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GBE Uniclass 1 1997 (Classification) G#25648

GBE Uniclass 1 1997 Classification

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GBE Uniclass 1 1997 Classification

GBE Uniclass 1 1997 Classification Table

Complete In development
Uniclass 1 Uniclass Title (Plus Coloured Text additions)
Q”187/189″ 1870 to 1899
Q”19″ 20th century (1900s)
Q”03″ 4th century (300s)
Q”03/08″ 4th to 9th century
D5461 50 m competition swimming pools
L856 Abattoir fittings
D2731 Abattoirs
D662 Abbeys, monasteries, nunneries, priories, friaries
M734 Abrasive cutting off machines
N815 Absorption
H325 Abutments
H522 Abutments
C3741 ACA
H342 Access
H444 Access
H543 Access
H643 Access
L76211 Access and counting systems
N3245 Access and facilities for the fire service
JW40 Access control
L7621 Access controls
M229 Access doors and traps
L75617 Access fittings for ductwork
L386 Access floors
L43211 Access ladders
D1224 Access roads, drives, approach roads, culs-de-sac
M314 Access towers
M325 Access ways
L4 Access, barrier and circulation products
N14 Accessories
JE42 Accessories cast into in situ concrete
JY74 Accessories for electrical services
JF30 Accessories/Sundry items for brick/block/stone walling
D4143 Accident and emergency, casualty
C8124 Accommodation, layouts
C443 Accounting and auditing
C4433 Accounting for external appraisal
C4431 Accounting procedures
C44313 Accounting valuations
L6211 Acid resistant cement
P751 Acids
N37 Acoustic
L41124 Acoustic doors
C3855 Acoustic engineers
L53911 Acoustic floor mountings
L867 Acoustic hoods
L6816 Acoustic insulation
L7844 Acoustic insulation
N372 Acoustic insulation, protection
N812 Acquisition
P7102 Acrylic, polymethyl methacrylate
P7101 Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)
F41 Activity space
N742 Adaptation
L74712 Adapters
D4224 Addiction treatment clinics
D4475 Addicts
N5354 Addicts
N814 Addition
L71154 Additives for water treatment
L63111 Adherence proofing agents
N135 Adhesion
D11314 Adhesion railways
N6621 Adhesiveness
L673 Adhesives
E211 Adits
M3221 Adjustable platforms
M62312 Adjustable steel trench struts
M333 Adjustable struts
L67125 Adjusting fixings
L71174 Adjusting valves
N41:D3 Administration, commerce, protection
N5372 Administrative workers
D3 Administrative, commercial, protective service facilities
N3835 Admittance
L631 Admixtures by type
L632 Admixtures by use
L63113 Admixtures for injections
L63114 Admixtures for projections
L63 Admixtures, additives
N5312 Adolescents, teenagers
D726 Adult education facilities
N532 Adults
D2821 Advance factories/standard factories
D2841 Advance warehouses/stores
D16142 Advanced gas cooled stations
D5852 Adventure playgrounds
C4231 Advertising
L81111 Advertising hoardings
C3751 AECB
L32232 Aerated concrete blocks
M72511 Aerated silos
D11362 Aerial ropeways/tramways
D567122 Aerobics
D142 Aerodromes etc.
D1426 Aerodromes for seaplanes
D56785 Aeronautics
Q(581) Afghanistan
Q(6) Africa
C329 Agencies
M7242 Aggregate feed aprons
M7267 Agitating tanks for use with grout pumps
C7132 Agree methods of progressing
C7131 Agreement of critical dates
D26 Agricultural facilities
L855 Agricultural furniture, fittings
D2644 Agricultural produce facilities
D2681 Agricultural storage
M5131 Agricultural-type tractor
N41:D26 Agriculture
Q63 Agriculture and related sciences and techniques. Forestry. Farming. Wildlife exploitation
D5677 Aiming sports
L3274 Air bricks
JU4 Air conditioning – air/water
JU3 Air conditioning – all air
JU5 Air conditioning – hybrid
JU6 Air conditioning – local
JU60 Air conditioning units
JU70 Air curtains
L75263 Air curtains
JY3 Air ductlines and ancillaries
JY30 Air ductlines/ancillaries
L75421 Air filters
JY42 Air filtration
D3751 Air force facilities
L75425 Air fresheners
JY40 Air handling units
M92621 Air hoses
N3324 Air infiltration
N3322 Air leakage
F351 Air locks
L75615 Air mixers
N254 Air pollution
L762212 Air pressure differential systems
N3314 Air pressure, pressurisation
N3311 Air quality, cleanliness of air
D3757 Air raid shelters, fall out shelters
M92624 Air receivers
D3714 Air rescue facilities
D3715 Air sea rescue facilities
L756211 Air separators
N3321 Air tightness
D1431 Air traffic control towers
D14 Air transport facilities
N41:D14 Air travel
JY44 Air treatment
L63104 Air-entraining agents
D1434 Aircraft approach guidance systems
D1444 Aircraft stands
D143 Airport management and control facilities
D145 Airport services facilities
D141 Airports
D1412 Airports limited to smaller airliners
D6361 Aisles
L76255 Alarm glass
L7333 Alarm systems for gases
L7318 Alarm systems for liquids
L76231 Alarm systems for the disabled
L76254 Alarms/sounders
F44 Alcoves, niches
Q(65) Algeria
P752 Alkalis
M9386 Allen keys
C4577 Allowances
P413 Alloy steel
D6313 Altars
N741 Alteration
JC9 Alteration – composite items
JC3 Alteration – support
JC90 Alterations – spot items
L74232 Alternating current motors
N3811 Alternating currents (AC)
JT16 Alternative fuel boilers
N15242 Altitude
P43 Aluminium
P431 Aluminium alloy
JH72 Aluminium sheet coverings/flashings
L6615 Aluminium/light-alloy sheets
D3712 Ambulance facilities, stations
D636 Ambulatory facilities
L76115 Amplifiers
N41:D583 Amusement
D5836 Amusement arcades
D583 Amusement facilities
D58331 Amusement facilities with computer controlled special effects
N41:D58 Amusement, play, tourism
D58 Amusement, play, tourist facilities
JU17 Anaesthetic gas extract
C831 Analysis of job records
N5411 Anatomical properties and characteristics, posture
L67113 Anchor blocks
L671281 Anchor bolts
L1151 Anchor heads
L67112 Anchor rails
M32651 Anchorage
L3347 Anchorages
L67128 Anchors
Q931 Ancient history in general
B583 Ancient monuments
H14 Ancillaries
H24 Ancillaries
H34 Ancillaries
H44 Ancillaries
H54 Ancillaries
H64 Ancillaries
H74 Ancillaries
L45 Ancillary access, barrier and circulation products
H3412 Ancillary items
L781 Ancillary pipework and ductwork products
L327 Ancillary products
L336 Ancillary products
L71135 Ancillary products
L549 Ancillary products for ceiling coverings, claddings, linings
L418 Ancillary products for doors and windows, architectural ironmongery
L539 Ancillary products for floor coverings, claddings, linings
L2125 Ancillary products for roads
L529 Ancillary products for roof coverings, claddings, linings
L2124 Ancillary products for runways/air transport
L519 Ancillary products for wall coverings, claddings, linings
L725 Ancillary sanitary, laundry, cleaning equipment
L66381 Angle beads
M93921 Angle grinders
M93821 Angle trowels
M52614 Angling dozers
P6 Animal and vegetable materials, excluding timber
D462 Animal clinics, dispensaries
D463 Animal clipping and pedicuring facilities
D464 Animal rearing and living facilities
N41:D46 Animal welfare
D46 Animal welfare facilities
P61 Animal, insect material
N551 Animals
N342 Animals, birds, insects
L81325 Animals, springers
P4321 Anodised aluminium
L6852 Anodised coatings
JZ33 Anodising
L763111 Answering machines
Q(99) Antarctic territories
N5414 Anthropometrics
L21106 Anti skid texturing
L85811 Anti-bandit screens
L68327 Anti-graffiti impregnations
L443 Anti-intruder barriers
L53912 Anti-vibration floor mountings
Q”-“ Antiquity BC
N17 Appearance etc.
