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Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited

Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited

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If you are a Solution Provider (Manufacture, Supplier, Installer) with a Construction product, accessory or system and need guidance on marketing it to the Specifying professions start here:

Chris Ashworth

Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited

T    01252 378053

M   07747 626095


© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
19th April 2016

Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited

CAC Ltd Logo


© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
19th April 2016

Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited
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aka BrianSpecMan
16th April 2017  – 30th May 2017

Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited

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By Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited

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Managing your Specification Strategy – Getting to know the design team 29/01/14
Specification Strategy – 5 steps to building strong relationships with specifiers 14/01/14
Managing your Specification Strategy – what do architects want? 02/01/14

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
16th April 2017 – 30th May 2017

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