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Product Data Processes – input required G#10215

By 23 February 2016Uncategorized

Product Data Processes – input required

I am currently working for the Government’s BIM Task Group to produce an agreed and documented process for the delivery, accreditation and publication of product data templates and a common plain language data dictionary. If anyone feels they can contribute, or is aware of sector-specific plain language dictionaries or product templates, please contact me by the end of this week (26th February). Details are:
• Provide a mechanism to enable convergence across the manufacturing sector to a single method of providing product information
• To enable the consistent flow of information from a manufacturer on an application-agnostic product through to an installed, operational and maintainable product or system
• To provide an agreed, documented transparent development, approval and management process for industry consensus and peer reviewed product data templates and a consistent plain language dictionary for product parameters
• To provide the structure to enable plain language parameters to be exchanged through open standards including IFC and BS 1192-4: 2014, whilst ensuring that all necessary product information requirements are met to comply with relevant standards, and to meet both the Employers Information Requirements (EIRs) and those of the supply chain through the whole of the product’s lifecycle
The resulting documented process will be published in March/April 2016. This work extends the recent activity between BIM4M2, CPA, CIBSE and NBS announced in December 2015.

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