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GBE Lectures Subjects G#715 N#737

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GBE Lecture (28) Post + Beam Framed G23 S1

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GBE Lectures Subjects

GBE Lectures Subjects
Index: Courses & Subjects


(Kingston Uni)

  • Barriers to Sustainability
  • Success Stories in Sustainability


(Sheffield Hallam Uni)

  • GreenSpec Website and its use in practice
  • GreenSpec specifications in use with NBS Building software
  • Review students project: Building study of a material and its specification, technical review.


(Cardiff Uni)

  • Barriers to the implementation of sustainable development initiatives
  • Financial incentives – grants and other financial support
  • Employers requirements:
    • Takes Brief and turns it into D&B Performance specification
    • E.g. zero waste construction
  • Community Consultation & Participation
  • Sustainable site practice
    • Waste minimization
    • Waste Reduction by Design
    • Waste Site Issues, On-site waste segregation
    • Waste Best practice Tools
    • Violet materials, Waste Definitions
    • Waste Cost Savings & SMARTWaste
    • Health and Safety
    • Employment
    • Cost benefits of sustainable site practice
  • Sustainable Specification
  • The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  • Local Agenda 21
  • Sustainable Communities & Sustainable Development

Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE)

(University of Cambridge)

A part-time Masters Degree


  • An introduction to GreenSpec

IDBE Conservation, Retrofit & Adaptation

23-29th March 2014

Construction Materials Workshop


(London South Bank Uni)

Air Movement in Building

  • Air movement in and around buildings: everything from tornadoes to air conditioning
  • (now 4 hours in 29 parts) Presented to Students and as CPD to practices
  • Sun and Daylight in and around buildings (being created now)
  • A90 Principles of Element Design
  • Climate Change
  • Wind & Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Wind Turbines
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Moisture Vapour & Condensation
  • P10 Thermal Insulation
  • Breathing Construction
  • P14 Wind & Air tightness
  • A94 Wind & Air tightness Testing
  • Building Elements
  • Passive & Active Ventilation
  • Stack Effect
  • Atrium
  • Solar Orientation, Solar Gain & B12 Conservatories
  • Thermal mass
  • Conduction, Convection, Radiation
  • L15 Solar Shading
  • Thermal mass, Passive and active cooling
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Questions and Answers

RIBA Part 1 Technology & Environment 2

Delivered to Full time year 2 and Part time year 3

12 lecture/workshop series:
Materials, Construction & Services:
Domestic and small buildings:

Building Elements

Homework: create and present PowerPoint files:

  • 7 Bullet Point CV
  • Introduction to a website with an environmental flavour
  • Jargon Busting 1 present a word or phrase with explanation
  • An aesthetic material: properties and characteristics to use in studio work
  • Sketching the material in an assembly sequence to make a room or building
  • Jargon Busting 2 Energy
  • Waste: apply a known material to a studio project and see how much waste is generated, can any be reused?
  • Biodiversity: see how nature can be included in your current studio project
  • Thumbnail sketches: of the building sequence of your studio project
  • Students educate Students: homework presentations, review and score/moderation


Short Lecture series with Mike Kane

  • 1 Overview/Introduction to course Mike Kane
  • 2 Targets, Regulations & Codes by BrianSpecMan
  • 3 Design: Resource efficiency by BrianSpecMan
  • 4 Air Movement in Building by BrianSpecMan
  • 5 Renewable Energy & Efficiency by Mike Kane/BrianSpecMan
  • 6 Examples: case studies/precedents Mike Kane
  • 7 Green Specification by BrianSpecMan
  • 8 Future of Sustainability by BrianSpecMan

2012 & 2013 & 2014

Global Imperative


Urban Heal Island Effect

  • JuFu Julie Futcher

Resource Efficiency

  • Resource Efficient Design: Handout 9 slides/page B&W Text only
  • Design to Reduce waste

Energy Conservation, Insulation Passive Design: Solar & Ventilation

  • Air Movement in Building series extracts
  • Zero Carbon Developments Passive Design

Embodied & In use Energy & Carbon

  • Jargon Buster CO2
  • Embodied Energy & Embodied Carbon Calculator
  • Floor areas & U values to Energy Demand & % per element to Fuel Choice and CO2 emissions calculator
  • Elemental Calculator

