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GBE CobBauge 2 Launch (Event) G#26335

By 21 August 2019December 16th, 20192019, Archive, Blog, Conference, Events, News

GBE CobBauge 2 Launch Event

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GBE CobBauge 2 Launch Event

GBE CobBauge 2 Launch Event

CobBauge 1

  • The CobBauge Project team (based in UK and France) set out to run a long term project to understand Cob (Bauge in French) and to promote its use in the 21st century.
  • They sought Interreg funding to support their project.
  • Interreg in turn required the team to prove the viability of a traditional earth based building material and method of construction during the first year to prove its technical performance capability, before releasing it with extra money for the remaining years.
  • The team have succeeded in the first challenge and and now funded to progress with the remaining years.
  • The Phase 1 final event in December 2018 set out a plethora of evidence of the materials capability and the methods capacity to be a credible method of construction, compliant with the building regulations and exhibiting numerous other advantageous properties.

CobBauge Phase 2

  • The Phase 2 workshop in July 2019 started an interactive process of involving stakeholders in brainstorming the detailing of the 21st century Cob & Bauge construction.

September 2019 Phase 2 Lunch Event:


14:00 –17:30hrsTime




Registration and Coffee


Intro to afternoon and heads up for evening programme

Steve Goodhew


CobBauge 1st Phase and what we will be undertaking for phase 2

Steve Goodhew


The Buildings

François Streiff and Anthony Hudson


The Training

Tom Morton, Becky Little & François Streiff


The Monitoring

Jim Carfrae, Matthew Fox, Malo Le Guern, Kaoutar Zeghari


Conclusions Q&A and pointers for the afternoon

Steve Goodhew, Karen Hood-Cree (MC)


Wine, canapés & networking


17:30 –21:45hrsTime




Afternoon registration


Introduction to the evening sessions and brief recap of phase

Steve Goodhew


New Cob

Barry Honeysett


Design and CobBauge

Gabriela Lavatelli & Anthony Hudson


The New Pilot Buildings

François Streiff, Matthew Fox


Embodied energy, lowest U values and regulations

Jim Carfrae


CobBauge, UK/French housing and the future

Anthony Hudson, Steve Goodhew & François Streiff


Feedback Q&A

Steve Goodhew, Karen Hood-Cree (MC)


Wine, canapés and networking

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
21st August 2019 – 22nd August 2019

GBE CobBauge 2 Launch Event

Event Invitation Flyer:

CobBauge Phase 2 Start Flyer YellowCobBauge Event Flyer DarkCobbauge kick-off event (7)CobBauge Phase 2 Start Flyer 3 ColumnCobBauge Phase2 Start Event Invitation

Event organiser logo:Interreg Channel CobBauge Logos

Venue Logo:


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Vote CobBauge

Event Agenda

Cobbauge Phase 2 Agenda 1 Afternoon

Cobbauge Phase 2 Agenda 1 Afternoon

Cobbauge Phase 2 Agenda 2 Evening

Cobbauge Phase 2 Agenda 2 Evening

Event Agenda PDF

GBE CPD Certificate

Interreg CobBauge Kick-off CPD Cert B Murphy PNG

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
21st August 2019 – 16th December 2019

GBE CobBauge 2 Launch Event
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21st August 2019 – 16th December 2019

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