N4 Applications, activities
C4523 Applications, references
Q6 Applied sciences. Medicine. Technology
H442 Applied waterproofing
C615 Appointment of lead and other consultants
C18 Appraisal, assessment
C621 Appraisals
L21582 Approach indicators
JN20 Appropriate section title for each project
JN21 Appropriate section title for each project
JN22 Appropriate section title for each project
JN23 Appropriate section title for each project
D7173 Approved schools
M4513 Apron conveyors
D1443 Aprons
D753 Aquaria, oceanaria
D13:E5 Aqueducts
Q(53) Arabia
L8461 Arcade machines
E56 Arch bridges
E3351 Arch buttress dams
E334 Arch dams
B584 Archaeological areas
Q902/4 Archaeology. Prehistory. Prehistoric and later remains
D56776 Archery
H525 Arches (plus suspension/stays/struts)
C3831 Architects
B14 Architectural design (excluding structural design), spatial design
L661313 Architectural glass
C383 Architectural/general designers/consultants
B1 Architecture
Q72 Architecture
B12 Architecture by geographical region, guidebooks
B11 Architecture by name of architect
D7573 Architecture centres
L4184 Architraves
L5561 Architraves
Q(98) Arctic territories
N1523 Area
Q908 Area studies. Study of a locality
Q(82) Argentina
M5234 Armoured pumps
L85342 Armrests
D3753 Army facilities, general armed forces facilities
C7141 Arrangements for issuing instructions
L66383 Arris protectors
L5562 Arrises
D755 Art galleries, facilities for the display of art
D327 Art/design studios, drawing offices
D7185 Art/design/craft classrooms
M51222 Articulated dumpers
M5113 Articulated lorries
L81312 Artificial grass/turf
L81315 Artificial ice rinks
N3612 Artificial light
D4225 Artificial limb centres
L8724 Artificial plants
L81314 Artificial ski slopes
D5322 Arts centres
L8734 Artworks
P311 Asbestos
P211 Asbestos cement
A131 ASC
L8272 Ashtrays
Q(5) Asia
P341 Asphalt
JJ2 Asphalt coatings
M6441 Asphalt pavement equipment
M64413 Asphalt pavement recycling machines
M64412 Asphalt pavement reshapers
M64132 Asphalt road finishers
M64142 Asphalt spreaders
M6413 Asphalt, mastic and tar preparation equipment
N41:D74 Assembly
D2851 Assembly line facilities
N13 Assembly, connecting and fixing
D74 Assembly, meeting facilities
D3766 Assessment centres
C685 Assessment of tenders and notification to tenderers
C4421 Asset management
C44235 Asset swapping
N5123 Associations
N81 Associative change
Q52 Astronomy. Astrophysics. Space research. Geodesy
D56741 Athletics
D5674 Athletics, racing sports
F317 Atria
M724 Attachments for concrete and mortar plant
M527 Attachments for excavators, scrapers, dozers, etc.
D3413 Auction facilities
D13322 Audible marking devices
L7611 Audio information
L76111 Audio systems
L7613 Audio-visual information
D7652 Audio-visual libraries
C4212 Audit/assessment
C4434 Auditing
D5293 Auditoria (audience facilities)
L8411 Auditorium seating
M6251 Auger piling plant
N177 Aural qualities
Q(94) Australia
Q(436) Austria
M92112 Auto levels
M7252 Autofeed equipment
L85812 Automated banking equipment
L7751 Automated document filing and retrieval
L775 Automated guided systems
D1137 Automated guided vehicle systems
L7752 Automated guided vehicles
L41109 Automatic
JX32 Automatic document filing and retrieval
M7431 Automatic transfer systems
N123 Automation
D1765 Auxiliary spillway
D417 Auxiliary/service hospital facilities
L76133 AV recording equipment
N241 Avalanches
D752 Aviaries
L21583 Aviation monitoring equipment
L2158 Aviation signals and monitoring
C193 Awards
L4212 Awnings
N5311 Babies, infants
M93117 Back saws
M5272 Backacters
M5274 Backhoe loaders
D56722 Badminton
D1463 Baggage handling facilities
L8327 Bains marie
D2734 Bakeries
L388 Balcony units
L21744 Baling presses
Q(497) Balkan States
L418304 Ball bearing hinges
M3271 Ballast
L747364 Ballasts for fluorescent lamps
D5223 Ballrooms
M93124 Band saws
L67126 Bandings
D5221 Bandstands
L8581 Bank/building society fittings
D3391 Banking halls
C44121 Banks and banking
D5191 Banqueting rooms
M9271 Bar bending machines
M9273 Bar cropper machines
M9272 Bar shearing machines
L8337 Barbecues
L4431 Barbed wire
A1221 Barbour Compendium
L52941 Barge boards
P6201 Bark
D26573 Barn facilities
L216162 Barrage components
L21616 Barrages
D1778 Barrages, barriers
L418191 Barrel bolts
M92332 Barrier trestles
L44 Barriers
M936 Barrows
D5152 Bars
L8341 Bars and serveries
L6117 Barytes
P1101 Basalt
E572 Bascules
M3263 Base plates
F132 Basement
F62 Basement areas
D56735 Basketball
M7255 Batch loaders
M725 Batching plant
L72102 Bath panels
L72109 Bath/shower screens, curtains
L8241 Bathroom cabinets
L824 Bathroom, toilet furniture and fittings
D942 Bathrooms, washing facilities
L72101 Baths
L721014 Baths with steps and/or seating
L7411 Batteries
D26571 Battery facilities
M7421 Battery formwork
M331 Baulk timber
P1102 Bauxite
F122 Bays
D13733 Beach bumpings
M2116 Beam boxes
M2272 Beam shutter clamps
L3431 Beams
L21109 Bearings
L8717 Bedding
L553 Beddings, adhesives, grouts
L72332 Bedpan washers
L823 Bedroom furniture
L8231 Beds
L8234 Bedside units
D5156 Beer gardens
B94 Behavioural sciences
Q(493) Belgium
D1761 Bellmouth spillways
L84212 Bells, bellframes, fittings
M451 Belt conveyors, belt weighers
M93912 Belt sanders
M93922 Bench grinders
L8225 Benches
N3124 Bending strength
M123 Bends
D3153 Benefit offices/Department of Social Security offices
P321 Bentonite
L1415 Bentonite clay liners
L725113 Bibcocks
Q01 Bibliography and bibliographies. Catalogues
L81103 Bicycle racks
L72112 Bidets
C67 Bills of quantities
C671 Bills of quantities
P212 Binders
L62 Binding agents
L8271 Bins
Q929 Biographical and related studies
N34 Biological
Q57 Biological sciences in general. Molecular biology. Virology. Microbiology
L721111 Biological toilets
L81203 Bird baths
L81204 Bird boxes
L6862 Bird control
D4647 Birds, poultry
P342 Bitumen
JH33 Bitumen and fibre profiled sheet cladding/covering
P3421 Bitumen polymer
P34 Bitumen-based materials
L625 Bitumen, asphalt
JH66 Bituminous felt shingling
L84541 Blackboards
L4221 Blackout blinds
L418308 Blade hinges
L68112 Blankets, quilts, rolls, etc.
L6111 Blast furnace slag
M618 Blasting equipment
M9254 Blasting machines and equipment
L422 Blinds
M7435 Block packaging, binding and shrink foil plant
P521 Blockboard
D3756 Blockhouses, city walls
L322 Blocks
D8133 Blocks of flats/maisonettes
D4271 Blood donation/transfusion centres
D71331 Boarding schools
L68111 Boards etc.
L68131 Boards etc.