GBE Calculators

Developed to enable the students to calculate their own projects

  • Embodied Carbon and Embodied Energy calculator
    • using ICE database & other sources (explaining strengths and weaknesses)
    • Rationalised 1 ICE column into 3 to enable calculations
    • Floor areas
    • Element and component thicknesses or sections
    • Volumes
    • Embodied carbon
    • Embodied energy
  • Areas & U values to Energy demand & fuel carbon
    • Floor, wall, roof, doors and windows areas
    • U values
    • Energy demands
    • Fuel choices
    • Carbon Calculator
    • Highlights the importance of high performance windows and doors
  • Elemental Assembly Component contribution
    • Assembly exploded
    • Component materials and thicknesses
    • Quantities per area
    • Embodied Energy and Embodied carbon
    • Relative % of components: discredits the BRE Green Guide Approach

Training Module: Green Specification

  • New build and refurbishment
  • Product Selection
  • Process: Initial design through to waste and recycling
  • Source of environmental requirements:
  • Requirements must be explicitly included in specification or they will not be tendered for and not get built
  • Any work:
  • Client’s Brief (GC) or Employer’s Requirements (D&B)
  • T&C Planning national, regional and local requirements
  • Building Regulations (when they catch up with CfSH, etc,) Approved Documents and Tertiary Documents
  • EU Procurement Rules WTO Procurement Rules
  • Any other legislation:
  •     SWMP,
  • New Build
  • Environmental Assessment Methods
  • EcoHomes or Code for Sustainable Homes
  • BREEAM (non-domestic) building type specific and Bespoke
  • Refurbishment:
  • EcoHomes XB
  • Decent Homes Programme
  • Specification Library
  • NBS & Greening of NBS and Greening of NES reports
  • NGS Green Building Specification
  • Advisory Organisations
  •       CIRIA: (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)
  •       EST: (Details) CLP: (future)
  •       Building Regulations Accredited Construction Details Part L & Robust details Part E
  •       BRE: Environmental Profiling, Green Guide to Specification, relationship to BREEAM, CfSH, EcoHomes, ISO 14025
  • Knowledge outside of the mainstream UK construction industry
  • AECB & CarbonLite Programme
  • Passivhaus Programme (European)
  • Green Products labels,
  • OPP, EcoFlower, BlueSwan, NaturePlus, CD2E, Passivhaus, etc.
  • Normal Issues
  • Performance, Durability, Quality (QA), Proper materials, certification, testing, etc.
  • Environmental issues (its not just about energy)
  • Environmental Management of manufacturers, ISO 14001, EMAS,
  • Embodied energy in manufacture, energy efficiency in use, embodied energy in waste
  • Insulation, airtightness, cold bridge elimination, thermal mass, thermal lag
  • Ventilation without heat loss, heat recovery, renewable energy and renewable readiness
  • Avoidance of condensation, Moisture mass, Hygroscopicity,
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Materials, Water, Fuel: Heating, Cooling and water
  • Design to reduce Waste, Fixings, Assembly, Deconstruction, Reclamation, Reuse or Recycling
  • Social Issues
  • Healthy materials in manufacture, application, occupation, repair, refurbishing, deconstruction and disposal
  • Moisture mass, low allergy, non-toxic,
  • Natural materials, non-petrochemical, low VOC, PVC-free renewable and rapidly renewable materials
  • Recycled content, recyclable, reclaimable, reusable,
  • Local procurement
  • Legal and sustainable: Stewardship: FSC timber, Stone stewardship and metal stewardship
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Thermal mass, Decrement, Hygroscopicity, moisture mass, Psi values,
  • Materials
  • Earth
  • Rammed earth, Unfired clay, clay finishes, clay coatings
  • Plant based
  • Hemp, timber, cellulose, cotton, straw, Linseed,
  • Recycled and by-product
  • Sheep’s wool, denim (recycled),
  • Aggregates, secondary aggregates, recycled aggregates, recycled concrete aggregates
  • Plastics, de-sulferisation gypsum, glass, paper/cardboard, green-waste, metals, timber
  • Construction Reclaimed
  • Bricks, stone, timber, steel, ironmongery
  • Architectural salvage
  • Stone, timber, stain glass, furniture,
  • Carbon reduction, Carbon Sequestration, Low carbon and Carbon negative buildings
  • Cement replacement, Lime, GGBS cement, PFA cements; timber construction, Hemp-lime construction
  • Specification and substitution
  • Robust specification v generic
  • Performance v prescriptive
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Equivalency and Approval: Architect first time, Contractor evidence second time
  • Case Law & Project Feedback

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th December 2012 – 9th January 2017


LSBU RIBA Part 1 Year 2 Environment & Technology
















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22nd May 2013 – 9th August 2013


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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
22nd May 2013 – 25th October 2016

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