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GBS N13 361A Thrii DIS SS Handwasher Drier (RSC)
Wallgate Ltd.

GBS N13 361A Thrii DIS SS Handwasher Drier (RSC)
Wallgate Ltd.

Use with NBS Specification N13 and merge in

Draft Specification clauses Rev A04


To be read with Preliminaries A10-A55/General Conditions



  • BS 476:   :Fire tests on building materials and structures.
  • BS 476-6:1989+A1:2009 Method of test for fire propagation for products
  • BS 476:Part 7:1997 Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products
  • BS 6853: 1999
  • BS EN ISO 179-1:2010 Determination of Charpy impact properties. Non-instrumented impact test
  • BS EN ISO 180:2001 Plastics. Determination of IZOD impact strength
  • BS EN ISO 846:1997 Plastics. Evaluation of the action of microorganisms
  • BS EN ISO 19712:     :Plastics-Decorative solid surfacing materials
  • BS EN ISO 19712-1:2007:Solid surface shape products
  • BS EN ISO 19712-3:2013:Plastics-Decorative solid surfacing materials



  • Reference Drawings:
  • Wallgate’s:
  • SPEC Thrii_DIS_SS.doc Issue: 4 (at time of specification) (others for other models)
  •             Architect’s: [_______]
  • Location: See Sanitary Appliance schedule: [________]
  • Surround: [brick/block/IPS panelling/timber/metal pre fabricated walls]
  • Manufacturer: Wallgate Ltd. Crow Lane, Wilton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 0HB, England
  • T          01722 744594 F          01722 742096
  • E    W
  • ISO 9001 (Quality management assessment)
  • Local/Project Contact: [Name of representative]
  • T          [__________]  F          [__________]  M         [__________]
  • Product Reference: Thrii Handwasher Drier
  • Model Reference:
  • Thrii_DIS_SS Handwasher Drier Solid Surface (others for other models)
  • 3rd Party evaluation: against: BREEAM 2011 New Construction Technical Guide Issue 2
  •             Criteria judged against
  •             BREEAM Hea05 Acoustic Performance
  •             BREEAM Wat04 Water Efficient Equipment
  •             BREEAM Ene08 Energy Efficient Equipment
  •             Results: See report
  •             Report file name: Thrii BREEAM assessment test report 09.04.15.pdf
  •             URL:
  • Legal minimum: CE Marked Self Declaration
  • Servicing frequency:
  •             LCD display indicates recommended service is required at 56,000 cycles on system usage counter
  •             Or annually.
  • Servicing actions: ________
  • Literature: SPEC Thrii_DIS_SS.doc Issue: 4 (at time of specification) (others for other models)
  • Surround suitability: brick/block, IPS panelling, timber or metal pre fabricated walls
  • Arrangement: 230 mm. projecting into wall; 60 mm. projection proud of wall
  • Materials:
  • Body:
  • Solid surface: pre-accelerated low colour isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin.
  • Silane coated aluminium trihydrate without gel coated surface.
  • Stainless steel
  • Grade: _____
  • Finish:
  • Solid Surface: Polished to a gloss finish
  • Stainless steel:
  • Texture: _____
  • Direction: _____
  • Gloss level: Average is 60 GU but it is dependent on colour.
  • Colour:
  • [Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/White/Grey/Black/Aubergine/Bluestone/Diamantina/Frost/Hyco/Slate/Thames/].
  • Custom colours available, contact manufacturer for more information.
  • Not applicable for stainless steel.
  • Finish Performance Classifications:
  • Durability, stain resistance, cigarette burns: Rated 5 (the highest rating) to BS EN ISO 19712-3
  • Except for section 5 regarding surface defects, Wallgate substitutes it’s own Aesthetic Quality Standard which is more relevant to the complex products that Wallgate manufactures, and is available on request
  • Fire Performance:
  • BS 476:Pt 6 fire propagation Class ‘0’ & BS 476:Pt 7 surface spread of flame Class ‘1’
  • (Test reports 194236 & 194237)
  • Non-flammable Test method? Test result?
  • Non toxic Test method? Test result?
  • Tested to:
  • BS 6853: 1999 Category 1b (test report: 194238)
  • BS EN ISO 179-1 Impact test: (Test certificate: M3933/5023/11)
  • BS EN ISO 180 Impact strength test: (Test certificate: M3933/5023/11)
  • BS EN ISO 846 Fungal Resistance Test (test report: 74745)
  • BS EN ISO 19712-3 Testing of Decorative Materials (test report: Q3514/4678-2-10)
  • ISO 22196: Anti-Bacterial Test (test report 74745)
  • Actuation:
  • Non-touch operation
  • When the user places their hands into the ‘bowl’ area of the unit
  • Automatic cut-off when hands are removed.
  • Proximity detection: infra-red sensor triggers the start and stop of its operation
