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GBE Video G#1545 N#1487

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Trashed Film Invite 2013


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GBE Video

GBE Video

2 Degrees is what we should not exceed (2 degrees Centigrade increase in global average temperature)

6 Degrees is where global Government was taking us

1.5 is the new 2016 ambition

But their actions speak louder than words

Here is a well made short clip on the subject…

Size reducing furniture

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18th September 2014 – 21st April 2016

GBE Video

Not just for Christmas, for life: Must Sees

The vastness of space and the density of stuff out there NASA big image

Overview Effect A view of our beautiful and fragile planet by NASA Astronauts

Continuum Trailer

Decision making under uncertainty

Climate Change Debate What’s the worst thing that can happen?, how do you choose what is right and wrong and how to act, and what to do when you act.

Show the Love by Oxfam about climate change.

Greenpeace campaign to keep Shell out of the Arctic

Greenpeace campaign to keep Shell logo off Lego toys

Allan Savory. Someone Give This Man A Nobel Prize Already. He’s Going To Save The Planet!.
Livestock hearding mimicking nature (wildlife migration) can repair the desertification throught to be caused by livestock.

The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard
Wasteful manufacturing practices, short life products, pollution and waste in the environment

Trashed by Candida Brady
Waste, pollution, expensive infrastructure incineration, more and worse pollution to environment, alleged dilution into sky, land & oceans, reality concentrations around plastics, into food chains, to humans via fish, mammals, animals.
Alternatives: segreation for reuse and recycling, composting, anerobic digestions, etc. land enrichment, employment, lower costs, etc.


Beautiful/horrific images of isolated bird population deaths by ingested plastic waste

Plastics turned back into Fuel (but how much energy in to get how much energy out?)


Eradicate Ecocide

Fierce Green Fire

Ants world

The Magic of Mushrooms BBC iPlayer (limited life)

Humanity at its best, freedom enjoyed/gratitude displayed?

Resource Efficiency

Professor Julian Allwood and his team have authored an excellent book With Both Eyes Open and a CD on resource efficiency.

Resource Revolution

Soil Soul & Society by Satish Kumar

Health & Environment: 

epigenetics. (1 hour)
Pollution in your environment and how the body takes it in and changes your DNA
It’s very enlightening, amazing and worrying.


Jessi Baker Empowering better choices

Jessi’s Portfolio, check out: Open Object, Open Retail
see also TEDxYouth Creative Technology Hybrid

GMO Debate
14-year-old Rachel Parent, a young Canadian activist founded an organization called “The Kids Right To Know,” which campaigns for mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
She has organized and spoken at rallies against GMOs and just happens to be one amazing spokesperson.
Parent challenged investor and TV host Kevin O’Leary to a debate after he called GMO protesters “just stupid” and suggested on his show that they “stop eating” as a way to “get rid of them.” O’Leary accepted, and Parent was a guest on the show he co-hosts, “The Lang & O’Leary Exchange,” from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Rethinking eduction Changing Education Paradigms & ADHD
RSA Animate + Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award.

TEDx events

Nilofer Merchant Explains the Power of Open Ideas highlights many of the positives awaiting in the future, is worth a listen to.

Launch your next idea before its Ready

TED Talks: Britta Riley a garden in my apartment R&DIY taking growing food back from industry, who make things worse when they mass produce, in order to sell more and increase profit margins. A lesson for all manufacturing sectors? Meat sector in particular.

Living in the Future – Lammas, EcoVillage Pioneers, Pembrokeshire Wales

TED Talks: Michael Pawlyn using nature’s genius in architecture Author of RIBA Publishing book Biomimicary.

Wow look at this collection (website is in Dutchand with translations to English, most films or trailers are in English).
Marcel van Dijken also commented on his link.
Marcel wrote: “Thank you for sharing it Brian, I just love films like this, see my personal website for more like these.

Local to Peterborough

Peterborough Telegraph Green Awards 2012  Rachel Huxley Awards night speech 


6 rooms into 1 Morphing apartment packs 1100 sq ft into 420 sq ft

Overview of LCA and their production

BIM and NBS Create



GBE Self-Build

Jae Mather on Self Build


Files were too large to post here some may work on this new website

TGR in House CPD at Stride Treglown Architects Bristol

TGR & NGS event: NGS PASS and BRE GreenGuide to Specification compared and contrasted

GBE Exhibition Videos

Timber Expo NEC Birmingham


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29th December 2012 – 25th October 2015

GBE Video
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