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GBE Solution Provider News No 4 February 2016 G#10171

By 19 February 2016June 23rd, 2016Newsletters
GBE Member Newsletter 2 Dec 2015

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GBE Solution Provider News No 4 February 2016

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GBE Solution Provider News No 4 February 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Re: Product Specifications and Pages on GBE Website

Dear Solution Provider

It’s a long while so I hope this finds you well and busy.

I have for a long time liked your products and have wanted to promote them to a wider audience to help get them specified competently, consistently and more frequently.

I started (GBE) website to promote solutions providers like yourself and your products.

GBE’s primary objective is to bring innovative problem solving products to the attention of designers and specifiers with whom we regularly communicate and invite to our website.

GBE has a different emphasis, instead of just delivering information to designers and specifiers we now focus on helping manufacturers extract the essence from their product information. We repackage it to suit busy Architects and self-builders, to help their understanding and ensure competent application and installation.

GBE will do all that it can to help you on this journey, the following are examples of how GBE can help you:

  • Extract the essence from literature, designs, drawings and discussion;
    filter out promotional information, keep and reinforce technical information;
    convert recommendations into instructions;
    turn out robust specifications and technical information suited to design, specification and installation.
  • Create your company, product and specification pages on GBE website, along with product images and files and any supporting information to deliver the specifications, your literature and promotional information.
  • Link your pages into the encyclopaedia’s checklist, jargon buster, defects and solution, question and answers pages to help inform the designers and specifiers and link back again to drive traffic to your pages.
  • Help designers and specifiers understand why and how the product solves a problem and give them the reasons and arguments, to defend their choice at times of value engineering, cost cutting and specification substitution.
  • Promote your products in a dedicated edition of the GBE Members Newsletter with links back into the website; currently sent to 1500 mailchimp recipients across the full length of the demand and supply chain.
  • Forwarding the Newsletter via a strong social/business media presence to many followers.
  • Be included in topical Issue Paper with many problems outlined and solutions described and all linked to problem solving product pages.
  • Newsletters and Issue Papers are also embedded in the website ensuring a long-term purpose after issue.
Briefing process between you and GBE Free
Products or accessory clause £25.00
System or assembly clauses £25.00
Detail specification clause £25.00
Whole specification work section including applications workmanship, tolerances, etc. £25/hour
Matrix of products/accessories/applications/assemblies with specification references £25/hour

Ideally your company, products, specification are added to the GBE website on their own pages to increase the exposure of your product and their specifications to the growing traffic through GBE website.

Set up Annual renewal
Basic pages (Company/Product/Accessory/System/Specification) £50 each £50 each
Document uploads (free user downloads) £5 each Only if changes occur
Product Data Sheets
£25 each Only if changes occur
Initial and annual webpage statistics report £5 each £5 each
Other services See Bespoke Price Calculator

I look forward to hearing from you if any of the above could meet your current and future needs.

Kind Regards

Brian Murphy


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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
23rd December 2015 – 19th February 2016

GBE Solution Provider News No 4 February 2016
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23rd December 2015 – 23rd June 2016

G#10171 GBE Solution Provider News No 4 February 2016

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