  • Drying: Hand drying by unheated air blast (recycled air warmed only by motor assembly heat)
  • Filtering: Fan inlet filter
  • Controls: TCU 101 control unit
  • Programmable sequencing:
  • Incorporates state of the art electronics, enabling the hand wash/ drier to be configured to suit the end users requirements in terms of cycle sequence, cycle times and drier speed.
  • Factory default setting: soap > water > drying,
  • It can easily be configured to suit more specialized or individual requirements.
  • It can be re-configured on site by the user as required with very flexible programming.
  • Washing and drying cycle time: Fully adjustable from 30 second rapid wash cycle
  • Drier: 3 speed settings [Low: 250W; Medium: 390W; High: 460W].
  • Noise levels: at 1 m Low: 80.6 dBA; Medium: 86.3 dBA; High: 88.0 dBA (all three models?)
  • Soap dispensing: [liquid (default) or foam format providing up to 50% savings in soap consumption]
  • Energy efficient:
  • Electrical power rating: 2.6–3.1 kW
  • Energy saving: minimizing energy consumption when not in use.
  • In operation consumption: < 0.02 kWh used per operation
  • Standby energy consumption: 15W Energy and Water Savings: Instantaneous water heater consumes power only when in use.
  • Cost effective: Typical 90% savings compared with traditional washroom solutions
  • Water efficient: Highest BREEAM rating is achievable.
  • Flow rate: 2 L/min.
  • < 0.3 L dispensed per 10 s cycle.
  • Indicators:
  • LCD display: Service Required
  • Soap empty indicator light.
  • System usage counter.
  • Hygienic: Touch free operation
  • Easily cleaned: See Wallgate Solid Surface Care and Maintenance
  • Service access:
  • Designed for both front and rear access.
  • Lockable front panel, with 3 securing points
  • Weight: Solid surface: 29.4 kg.
  • Stainless steel: 21.8 kg.
  • Dimensions:
  • Aperture Size: (w x h x d): 427+5/-0 x 683 +5/-0 x 250 for 230 mm
  • Unit Size: (w x h x d): 450 x 793 x 290 mm (other sizes for other models)
  • Depth of 250 mm behind the wall/panel is required to accommodate equipment
  • Other requirements: Not Applicable
  • Installation:
  • Installation & Commissioning instructions: An instruction leaflet is supplied with the product
  • Operation Manual: full operations manual is available via the Wallgate website.
  • URL:
  • Arrangement: Thrii unit is designed for front or rear service access
  •             Install: [front/rear] service access
  • Surround: [brick/block, IPS panelling, timber or metal pre fabricated walls]
  • Fixing: to aid installation and ensure alignment within the aperture:
  • Thrii comes with a support frame and corner mounting threaded rods.
  • Fastenings: See Product Manual
  • Mounting height: to comply with national standards: height above finished floor level to underside of aperture
  • [UK = 590 mm
  • New Zealand = 675 mm
  • Australia = 680 mm
  • France = 700 mm]
  • Connections:
  • Electrical Power Ratings: 220–240 V, 50 Hz, single phase, 2.6 to 3.1 kW (depending upon settings)
  • Point of Supply: 13 A fused double pole switched spur located maximum 1 m adjacent to appliance.
  • Earth bonding:
  • Through earth conductor in mains cable.
  • Installer to follow installation regulations for bonding pipework.
  • Water:
  • Dynamic water flow pressure: 1 to 4 bar is required for optimum operation
  • Inlet connection on the unit support frame is 15 mm compression.
  • Connection to mains water: Ø15 mm Compression connection.
  • Waste: Connection pipe size: 1 ¼” (32mm) with 75 mm deep seal waste trap.
  • Project configuration by installer:
  •             Soap delivery: [default: Liquid/ optimum: Foam]
  •             Drier speed setting: [default/high]
  •             Washer drier cycle time: [default/45] seconds with automatic shut off
  • Programmable sequencing: [Multiple combinations of soap, water and air cycles]
  • Soap: A range of liquid soaps are available from Wallgate.
  • Charge the soap dispenser sufficiently to enable commissioning and testing before handover.
  • Upon completion clean down with manufacturers recommended cleaning method and materials.
  • Provide temporary protection until hand over.
  • At hand over remove temporary protection and leave clean.
  • Provide 1 clean copy of operating manual at hand over
  • Warranty: 12 month warranty as defined in Wallgate T&C’s Revision 2016
  • Commissioning:
  • Service Contracts:
  • Full After Sales Support:



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GBS N13 361A Thrii DIS SS Handwasher Drier (RSC)
Wallgate Ltd.
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