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GBE Product (Jargon Buster) G#39917

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GBE Product Jargon Buster

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GBE Jargon Buster


  • Any goods or service.
  • (EC GAEC ISO 14021:1999 ’00)


  • The product is the end result of the production process – packaged and ready-to-deliver (i.e. the end product).
  • (Natureplus 2002)


  • Manufactured from mined minerals, harvested crops or trees, extracted oil or materials and made into products that usually have a proprietary name or Product Reference and made available for sale to bring to the market place.
  • See Also:
  • Assembly, Building, Component, Element, Elemental Assembly, Generic Material, Material, Product, Product Reference, Resource. EN 15643-1 proposes products and materials to be described as components
  • (NGS BRM ‘11 – ’13)


  • A product is an item with defined materials, function, and styles.
  • It is often associated with a specific stock‐keeping unit (SKU).
  • Ancillary materials are considered when defining a product.

Product: (in the context of BIM)

  • A defined object class in Uniclass2, and in ISO 12006-2.
  • Products aggregate to Systems.
  • So a primer, an undercoat, and the finishing coats are assembled by a painter to form a Painting system.
  • A fan, a duct, a grille etc are assembled by the mechanical contractor to form a Mechanical ventilation system.
  • Products may be proprietary, or custom-made.
  • (NBS JG ’13)


  • Refers to an item that is manufactured or refined for sale.
  • A product is offered in the market by a responsible producer and has certain properties such as a commercial name, a producer ID and a serial number.
  • A product is not an anonymous material.
  • Examples of products for which MP can be made are building related products such as; wall or floor tiles, flooring, gypsum walls, office furniture, paint, windows, connectors, steel or wooden beams, railing and framing, roof tiles, bricks, insulation, doors, coatings, piping, hardware, electronic equipment, and lighting fixtures.
  • See also: Material, MP.
  • (BAMB H2020 ’19)

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  • MP
  • MPP
  • PP

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Relevance to Environmental Construction:

  • Healthy
  • Environmental
  • Resourceful
  • Appropriate
  • Competent
  • Effective
  • Yardstick

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