D133 Boat control facilities, general
D1324 Boat storage, repair facilities
D5678 Boating, water skiing, air sports
D567121 Body building and weight lifting
N541 Body properties and characteristics
D1173 Bogie drop buildings
D16193 Boiler houses
L7521 Boilers, central heat generators
N3564 Boiling point
Q(84) Bolivia
L81101 Bollards
M9384 Bolt cutters
L418305 Bolt hinges
L35311 Bolts
L36312 Bolts
L41819 Bolts
M1222 Bolts
L671221 Bolts and nuts
M92138 Boning rods
C4575 Bonuses
C44314 Book-keeping systems
D3493 Booking halls
D5812 Bookmakers
A91 Books
C444322 Boom
M52143 Boom-type trenching machines
L217122 Booster pumps
L71142 Booster pumps
L3142 Bored piles
D751 Botanical gardens, herbaria, zoos
Q58 Botany
L8326 Bottle racks
L41304 Bottom-hung casement
M425 Bottom/landing gates
L71171 Boundary chambers/stopcock chambers
M93119 Bow saws
L721134 Bowl urinals
D56772 Bowling (Crown green)
D56773 Bowling (Ten pin)
M213 Box out
D567131 Boxing
C3868 BPG
M3214 Braces
M3127 Bracket scaffold
L3261 Brackets etc. for supporting brickwork
P491 Brass
Q(81) Brazil
D17133 Break pressure tank
N8726 Breakage
M9397 Breakers
M712 Breakers, crushers, mills
C4562 Breaks
L21625 Breakwater products
D1311 Breakwaters, harbour walls, pierheads
C38652 BREEAM Assessors
D2733 Breweries
M7122 Brick crushers
D2771 Brick manufacturing
M93122 Brick saws
JF1 Brick/Block walling
JF10 Brick/Block walling
M9331 Bricklayer’s hammers
L321 Bricks
L5342 Bricks
KU Brickwork, blockwork and masonry
L21102 Bridge beams
L21105 Bridge deck waterproofing
L21104 Bridge decking
L21107 Bridge drainage units
L21108 Bridge parapets
L211 Bridge products
E59 Bridges by geometry/scale, other types of bridges
E51 Bridges by material of construction
E52/6 Bridges by structural means of support
E58 Bridges by what carried
E582 Bridges carrying buildings
E583 Bridges carrying pipes or cables
G733 Bridges, underpasses
E5 Bridges, viaducts
H5 Bridges, viaducts
D1233 Bridleways
C612 Briefing by client
N365 Brightness, luminous intensity
Q(41) British Isles (geographical whole)
A31 British Standards
D1773 Broad-crested weirs
L76132 Broadcast receiving equipment
L76131 Broadcasting equipment
P492 Bronze
M4517 Bucket conveyors
M452 Bucket railways
M52141 Bucket trenchers
M5215 Bucket wheel excavators
M5233 Bucket-chain dredgers
M9294 Buckets
M5235 Buckhow diggers and scrapers
C44322 Budgetary control
C44321 Budgets
D3482 Builders’ merchants
D2721 Builders’ yards
Q69 Building (construction) trade. Building materials. Building practice and procedure
D7572 Building centres
C3862 Building control officers
L773 Building envelope maintenance systems
JZ Building fabric reference specification
JP Building fabric sundries
JC13 Building fabric survey
A921 Building for a Future AECB
L764 Building management systems
L6635 Building papers
A2211 Building Regulations
A231 Building Regulations Approved Document
B261 Building services engineering
JC14 Building services survey
F9 Building space analysed
F91 Building space analysed according to ISO 9836:1992
F92 Building space analysed according to RICS and ISVA Code of measuring practice
F1/F4 Building spaces according to complexity/scale
F5/F6 Building spaces according to whether they are internal or external
F7 Building spaces by degree and type of enclosure
F4 Building sub-spaces
B32 Building surveying
C3834 Building surveyors
E8 Buildings
E826 Buildings constructed over something, air rights buildings
E81 Buildings defined by height/number of storeys
E82 Buildings defined by relationship with adjacent buildings
E83 Buildings defined by special form of construction
E831 Buildings with cable tensioned fabric roofs
E832 Buildings with retractable roofs
L7624 Built-in failure detection
JJ41 Built-up felt roof coverings
L5241 Built-up roof membranes
D26811 Bulk storage with thrust resistant walls
D811:E811 Bungalows
L82312 Bunk beds
L21932 Bunker components
L2193 Bunkers
D4162 Burns units
L81113 Bus shelters
D1242 Bus stations
D1243 Bus stops/shelters
JY62 Busbar trunking
L74623 Busbars
M9333 Bush hammers
C328 Business consortia
C444 Business economics
C4423 Business formation and liquidation
D321 Business parks consisting of office buildings
L418301 Butt hinges
E335 Buttress dams
P741 Butyl rubber
D446 By age of user
L41101/10 By method of opening
D447 By other characteristics of user
L41121/24 By purpose
D1223 By-passes, loop roads, ring roads, radial roads
D1767 Bye channels
A222 Bylaws
L891 Cabinet hardware
M9143 Cable and pipeline detectors
D11364 Cable car transport
L7831 Cable clips
M9142 Cable laying machines and equipment
M52122 Cable mobile excavators
L78622 Cable monitoring
D11312 Cable railways
E54 Cable stayed bridges
D11363 Cable telphers
M52112 Cable track excavators
D1136 Cable transport
L214 Cable transport
L7823 Cable trays/ladders
L3346 Cable troughs
E733 Cable tunnels
E734 Cable ways
L2141 Cable ways
G633 Cables
L6763 Cables
JY6 Cables and wiring
E72 Cables, power lines
D11361 Cableways
M323 Cages
L315 Caissons
P231 Calcium silicate
L3213 Calcium silicate bricks
JM13 Calcium sulfate based screeds
N3913 Calories
L71133 Calorifiers
L76261 Cameras
D3755 Camps, depots, bases, ranges, missile sites, early warning stations
Q(71) Canada
M642 Canal bank grading, compacting, concreting and asphalting machinery, canal bed cleaning machines
D1344 Canal linings
L216112 Canal lock components
L21611 Canal locks
M6232 Canal sheeting
M623 Canal sheeting equipment
M6233 Canal shoring
D134 Canals
D4164 Cancer care facilities, cancer hospitals
D2735 Canning/bottling
L4211 Canopies
D511 Canteens, refectories
E53 Cantilever bridges
M3128 Cantilevered scaffold
N3854 Capacitance
C44211 Capital raising methods
D3122 Capitols
D1735 Car barbecue plant
JU13 Car parking ventilation
D125 Car parks, parking facilities
L2229 Car ports, garages
D1254 Car ramps
D12613 Car washes
D5845:D94 Caravan and camping site utility blocks
D5845 Caravan and camping sites
P722 Carbon fibre reinforced plastic
P6202 Cardboard
D4165 Care for AIDS patients
D8144 Caretakers’, wardens’ housing
D1462 Cargo facilities, terminals
D1322 Cargo loading/unloading facilities
D1321 Cargo storage facilities
L82510 Carousels
M9332 Carpenter’s hammers
JG20 Carpentry/Timber framing/First fixing
L5361 Carpet
L72413 Carpet cleaning equipment
L53913 Carpet grippers
L5362 Carpet tiles
D1175 Carriage cleaning facilities
D1281 Carriageways
D128 Carriageways, paved parts, etc.
