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The Cost of Waste G#4485

By 15 November 2015July 25th, 2016Waste


The Cost of Waste



David Allen CMIOSH AIEMA, Safety, Health & Environmental Manager, Kier Construction, Central:

Firstly may I thank you for your sterling performance at Warwick.

I like to watch an audience when a speaker is presenting for what I call the “fidget factor” as the body language is a good indicator of how interested the audience is. Through out your session the audience almost without exception sat transfixed.   I’m not sure if they were like rabbits in the headlights but there was barely a twitch.  Many delegates spoke to me afterwards and said that while the flow of information was at a frightening pace the content was clear and gave them plenty to think about.

The Cost of Waste

Speaker request for Contractor’s supply chain conference 2012

The subject will be the management of waste but in recognition of the mindset of many in the audience I think that the costs of waste, the impact on profits and how that can be improved is key to better performance.


GBE CPD Proposed Content


  • BrianSpecMan can talk about the work NGS carried out with:
  • UKCEED, EA, Envirowise, WRAP, CE, Kier, Simons, BRE
  • We ran about 40 SWMP workshops across the country
  • road tested the SWMP checklists.


  • Quantity needed for building
  • Inaccurate measure/take off
  • SMM Safety margins
  • JIC safety margins
  • Packaged quantities
  • Excess to requirements
  • Inaccurate call off
  • Optimistic deliveries
  • ‘Lost’ on site to do PJs
  • Reordered to replace ‘Lost’


  • Demolition/Alteration Waste Out,
  • Materials Segregation,
  • New Materials In, JIT not JIC,
  • Excess to requirements Out,
  • Segregation redelivery,
  • Materials Exchange.


  • Is it D&B or Just Contracting
  • Can you influence DESIGN(ER) THAT CREATED THE WASTE?
  • If not, then you need to manage the waste they create
  • 33% of waste is off-cuts (BRE SMARTWaste stats)
  • Cost of Materials in Waste
  • Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon in waste
  • Cost of labour filling skips
  • Cost of waste removal
  • Landfill Gate Costs
  • Landfill Tax Escalator


  • Damaged by stock piling
  • Damaged by delivery
  • Damaged by packaging reduction
  • Damaged by other tradesmen


The most important point is that inert waste is cheap, mixed waste is costly and hazardous is very expensive to treat and dispose of, if you are not segregating your waste your waste contractor will be and they make the difference between the 3 price bands.


  • I told BRE Resource Efficiency team to do what industry does well and engage with costs instead of only being interested in quantity and proportion which they do very well.
  • They failed to hear me or thought it too difficult.
  • I took the information that only BRE Resource Efficiency team wanted and nobody else needed and waste costs data from Simons Construction that they used to reduce waste costs on all their sites.
  • Over a weekend I created a waste predictor in MS Excel, that with 7 steps and 5 minutes work you could get the QS & Buying department buy in.
  • The trick is getting from Question 1 How much will waste management cost? to Question 2 How much will it save?
  • I never did finish the full version, the industry was not ready then, it might be now.
  • The Full version would have calculated Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon in the waste and EPI and KPI data.
  • I can demonstrate ‘Waste Cost Lite’ live (it was created in MS Excel)


  • I gave a copy of ‘Waste Cost Lite’ to BRE and 3 years later they delivered their version of it and WRAP created one too off the back of their recycled content calculator.
  • They missed the point you need the QS & buyers on board early and easily with no time and no expense.
  • Their systems take days of work to populate a model of the proposed building to get an answer.
  • And it’s more accurate than ‘Waste Cost Lite’, because they have access to current SMARTWaste data sets.


  • Now with BIM on the brink of arrival for the masses you could soon be able to work out the materials waste quantities and costs if somebody could take the initial idea to create ‘ Waste Cost Lite for BIM’.
  • I could probably do a Demo using MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • BIM departments could develop these tools easily.
  • I wonder if BRE could be persuaded to share their datasets?
  • Chances are BRE would find a way to create their own version some years later.

GBE Final Text:

See GBE CPD files (middle column)

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka Brian Murphy
29th May 2012 – 16th November 2015

The Cost of Waste

Kier Construction Supply Chain Conference

BrianSpecMan Presentation: GBE CPD Waste Diagrams Keir

GBE CPD Cover Waste Cost @ Kier Supply Chain Conference

GBE CPD Cover Waste Cost @ Kier Supply Chain Conference

Handout: GBECPD 9 slides/page Handout Kier Waste Diagrams

GBE CPD 9 slides/page Handout Kier Waste Cost

GBE CPD 9 slides/page Handout Kier Waste Cost

WasteCost® lite


© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka Brian Murphy
16th November 2015

The Cost of Waste
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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka Brian Murphy
29th May 2012 – 16th November 2015

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