Mile End Park, Green Bridge and Earth Sheltered Community Build       Dec ’01
  • Urban Nature Talk by Andre Viljoen                                                          Dec ’01

AECB AGM Conference 2002 Sub-committee


  • Attended GAIA Sustainable Construction Series
  • Water and Sewage treatment
  • Heating, NGS Display at Exhibition

Attended AECB events:

  • Centre for alternative technology: new environment information building.     Feb ’02
  • Guided tour with Cindy Harris and Pat Borer, followed by NGS Presentation.
  • Attended TGR events
    Attended 4 additional in depth TGR seminars at CR                                Feb ’02
    XCO2 Connisbee Talk by Robert Webb                                                     Mar ’02
  • Green Drinks Peterborough, UK CEED                                                      Dec ’01 and monthly
    GAIA Heating event, NGS Display at Exhibition, short presentation                Jan ’02
    Building for a Better future Guildford Sussex CC, Display at Exhibition    Jan ’02
    WRAP event Cambridge                                                                           Feb ’02
    HECA event Godmanchester Fenland DC, Display at Exhibition                     Feb ’02
    Greater London Authority visit to discuss funding                                            Feb ’02 (more below)
    Invitation to be a Peterborough Ambassador (UK CEED link)                           Feb ’02
    Attended Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Construction Committee       Feb ’02
    Peterborough Environment Cluster Launch, Display at Exhibition                   Feb ’02
    AECB event: NBS Launch in Machynlleth Wales at CAT                                Feb’ 02
    Cambridge CBPP Club, Cambridge University Building Programme        Mar ’02
    CIIG AGM Years review of events and visits including NGS launch          Mar ’02
    Marketing & Sustainability Construction Products event, NGS Display      Mar ’02
    Recycled Plastics Are you missing out? Recoup Peterborough                Mar ’02
  • GAIA Environmental Audits for Manufacturers and Products
  • Architects Can’t Read
  • Paul Davis & Partners Staff Training CPD evening
  • NBS SpecMan Standard and Advanced, SpecWriter & NBS Landscape Software Training
  • AECB Visits Organiser:
  • Walter Segal Self Build In Brighton 2 site visits                                        May ’02
    ZEN, TGR and AECB Joint meeting at Hockerton Housing                       Spring ’02
    BRE Visit                                                                                                   Summer ’02
    NATURAL SWIMMING PONDS                                                                 Sept ’02
  • NGS Budget meeting with Collaborators
  • Cambridge CBPP Club, National Green Specification Workshop
  • NGS Presentation to London RIBA and CLAWSA
  • NGS, BPG and HAPM
  • NGS and BRE CWR meetings
  • RIBA Enterprises Specifiers Network
  • Experience Northumberland at Woodhorn
  • Green Construction and NGS Presentation to Ryder Architects
  • BENOY Staff CPD Event: Green Specification and Retail Developments
  • Pre-Johannesburg Summit Conference
  • NGS and NBS meeting
  • TGR Expo 2002
  • TGR induction Seminars
  • Resigned from AECB in support of TGR
  • BRE WRAP Certified Recycled Building Products
  • WRAP Aggregain
  • RIBA Sustainable Futures Committee                                                       April 2003
  • Ethical Consumer World
  • Groundwork LASEER                                                                                June 2003
  • NGS and BRE CSC meeting
  • NGS User Group Meetings
  • Joined EDA Ecological Design Association
  • Joined ZEN Zero Energy Network at Hockerton Housing Project

AECB VISITS ORGANISER:                                                                      Nov ’01 ongoing

  • MAKING BUILDINGS IN ABERYSTWYTH:                                                Nov ’01
    Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Crafts Council, Centre for Alternative Technology and Smith Roberts Associates.
    Guided tour with Cindy Harris and Pat Borer, followed by NGS Presentation.  Feb ’02
    ZEN, TGR and AECB Joint meeting at Hockerton Housing                       Spring ’02
    WALTER SEGAL SELF BUILD IN BRIGHTON                                          Spring ’02
    BRE VISIT                                                                                                Summer ’02
    NATURAL SWIMMING PONDS                                                                 Sept ’02
  • AECB AGM CONFERENCE 2002 SUB COMMITTEE                                       Jan ’02
  • ARCHITECTS CAN’T READ                                                                        Mar ’02
  • CIIG 40th YEAR CONFERENCE & AECB Green Pro                                        Jul ’02
  • The Green Register Workshops
  • Kingston University’s Recycled by Design
  • East of England EofE Sustainable Construction Strategy
  • ‘Exploiting the value of (local) demolition and construction Waste’
  • SITEwise Waste Campaign
  • Design Guide to Using Reclaimed Equipment, Components and Materials in Buildings
  • BSRIA seminar
  • BRE Certification of Recycled Building Products:
  • A38 Construction Waste management/minimisation Preliminaries
  • Development of the definitive sustainable timber specification and FSC Certified product clauses.
  • DTI Launch of the SWMP Site Waste Management Plan
  • Application for WRAP Education and Training Programme:
  • British Waterways annual meeting of sustainability officers from UK wide
  • Developed and presented Eco-Refurbishment Presentation:
  • Joined the SDRT Sustainable Development Round Table Water Group in GO East Offices Cambridge.
  • Invited to be on the Code of Sustainable Building Draft review panels
  • Developed and presented Landscape Reclaim/Reuse Refurbishment/Recycling
  • Organised speakers and spoke at one day seminar and ran workshops for Groundwork Merton
  • Initial discussions started in setting up a Specification Subscription Service
  • Invited to review BRE’s Proposed development of Green Guide to Specification
  • Speaker at Constructing Excellence London HQ Breakfast meeting
  • Initiated discussions with Olympics Master Planning Team & Allies & Morrison Architects
  • Sandbanks Poole, £1m Private House on beach
  • Spoke at the FSC Forest Stewardship Council’s Construction Forum
  • Building Life Plans & Component Life Manuals
  • Fund application to EEDA East of England Development Agency to assist with NGS development: 2005-7-
  • Grant Fund Applications:
  • Somerset County Council Sustainable Development Group Presentation
  • Faber Maunsell, EcoDevelopment & website
  • Meeting with UKCEED and EEDA to develop Toolkit-East website:
  • BRE CfRM bid to WRAP, CE, EA, Envirowise SWMP workshops
  • BRE Demolition Event in Birmingham
  • SWMP for EMBEC E Midlands Business Environment Club
  • NGS User Group meeting
  • NGS with BRE joint conference on DTI PII funded Project
  • London Constructing Excellence Club
  • East Sussex Supplementary Planning Document Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Specification IS the Design Process
  • SDRT and TGR Joint Conference on water shortage in East
  • Construction Excellence East Expo
  • Envirowise Construction Resource Efficiency Club East Midlands
  • Eco-Design day Expo London Docklands
  • Defence Estates Debut Annual Conference and Exhibition
  • Launch of NGS GreenSpec website
  • CH Design Partnership
  • CD2E Environmental Declaration/Profiling Method
  • Visit to LCCC London Construction Consolidation Centre
  • Cardiff University MSc in Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design
  • Landscape Symposium
  • Architects Journal Conference
  • Cardiff University MSc in Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design

And many more to add……

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
12th December 2012 – 7th September 2015

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