A25 Case law reports
L31415 Casing
H721 Casing/outer lining of pipes, ducts, cables and channels
L68113 Casings
D5811 Casinos
P421 Cast iron
JH52 Cast stone slab cladding/features
JF22 Cast stone walling/dressings
L335 Cast-in jointing
L3521 Castellated sections
D861 Castles
L8912 Castors
D7694 Catalogue area
A13 Catalogues
C8141 Catering
JN12 Catering equipment
L83 Catering furniture
L8331 Catering ventilation
D622 Cathedral treasuries
D62 Cathedrals
D4642 Cats, dogs (kennels)
D4644 Cattle
L21255 Cattle grids
D26541 Cattle unit
M9241 Caulking gun
N88 Causes, effects of change
L3272 Cavity closers
L3271 Cavity trays
L3273 Cavity ventilation units
L54 Ceiling coverings, claddings
L543 Ceiling finishing coatings
L542 Ceiling panels
L5565 Ceiling roses
L541 Ceiling tiles
G332 Ceilings/soffit finishes
G222:G332 Ceilings/soffit finishes to upper floors
G3321 Ceilings/soffit finishes, direct
G3322 Ceilings/soffit finishes, suspended
D3767 Cells
D317:D3767 Cells for Law courts
D374:D3767 Cells for police stations
P531 Cellulose board
L621 Cement
P213 Cement
L6321 Cement admixtures (general purpose)
D2774 Cement manufacturing
L622 Cement replacements
JM10 Cement:sand/Concrete screeds/toppings
JJ1 Cementitious coatings
P21 Cementitious materials, binders
P2 Cementitious, concrete and mineral-bound materials
D673 Cemeteries (graveyards)
Q(728) Central America
JW6 Central control
JW60 Central control/Building management
C341 Central government
F321 Central halls, lobbies
L7562 Central heating terminals
JT60 Central refrigeration plant
JT6 Central refrigeration/Distribution
D4148 Central supply facilities
JR30 Centralised vacuum cleaning
D756 Centres for general exhibitions
D757 Centres for special kinds of exhibitions
M74108 Centrifugal casting machines
M114 Centrifugal, self-priming pumps
M92125 Centring rods
P331 Ceramic
D3192 Ceremonial suites
C738 Certificate of making good defects
C735 Certificate of practical completion
L73173 Cesspools
C38653 CfSH Assessors
M482 Chain blocks
M93123 Chain saws
M484 Chains
L2142 Chair lifts
D11365 Chairlifts
C212 Chairman
L8222 Chairs
L8342 Chairs, seating units
L8226 Chaises longues
P1103 Chalk
D631 Chancels
N1528 Change in shape, size
L8576 Change machines
N8 Change, movement, stability
D945 Changing, dressing facilities
D1332 Channel demarcation
D1331 Channel dredging
L67114 Channels
L7315 Channels, gullies and gratings
E75 Channels, trenches, ditches, etc.
D621 Chapter houses
D862 Chateaux
C7113 Checking
D1781 Checks
D274 Chemical and allied industries
L7163 Chemical and foam fire suppression
L67123 Chemical fixings
L68123 Chemical injection
L121 Chemical soil stabilisation products
Q66 Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries
L721112 Chemical toilets
P75 Chemicals, synthetics
Q54 Chemistry. Crystallography. Mineralogical sciences
L82502 Chests
L82102 Chests of drawers
C213 Chief executive
D4461 Children
N531 Children
D4138 Children’s hospitals, paediatric care facilities
Q(83) Chile
JT61 Chilled water
L21812 Chimney components
L218122 Chimney linings
L218121 Chimney shafts
E63 Chimneys (free standing)
Q(510) China
L66184 Chipboard
M9336 Chipping hammers
L217113 Chlorination products
L84204 Choir screens
D6312 Choirs
Q26 Christian Church in general (nature and character)
Q28 Christian churches, sects, denominations
Q”+” Christian Era AD
Q23/8 Christianity. The Christian religion
D4471 Chronic invalids, terminally ill people
D63 Churches, chapels
C3753 CIIG
L65122 Circular hollow sections
M93121 Circular saws
M7132 Circular vibratory screens
D91 Circulation
N41:D91 Circulation
F912 Circulation area
G41 Circulation FFE
L442 Circulation guiding and safety
L74732 Circulation luminaires
L75312 Circulation pumps, chilled water
L75311 Circulation pumps, hot water
F3 Circulation spaces
L43 Circulation/escape
D5261 Circus rings
D526 Circuses
L711221 Cisterns
D4413 Citizens advice bureaux
D3142 Civic centres
D3171 Civil courts
D3754 Civil defence facilities
L21 Civil engineering works products
B24 Civil engineering, general
B915 Civil law
C355 Civil service
C384 Civil/structural engineering designers/consultants
JH Cladding/Covering
C7222 Claims for extension of time
L78151 Clamps
M227 Clamps
L8412 Classroom furniture
D7182 Classrooms for science, technology, etc.
D71823 Classrooms for woodwork, metalwork, etc.
P332 Clay
L3211 Clay bricks
M9372 Clay spits
L5211 Clay tiles
P33 Clay-based materials
L6121 Clay, slate aggregates, expanded
D277 Clay/cement/timber industries
D732 Clean rooms
L22242 Clean rooms
A922 Clean Slate CAT
N722 Cleaning
JY25 Cleaning and chemical treatment
M925 Cleaning and surface preparation equipment
L724 Cleaning equipment
JC40 Cleaning masonry/concrete
C8153 Cleaning of interior of buildings
D95 Cleaning, maintenance facilities
G45 Cleaning, maintenance FFE
N5434 Cleanliness
C611 Client/contractor relationship
C3821 Clients
C382 Clients, managers
N221 Climate
L75 Climate control plant and equipment (HVAC)
D56714 Climbing
L81321 Climbing frames
M4124 Climbing tower cranes
M92135 Clinometer
L821 Cloakroom and clothes storage furniture, fittings
L721043 Cloakroom hand rinse basins
L82109 Cloakroom units
JW23 Clocks
L8735 Clocks
F338 Cloisters
L75144 Close control systems
N134 Close fit
D1531 Closed circuit television facilities
L7626 Closed circuit television systems (CCTV)
M72163 Closed drum mixers
D3762 Closed prisons
L7223 Clothes airers
L7222 Clothes driers
L82111 Clothes drying cabinets
L7228 Clothes lines
D2763 Clothes/footwear
M9334 Club hammers
D534 Clubs (non residential, non-commercial)
C326 Co-operative associations
C17 Co-ordination
C4554 Co-partnerships
D1241 Coach stations
M51682 Coaches/buses
JT11 Coal fired boilers
D3481 Coal merchants
D1671 Coal mines, shaft mines/pits
D1611 Coal-fired power stations
B5:D137 Coastal planning
D137:B5 Coastal planning
D1333 Coastguard and lifeboat stations
L2162 Coastline and maritime works products
L82108 Coat hangers
L82107 Coat hooks
L82104 Coat racks
M64143 Coated macadam spreaders
JQ22 Coated macadam/Asphalt roads/pavings
P432 Coated, protected aluminium
P414 Coated, protected steel
L68122 Coatings
L68133 Coatings
L68142 Coatings
L68154 Coatings
L68163 Coatings
L68191 Coatings
L68181 Coatings to prevent biological attack
L68182 Coatings to prevent chemical damage
L7661 Coaxial
D5154 Cocktail lounges
L76212 Code reading systems
N6622 Cohesiveness
M2281 Coil ties
P6203 Coir
L8325 Cold cabinets, refrigerated display cabinets
M6452 Cold planers
JT71 Cold rooms
D965 Cold storage
G501 Cold water
JS10 Cold water
L7112 Cold water storage
L65124 Cold-formed steel sections
L22241 Coldrooms/coldstores
L811011 Collapsible bollards (for parking)
L43111 Collapsible ramps
D17214 Collection from other particular types of facilities
D724 Colleges of art and design
D723 Colleges of education
D725 Colleges/academies of music, drama, dance
N173 Colour, visibility
L661308 Coloured/tinted glass
L63112 Colouring agents
Q(861) Columbia
M2271 Column shutter clamps
L3432 Columns
L316 Columns bases
D56713 Combat sports
M63114 Combination vibration rollers
L75223 Combined convector/convector-storage heaters
L3814 Combined door and screen units
L74215 Combined electrical motor and generating sets
M522 Combined excavator loaders
D162 Combined heat and power generating stations
G614 Combined heat/power/cooling
L73161 Combined macerator-pumps
N3613 Combined natural and artificial light
D172121 Combined sewerage systems
P91 Combined, composite materials
P9 Combined, other materials, undefined materials
