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Interreg IVb Strategic Initiative Cluster.

  • Interreg IVb 50% fund numerous projects including CAP’EMFuture CitiesC2CN,
  • Interreg have set up relationships between projects of related activity as Strategic Initiative Cluster.
  • ENVIREO is the “Strategic Initiative Cluster dedicated to mainstream sustainable building practices across North West Europe”
  • The four INTERREG IVb projects in Envireo are:

Envireo Outputs

BrianSpecMan aka BrianMurphy
8th February 2013 – 22nd April 2013

SUSStation Outputs

Translink’s first sustainable bus and rail centre

SusStation Project

Envireo cluster – mainstreaming sustainable construction

Sustainable Energy Workshop

Project end conference

Location: Belfast City Centre,

Date: 27th June 2013

Following on from the site visit to Antrim Integrated Bus & Rail Centre on 26 June, Translink, the SusStation Project and the Envireo cluster are delighted to host a workshop on sustainable energy in Belfast city centre.

We are pleased to acknowledge support of the Interreg IVB North West Europe programme in holding thtis event.

Through the workshop we will tackle important questions in a participatory way: – what does “sustainable energy” mean?;  – what are the barriers to sustainable energy? and – what can we do to realise sustainable energy?

Findings from the event will be shared and disseminated.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided free of charge – but attendance is limited.

Registration: contact SusStation Project Coordinator Jo French by email

Presentation by CAP’EM at SUSStations event:
From energy efficiency to sustainable energy, the role of eco-materials: BrianSpecMan, CAP’EM.

Minutes for meeting

The question(s) I raised during the event:


Q How is the tool made available?

A Internet tool, on a license, available to many who wish to use it; demo available.

Q Can you introduce a button that invites the users to give permission to share their inputs and make them available and visible to others, to make their own inputs available as a ‘Case study’ created by them whilst using the tool for their own purposes.

This would allow the other users the benefit of seeing many case studies,

Learning from other projects

How did they obtain their credits/scores?

To allow comparison, scoring and benchmarking, setting targets or pass levels

Leveling and judging projects becomes possible by the users without too much effort by SUSStations.

Comment: Trying to get consistency between countries is impossible or very difficult National interpretation of directives, national standards persist, climate varies, CEN standards help, but industry differences, products are different and methods of construction are different.

Comment: CARBON BUZZ database just launched in UK, enables users to record actual energy performance against designed performance, it has capability to record building fabric but not in much detail.

Suggestion: SUSStations tool needs to be capable of recording the building fabric method of construction materials and U values, its about the building fabric that reduces the need for energy inputs, its not just about services that deliver energy.

An Outline Specification (as built) may be sufficient

Consider uploading CAD files (better still BIM ready CAD file?)


About Governance: was there an opportunity for project extension to address governance issues

I cited C2CN Cradle to Cradle Network and Future Cities (interreg projects) who invested considerable time to writing governance documents

Envireo has already had its extension, no scope.

Envireo still has potential to influence Interreg to influence EU government.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
8th February 2013 – 2nd April 2017









© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
21st April 2013 – 2nd April 2017

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  • From energy efficiency to sustainable energy, the role of eco-materials: BrianSpecMan, CAP’EM, presented at SusStations Final Conference Belfast 26-27/06/2013

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
22nd April 2013 -2nd April 2017

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