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Cactus DefectsRiskManagement (Tool) G#860 N#880

Cactus DefectsRiskManagement Tool

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Cactus DefectRiskManagement Tool

Part of “BLP Consult” a new service offer which combines market leading CACTUS defect risk management tool, the HCA funded lifecycle costs calculator (LCC) and Butterfly.

BLP Building Life Plans (Building Defects Insurance Provider) can help you make detailed choices across the most critical aspects of a building’s design: capital cost, lifecycle costs, maintenance costs, energy costs and general building performance and durability.

Working as your “critical partner” BLP can offer you detailed design analysis to support key specification decisions at an early stage; saving you and/or your client valuable time and money, reducing energy bills and ensuring homes are designed and built to perform.

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16th March 2013 – 2nd April 2021

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