N3221 Combustibility
N542 Comfort, convenience
N41:D33 Commerce
D537 Commercial clubs, night clubs
D33 Commercial facilities
D768 Commercial lending libraries, subscription libraries
C413 Commissionaire, security services
C7214 Commissioning and testing
L32111 Common
L32121 Common
L32131 Common
L32211 Common
D85 Communal residential facilities
M5168 Communal vehicles
L72119 Communal washing units
B95 Communication
N41:D15 Communication
L766 Communication cables
L86 Communication fittings
D1591 Communication reception/control rooms
C8146 Communication services
L763 Communication systems (two-way transmission)
G55 Communications
H133 Communications
H233 Communications
H333 Communications
H433 Communications
H533 Communications
H633 Communications
H733 Communications
JW2 Communications – audio-visual
JW3 Communications – data
JW1 Communications – speech/audio
G756 Communications cable mains
B2:D15 Communications engineering
D15 Communications facilities
JW Communications/Security/Control systems
C624 Community and tenant liaison
D532 Community centres
M63 Compaction equipment
L73232 Compactors and balers
JR32 Compactors/Macerators
L21743 Compactors/packagers
D766 Company libraries, special libraries
M93113 Compass saws
N396 Compatibility
C4572 Compensation
C613 Competition entries, competitions
D5643 Competitor seating/warm-up areas
C7111 Compilation
L7514 Complete air conditioning systems
L216161 Complete barrages
L21101 Complete bridge systems
L221 Complete buildings, portable buildings
JB Complete buildings/structures/units
L21931 Complete bunkers
L216111 Complete canal locks
L21811 Complete chimneys
L751 Complete climate control systems
L2 Complete construction entities and components
M51 Complete construction vehicles, general
L7512 Complete cooling systems
L212311 Complete culvert systems
L216131 Complete dams
L131 Complete field drain systems
L76251 Complete fire detection/alarm systems
L7161 Complete fixed fire suppression sets
L216211 Complete floating dock systems
L73321 Complete flue and chimney systems
L341 Complete frames
L351 Complete frames
L361 Complete frames
L21841 Complete gantries
L7331 Complete gaseous waste handling systems
L21941 Complete gasholders
L7511 Complete heating systems
L216241 Complete jetty systems
L216221 Complete loading ramp systems
L21831 Complete masts
L7513 Complete mechanical ventilation systems
L73141 Complete pipe/guttering systems
M711 Complete plant
M7111 Complete plant for the cement, lime, gypsum, trass and chalk industry
M7112 Complete plant for the sand, clay, gravel and broken stone industry
L216231 Complete pontoon systems
L2131 Complete railway systems
M31 Complete scaffolding
L71161 Complete sets
L8311 Complete sets
L21921 Complete silos
L7321 Complete solid waste handling systems
L216141 Complete spillways
L7131 Complete supply and distribution sets for gases
L7151 Complete supply and distribution sets for special liquids
L7121 Complete supply and distribution sets for steam supply
L7111 Complete supply and distribution sets for water supply
L21911 Complete tanks
L218221 Complete water towers
L7311 Complete wet waste handling systems
C73 Completion
C641 Completion of brief
C653 Completion of cost checking of designs, final cost plan
D13611 Compliant offshore structures
L7122 Components of steam supply systems
E518 Composite bridges
JE6 Composite construction
N11 Composition
F1 Compound spaces of buildings, zones
D7131 Comprehensive schools
JS30 Compressed air
M9262 Compressed-air machines and equipment
L123 Compressible fill
N3122 Compressive strength
M9261 Compressors
M926 Compressors, compressed-air machines and equipment
L7133 Compressors/pumps for gas supply/distribution
C6151 Compulsory competitive tendering
B933 Computer applications
L85312 Computer desks
B931 Computer hardware
D71822 Computer laboratories
D7286 Computer laboratories
C461 Computer management strategy
G556 Computer networks
L82512 Computer print-out storage
B932 Computer software
L82513 Computer tape/disk storage
N41:D731 Computing
D731 Computing facilities, computer rooms
B93 Computing, information technology
N813 Concentration
L75523 Concentration controls
L78612 Concentration measuring
D5243 Concert halls
C4553 Conciliation, arbitration
M7223 Concrete agitators
KG Concrete ancillaries
M727 Concrete and mortar application
M7224 Concrete and mortar buckets
M721 Concrete and mortar mixers
E562 Concrete arch bridges
M74101 Concrete block machines with support boards
M74102 Concrete block machines without support boards
M741 Concrete block, pipe, kerb and tile machines and plant
L3212 Concrete bricks
M723 Concrete compaction and finishing equipment
JE0 Concrete construction generally
M7232 Concrete finishing equipment
L5392 Concrete floor treatments
E512 Concrete girder bridges
E5123 Concrete girder bridges with no pre-stressing
M7272 Concrete guns, concrete injectors
M74107 Concrete pipe machines
M7212 Concrete processing systems
M72121 Concrete processing systems with horizontal aggregate feed
M72122 Concrete processing systems with vertical aggregate feed
M7225 Concrete pumps and equipment
M6412 Concrete road finishers and spreaders
JH14 Concrete rooflights/pavement lights
M4143 Concrete skips
M741041 Concrete slab presses
M81 Concrete testing equipment
L5212 Concrete tiles
M722 Concrete transport, concrete and mortar conveying
M7226 Concrete truck mixer/agitators with separate engine with mechanical/hydraulic drive to drum
M7231 Concrete vibrators
P221 Concrete, aerated
P222 Concrete, dense
P22 Concrete, general
P223 Concrete, in situ
P224 Concrete, lightweight aggregate
P225 Concrete, precast
P226 Concrete, prestressed
P227 Concrete, reinforced
M7 Concrete, stone production
JK33 Concrete/Terrazzo partitions
N3334 Condensation, interstitial
N3333 Condensation, surface
C456 Conditions of employment
C4564 Conduct, disciplinary action
N3832 Conductance
N3831 Conductivity
L7465 Conductor couplings
L7462 Conductors
JY60 Conduit and cable trunking
L7821 Conduit and fittings
L7463 Conduit, trunking and ducts (floor ducting, cable protection)
D741 Conference centres
L7633 Conference systems
C327 Conglomerate companies
N136 Connection
L21723 Connectors
L721115 Connectors
B58 Conservation
N463 Conservation
B581 Conservation areas
C38311 Conservation Specialists
L2228 Conservatories
N6611 Consistency
N111 Constituent materials
M Construction aids
E0 Construction complexes
M9121 Construction drying equipment
E Construction entities
C38 Construction industry
D272 Construction industry
M42 Construction lifts
C6114 Construction management
C72 Construction operations on site
C71 Construction preparation/project planning
L Construction products
C3711 Construction Products Association
L6754 Construction sealants
M5 Construction vehicles
D3164 Consulates
C4545 Consultation
L8521 Consulting couches
D4281 Consulting rooms (non-hospital)
D4191 Consulting rooms for hospitals
N461 Consumption
N46 Consumption, waste, conservation
JY72 Contactors and starters
E41 Containers for gases
B573 Contaminated land
N2 Context, environment
C4533 Continuing professional development
L4142 Continuous units
L762205 Continuous wiring systems
L85744 Contraceptives vending machines
C711 Contract documents
C813 Contract office services, outsourcing of office services
B4 Contracting, building
JA4 Contractor’s general cost items
C715 Contractor’s pre-contract planning
C388 Contractors
C3881 Contractors
L76252 Control and indicating equipment
JY53 Control components – mechanical
L7464 Control gear (switchgear, relays, etc.)
N882 Control of change
C4171 Control of office documents, collating, filing
N3254 Control of rate of growth of fire
D972 Control rooms
D17228 Control, measuring and transport devices
N41:D97 Control, servicing
L41123 Controlled environment doors
D26814 Controlled environment facilities
L2224 Controlled environment rooms
L71175 Controlling valves
D4423 Convalescent homes
N3535 Convection
L75221 Convectors
L75622 Convectors for central heating
D111 Conventional heavy railways
C6111 Conventional lump sum contracting
L3611 Conventional timber frames
D661 Convents
N744 Conversion
L74222 Conversion sets
M4511 Conveyor belts
G563 Conveyors
M45 Conveyors
D5182 Cook/chill facilities
L8332 Cookers, ovens, stoves
G613 Cooling output
E64 Cooling towers
L21821 Cooling towers
L7529 Cooling towers
C6411 Coordination of design development
M93111 Coping saws
L3243 Copings
P44 Copper
JH73 Copper strip/sheet coverings/flashings
L85343 Copyholders
A263 Copyright
F123 Core
M6212 Core cutting machines
G221:G311 Core fabric
G222:G311 Core fabric
G23:G311 Core fabric
G24:G311 Core fabric
G251:G311 Core fabric
G252:G311 Core fabric
G26:G311 Core fabric
G311 Core fabric
G311:G251 Core fabric of external walls
G311:G26 Core fabric of frame
G311:G252 Core fabric of internal walls
G311:G221 Core fabric of lowest floors
G311:G24 Core fabric of roofs
G311:G23 Core fabric of stairs
G311:G222 Core fabric of upper floors
M2133 Core forms
D414 Core hospital facilities
L31416 Core/mandrels
P6204 Cork
L6127 Cork granules
D346 Corner shops, kiosks
L3245 Cornices
L5563 Cornices, friezes
C113 Corporate development
C112 Corporate planning
C111 Corporate policy, mission statements
C114 Corporate Social Responsibility
C11 Corporate strategy
L2227 Corridor units
F327 Corridors
L685 Corrosion prevention coatings
L68243 Corrosion prevention paints
L78452 Corrosion resistant tapes
P4159 Corrosion resisting
C44323 Cost accounting
C723 Cost control
C6312 Cost models and indicative costs
C644 Costing of design
C44324 Costs
L8233 Cots, cradles
P6205 Cotton
D8153 Council housing
D4412 Counselling centres
L418307 Counter flap hinges, strap-hinges, angle hinges
D13732 Counter walls
L8571 Counters
L85813 Counters
D31711 County courts
D3143 County, city and town halls
L3334 Couplers
L3345 Couplers
M3261 Couplers
M1211 Couplings
D5681 Courses
D3173 Court rooms
D5683 Courts
F61 Courtyards, forecourts
N15245 Cover
F337 Covered ways
F74 Covered, not enclosed space
G312:G24 Coverings of roofs
L5 Coverings, claddings, linings
G312 Coverings/external finishes
G251:G312 Coverings/external finishes to external walls
G312:G251 Coverings/external finishes to external walls
L5564 Coves
D26542 Cowshed
L3351 Crack inducers
D3476 Craft workshops/shops
L67127 Cramps
M414 Crane equipment
M4145 Crane grabs
M41451 Crane grabs, excavating
M41452 Crane grabs, rehandling
JX21 Cranes
M41 Cranes
M411 Cranes by type
M4116 Cranes for mounting on vehicle chassis
M4119 Cranes with telescopic jib
L21254 Crash barriers
D1283 Crash barriers, central reservations
M52612 Crawler dozers
M5244 Crawler loaders
F344 Crawlways
C8144 Crèches
D4411 Crèches, nurseries
C44215 Credit management
N316 Creep resistance
D672 Crematoria
L84211 Crematoria furniture and fittings
E3322 Crib dams
L154 Crib walls
JD41 Crib walls/Gabions/Reinforced earth
D56731 Cricket
D3172 Criminal courts/assizes
B914 Criminal law
C502 Critical path analysis
D2632 Crofts
M93832 Cross-grained floats
M92333 Crossing plates
D12827 Crossings
M93871 Crowbars
N5131 Crowds
D17761 Crump weirs
L6114 Crushed stone
L21742 Crushers
L73233 Crushers
D633 Crypts
G43 Culinary FFE
D5321 Cultural centres
L212312 Culvert components
L21231 Culverts
L82501 Cupboards
L53921 Curers
N864 Curing
N3852 Current (amps)
L8418 Curtain sets
L87141 Curtain tracks, rods, fittings
JH11 Curtain walling
L3811 Curtain walls
L8714 Curtains, drapes
L8524 Curtains/screening
E592 Curved bridges
L3522 Curved sections
L3822 Curved shell roofs
L43222 Curved stairs
L8716 Cushions, padding, beanbags
N522 Customs
M6122 Cutter shields
M611 Cutting machines
M7332 Cutting-out saws
E23 Cuttings
D56744 Cycle racing
D1232 Cycle tracks
L711352 Cylinder jackets
L711222 Cylinders
Q(437.1) Czech Republic
L5568 Dado rails/mouldings
D2732 Dairies
L216132 Dam components
N8725 Damage
JC45 Damp proof course renewal/insertion
L6812 Dampproofings
E33 Dams
L21613 Dams
D5228 Dance floors
D5222 Dance halls
D522 Dancing, musical facilities
F85 Danger area
M923312 Danger lamps
C4581 Dangerous work
D7361 Dark rooms
L8542 Darkroom fittings
D56775 Darts
D15423 Data communications facilities
JW30 Data transmission
D441 Day centres, welfare consultation centres
D4133 Day hospital facilities, hospitals
D71332 Day schools
C7242 Daywork records
JA55 Dayworks
JV31 DC supply
A34 De facto standards
L418183 Deadlocks
M6318 Deadweight rollers
D33721 Dealers desks
D348 Dealers, merchants
D612 Deaneries
D3194 Debating chambers
C44213 Debt financing
N8723 Decay
C15 Decision making
H526 Decks/slabs
C91 Decommissioning
H141 Decoration
H242 Decoration
H441 Decoration
H541 Decoration
H641 Decoration
H742 Decoration
L661309 Decorative glass
JM52 Decorative papers/fabrics
L6831 Decorative surface impregnations
L68311 Decorative timber conservation products
C4578 Deductions
D9652 Deep freeze storage
L721012 Deep soaking tubs
C736 Defects
C444332 Deflation
D12642 Degreasing/lubricating/body building units
N3644 Degree, type of polarisation
L75423 Dehumidifiers
M928 Dehumidifiers
L217114 Deionisation/distillation products
C191 Delegation of authority
JS64 Deluge
L7166 Deluge suppression
N521 Demography
Q31 Demography. Sociology. Statistics
C922 Demolition
JC20 Demolition
KD Demolition and site clearance
M4146 Demolition balls
JA60 Demolition contract preliminaries
C92 Demolition etc.
M9339 Demolition hammers
JC2 Demolition/Removal
E852 Demountable buildings
JK40 Demountable suspended ceilings
Q(489) Denmark
L3221 Dense concrete blocks
L611 Dense fills/aggregates
N162 Density
D4152 Dental
D424 Dental surgeries
L8529 Dentistry fittings
D343 Department stores
N15244 Depth
N8722 Dereliction
D41592 Dermatology
L217111 Desalination plant products
L7853 Descaling products
JA13 Description of the work
N1 Descriptive
C6112 Design and build
C3867 Design audit consultants
D7571 Design centres
JE40 Designed joints in in situ concrete
L82507 Desk tidies
L8531 Desks
E821 Detached buildings
D811:E821 Detached housing
C65 Detail design/costing
C731 Detailed pre-completion inspection by consultants, contractor and sub-contractors
N41:D376 Detention
D376 Detention, secure facilities, prisons
L21722 Detention/stormwater retention tanks
L691 Detergents
N872 Deterioration
M6182 Detonators
C433 Development
C6321 Development control plan
B54 Development plans
L7431 Devices to protect against electric shocks
L74321 Devices to protect against excess current (fuses, circuit breakers)
M93831 Devil floats
N862 Devolution, decline, ageing
D4146 Diagnosis facilities and radiology (X-ray diagnosis, radiotherapy)
N15262 Diameter, radius, bore
M9348 Diamond drilling and chasing equipment
M739 Diamond tools
M111 Diaphragm pumps
M6252 Diaphragm walling plant
L152 Diaphragm walls, slurry walls
L6125 Diatomaceous earth
A111 Dictionaries
A11 Dictionaries, encyclopaedias
N3855 Dielectric constant
M6226 Diesel hammer
M9225 Diesel welding sets
N823 Differentiation
L747361 Diffusers
M5245 Digging arm loaders
M937 Digging tools
N8721 Dilapidation
N1521 Dimensional coordination, modular coordination
L747351 Dimmer switches
D517 Dining rooms
G221:G3311 Direct
G222:G3311 Direct
G222:G3321 Direct
G24:G3321 Direct
L74231 Direct current motors
N3812 Direct currents (DC)
L763122 Direct in-dialling systems (DID)
D1643 Direct supply of heat from geothermal sources
D1644 Direct supply of heat from the sun
C3422 Direct works organisations
M92128 Direction indicating devices
A241 Directives
A122 Directories
L868 Directory boards
L68322 Dirt inhibiting impregnations
D8142 Disabled people’s housing
C8162 Disaster recovery strategies
N8812 Discarding, scrapping
L74743 Discharge lamps
D5224 Discotheques/night clubs specialising in popular dance music
L7231 Dishwashers
D17125 Disinfecting plant
N821 Disintegration
C921 Dismantling
C684 Dispatch of tender documents
L8441 Display cabinets, racks
L8433 Display furniture
L747332 Display lighting
L8452 Display screens
C923 Disposal
D17233 Disposal into ground
D17232 Disposal into inland waters
D17231 Disposal into sea, outfalls
D17234 Disposal onto the land
JR Disposal systems
B9163 Dispute procedures
C4565 Dispute resolution
N82 Dissociative change
N15253 Distance
G63 Distribution
L756 Distribution
N827 Distribution
L74612 Distribution boards
D287 Distribution centres
L746 Distribution devices
C3892 Distributors/suppliers
D412 District general hospitals
N841 Disturbance
L82313 Divans
D1777 Diversion weirs
C44236 Divestment
D5475 Diving boards
L81332 Diving boards
D543 Diving facilities
D5463 Diving pools
N5343 Divorced
D3477 DIY, hardware shops
D13134 Dock walls
D1313 Docks
JA11 Documentation
JX3 Documents
D56743 Dog racing
Q23 Dogmatic theology
M335 Dogs
M62282 Dollies
L747352 Dolly/rocker switches
D17212 Domestic and general collection
L82 Domestic and general furniture and fittings
D962 Domestic garages, sheds, etc.
JN11 Domestic kitchen fittings
D81 Domestic residential facilities, housing
L7627 Door bells/chimes
L42133 Door canopies, surrounds
L41812 Door closers
L76321 Door entry telephones
L452 Door entry token systems
M2131 Door formers
L4181 Door furniture
L41811 Door openers
L454 Door remote control units
G322 Doors
JL20 Doors
L411 Doors
L41 Doors, windows, etc. (access products)
JL2 Doors/Shutters/Hatches
L4143 Dormers
D8584 Dormitories, communal sleeping areas
M1112 Double diaphragm pumps
M431 Double drum friction winches
D8582 Double hotel bedrooms
M63111 Double vibrating rollers
M6221 Double-acting piling hammers
L661312 Double/multiple glazing
L73146 Downpipes/drain pipes
M5261 Dozers
M526 Dozers and graders
M924 DPC equipment
M5271 Draglines
M86 Drain testing equipment
G581 Drainage
H135 Drainage
H235 Drainage
H335 Drainage
H435 Drainage
H535 Drainage
H635 Drainage
H735 Drainage
JR1 Drainage
JR12 Drainage below ground
M917 Drainage equipment
M9171 Drainage rods
L7234 Draining boards
D524 Drama, operatic, concert facilities
N3315 Draughts
M2115 Draw forms
E571 Drawbridges
L8911 Drawer slides/runners
L8532 Drawing office equipment, drawing boards
C681 Drawing up list of tenderers
C683 Drawing up of shortlist and notification to tenderers
Q74 Drawing. Design. Applied arts and crafts
A94 Drawings
D7654 Drawings/illustrations/photograph libraries
M523 Dredging boats and equipment
L3232 Dressed/ashlar stone
L82504 Dressers
L8235 Dressing tables
L324 Dressings
L8242 Driers
M9345 Drill bits
M9346 Drill rods
M9349 Drill stands
M621 Drilling machines and plant
M6213 Drilling machines for foundations piles
M6214 Drilling machines for post and mast holes
M6211 Drilling machines for soil exploration
D1363 Drilling platforms
M6217 Drilling vehicles
M614 Drilling vehicles and explosives vehicles
M62 Drilling, piling, canal trimming
L8339 Drink making equipment
L72105 Drinking fountains
L83251 Drinks chillers
L31411 Driven cast-in-place piles
L3141 Driven piles
M6222 Drop hammers
N243 Droughts
L6412 Dry
F63 Dry areas
L7229 Dry cleaning equipment
D13132 Dry docks
L84542 Dry marker boards
JK3 Dry partitions
JS61 Dry risers
D56751 Dry slope skiing
N6614 Drying
M716 Drying installations for the stone and aggregate industry
M93114 Drywall saws
D12252 Dual carriageway roads
JU32 Dual-duct air conditioning
D1613 Dual-fired power stations
E731 Duct networks
L75618 Duct silencers
E73 Ducts
G631 Ductwork
L75616 Ductwork couplings/connectors
L75611 Ductwork valves
L7561 Ductwork, ducts
M5122 Dumper trucks
M512 Dumper trucks, tipper lorries and equipment
M92111 Dumpy levels
N397 Durability
D3472 Durable goods shops
JU20 Dust collection
L73223 Dust control equipment
M717 Dust extraction plant
L747343 Dustproof lighting
L157 Dykes/banks
B9332 E-mail
D4151 Ear, nose and throat
E3311 Earth dams
A923 Earth Matters FoE
Q55 Earth sciences. Geology. Meteorology etc.
P333 Earthenware
JW51 Earthing and bonding
JY80 Earthing and bonding components
E5:N246 Earthquake resistant bridges
E:N246 Earthquake resistant structures
N246 Earthquakes
KE Earthworks
N67 Ease of altering
N68 Ease of cleaning
N661 Ease of coating
N64 Ease of cutting
N62 Ease of dismantling
N65 Ease of drilling
N662 Ease of joining, fixing
N63 Ease of moving
N66 Ease of placing, connecting
N61 Ease of storing
N6 Ease of use, workability
L52943 Eaves trims
M7133 Eccentric vibratory screens
C444311 Economic aspects of the environment
C44432 Economic cycles
Q33 Economics. Economic science
Q(866) Ecuador
D614 Ecumenical centres
JM51 Edge fixed carpeting
JG32 Edge supported/Reinforced woodwool slab decking
H123 Edgework to pavements/hard landscaping
L66382 Edging beads
L5294 Edgings and trims
JQ1 Edgings/Accessories for pavings
N41:D71 Education
D71 Education facilities (schools)
N41:D7 Education, science, information access and study
Q37 Education. Teaching. Training. Leisure
C4522 Educational qualifications, experience, skills
L84 Educational, cultural, display furniture, fittings
L841 Educational, entertainment furniture, fittings
D7 Educational, scientific, information facilities
N3363 Effectiveness in disposal of liquid waste
Q(62) Egypt, Sudan
N317 Elasticity
D4462 Elderly people
L75224 Electric bar heaters (electric fires)
L75213 Electric boilers
N3856 Electric field strength
L7522 Electric heaters
JV5 Electric heating
G755 Electric mains
L7423 Electric motors
G53 Electric power
L74 Electric power and lighting services products
JV50 Electric underfloor/ceiling heating
N38 Electric, magnetic, electromagnetic radiation
L418184 Electric/electronic locks
D2754 Electrical and electronic engineering
L762213 Electrical capacitance systems
N383 Electrical conduction, resistance
B263 Electrical engineering
C3851 Electrical engineers
L74211 Electrical generating sets
L7421 Electrical generators
H132 Electrical installation
H232 Electrical installation
H332 Electrical installation
H432 Electrical installation
H532 Electrical installation
H632 Electrical installation
H732 Electrical installation
N3821 Electrical insulation
N382 Electrical insulation, protection, safety
N384 Electrical ionisation
N3822 Electrical protection
N3823 Electrical safety, avoidance of shocks
JV Electrical supply/power/lighting systems
G6122 Electricity conversion
D161 Electricity generation
G6121 Electricity generation
D1617 Electricity generation from wave, solar, wind power
JV10 Electricity generation plant
G612 Electricity output
D1631 Electricity substations
D163 Electricity transmission and supply facilities
N381 Electricity types, sources
M92127 Electro-magnetic distance measuring instruments (EDM instruments)
M9245 Electro-osmosis equipment
L6853 Electro-plated coatings
JT12 Electrode/Direct electric boilers
N387 Electromagnetic radiation, radioactivity properties and characteristics
JW53 Electromagnetic screening
L22243 Electromagnetically shielded rooms
JW56 Electronic bird/vermin control
L76213 Electronic key systems
M72532 Electronic weighgear
P4141 Electroplated steel
G Elements for buildings
H Elements for civil engineering works
M5251 Elevating scrapers
N15243 Elevation
D567322 Eleven-a-side soccer
F13611 Eleventh floor
E331 Embankment dams
E31 Embankments
E3 Embankments, retaining walls, etc.
H3 Embankments, retaining walls, etc.
D114 Embarkation facilities for rail transport
D124 Embarkation facilities for road transport
D146 Embarkation facilities, terminals
D3163 Embassies
L752291 Embedded electric heating terminals
L75624 Embedded heating terminals
JD40 Embedded retaining walls
L7623 Emergency alarms
G542 Emergency lighting
JV40 Emergency lighting
L747321 Emergency lighting
C816 Emergency procedures
L22110 Emergency shelters
L75342 Emergency smoke/fire extraction/vents
N826 Emission
C4596 Employee appraisal
C454 Employee communication
N5367 Employees
C45923 Employees’ housing
JA3 Employer’s requirements
N5366 Employers
C373 Employers associations
D31522 Employment exchanges
P312 Enamel
H245 Enclosure
H344 Enclosure
H446 Enclosure
H545 Enclosure
H645 Enclosure
H745 Enclosure
H144 Enclosure, divisions
G72 Enclosure/division
L441 Enclosures
A112 Encyclopaedias
Q030 Encyclopedias. General reference works
N393 Energy demand, input
N394 Energy efficiency
G61 Energy generation/storage/conversion
C8156 Energy management
N392 Energy output
C623 Energy strategies
C6313 Energy targets
N391 Energy types, measures
N39 Energy, other performance
L74213 Engine driven generating sets (gas or liquid fuel)
B2 Engineering
L32113 Engineering
P4154 Engineering
B22 Engineering by geographical region
B21 Engineering by name of engineer
D275 Engineering industries, metal industries
Q62 Engineering. Technology in general
M92113 Engineers’ precise auto levels
Q(410.1) England
L6613132 Engraved glass
D7693 Enquiry area
N41:D52 Entertainment
D521 Entertainment arenas
D52 Entertainment facilities
D527 Entertainment production facilities
L2121 Entire roads/runways (portable roadways)
G5711 Entrance controls
F314 Entrance halls, foyers
D13135 Entrances and locks
B91:B57 Environment Law
B571 Environmental Impact Assessment
C38651 Environmental Impact Assessors
B5721 Environmental Management
B57 Environmental planning
B572 Environmental protection
Q504 Environmental science. Environmentology
C38312 Environmental Specialist
C8157 Environmental strategies
D611 Episcopal palaces
P7103 Epoxy
L6421 Epoxy mortars, other hydrocarbon mortars
C4529 Equal opportunities, discrimination
Q(67) Equatorial and Central Africa; e.g. Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Mozambique
D5676 Equestrian, hunting, fishing
L7233 Equipment for laboratories, medical use, etc.
M7222 Equipment for washing out concrete residues
L8465 Equipment storage racks
L8534 Ergonomic computer accessories
N5412 Ergonomics
D1372 Erosion protection works
L42312 Escalator shutters
G562 Escalators
JX11 Escalators
L7722 Escalators
L772 Escalators, conveyors
L4334 Escape slides
L418195 Espagnolette, cremorne bolts
C192 Ethics, responsibility, conduct
Q(63) Ethiopia
Q39 Ethnology. Ethnography. Customs. Manners. Traditions. Way of life. Folklore
Q(4) Europe
C312 European
D3111 European parliament
A32 European Standards
C444411 European Union
N861 Evolution, development, growth
C686 Examination of priced bills
JD20 Excavating and filling
JD2 Excavation/filling
M528 Excavator mats
M521 Excavators
M52 Excavators, loaders, dredgers
C444342 Exchange rates
D15671 Exchanges
D3292 Executives’ offices
L8451 Exhibition stands, shell schemes
N41:D75 Exhibition, display
D75 Exhibition, display facilities
C4234 Exhibitions of work
JC Existing site/buildings/services
L63115 Expanding agents
L671282 Expanding bolts
M9172 Expanding drain stoppers
M32622 Expanding spigots
N15281 Expansion
L21111 Expansion joints
L71164 Expansion joints
N326 Explosions
M6181 Explosives
C4261 Export marketing
N84 Extensive change
F332 External balconies
G76 External distributed services
G251:G322 External doors
G322:G251 External doors
N3244 External fire spread
L81 External furniture and fittings
L41824 External louvres
JL14 External louvres/shutters/canopies/blinds
L81211 External pools, ponds, lakes
F6 External spaces of buildings
C4531 External training
M72311 External vibrators
G251 External walls
G251:G321 External windows
G321:G251 External windows
G7 External/site works
N3255 Extinguishing fire with sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers
JV30 Extra low voltage supply
G5242 Extract ventilation
L83311 Extractor hoods
M6225 Extractors
D4154 Eye
G2 Fabric: complete elements
G3 Fabric: parts of elements
L352 Fabricated components
L362 Fabricated components
JZ1 Fabricating
M3123 Facade scaffold
L381 Facades and roofs
M211 Face contact material
L82422 Face driers
M52761 Face shovels
D Facilities
C3823 Facilities managers
D568 Facilities/areas for the playing of the sport itself
JA36 Facilities/Temporary works/Services
L32112 Facing
L32122 Facing
L32132 Facing
L32212 Facing
D15422 Facsimile transmission facilities
D282 Factories
M4518 Factory conveyors
N48 Failure, deficiency in use, defects
D5834 Fairgrounds
JK4 False ceilings/floors
N5111 Families
L75345 Fan accessories
JU41 Fan-coil air conditioning
G635 Fans
JY41 Fans
L75344 Fans, domestic
D263 Farming facilities
D2631 Farms
L73142 Fascia/guttering systems
L156 Fascines
D513 Fast food restaurants, take-aways
L41821 Fasteners, stays, hooks
N137 Fastening
N315 Fatigue resistance
L74323 Fault protection devices
L763112 Fax machines
C62 Feasibility
C83 Feedback
D4155 Feet/chiropody
JJ4 Felt/flexible sheets
N5331 Females, women
N533 Females/males
L4411 Fences
D567132 Fencing
JQ4 Fencing
JQ40 Fencing
M342 Fencing panels, boarding, fencing chestnut
M341 Fencing supports
G721 Fencing/walling/hedges
L8283 Fenders
JH76 Fibre bitumen thermoplastic sheet coverings/flashings
P214 Fibre cement
JH30 Fibre cement profiled sheet cladding/covering
JH61 Fibre cement slating
L5213 Fibre cement tiles
L7662 Fibre optic
D1561 Fibre optic cable facilities
L74744 Fibre optic lamps
P3422 Fibre reinforced bitumen
L633 Fibre reinforcement
L6611 Fibre-silicate sheets
JM31 Fibrous plaster
D567412 Field
L132 Field drain components
D4134 Field hospitals
D586 Field study centres, outdoor activity centres
D2682 Fields for containing animals
D2683 Fields for growing crops
L82505 Filing cabinets
L8432 Filing furniture
L122 Fill blocks
L761342 Film projectors
D5271 Film studios
L4186 Films applied to glass
L212331 Filter drains and channels
L14142 Filter membranes
C739 Final accounts/final certificate
C737 Final inspection
C44 Finance and accounting, business economics
C44122 Finance corporations
C4412 Financial institutions
B913 Financial law including taxation
C442 Financial management
C4411 Financial markets
C44219 Financial risk analysis, others
C441 Financial world
C3872 Financial/leasing consultants
L41815 Fingerplates, kick plates
M7425 Finishers for walls and ceilings
JZ3 Finishing
Q(480) Finland
L75625 Finned pipes
G572 Fire
N327 Fire and explosion damage, salvage
L883 Fire blankets
L884 Fire buckets
F81 Fire compartments
L75612 Fire dampers for air ductlines
JW50 Fire detection and alarm
N3252 Fire detection, warning
N3246 Fire endurance
N325 Fire engineering, further fire safety properties and characteristics
JX14 Fire escape chutes/slings
L4331 Fire escapes/stairs
L881 Fire extinguishers
JS7 Fire fighting – gas/foam
JS6 Fire fighting – water
G5722 Fire fighting and sprinkler installations
L71672 Fire fighting media (foam, powder)
L8823 Fire hose enclosures/cabinets
JS60 Fire hose reels
L8822 Fire hose reels
L8821 Fire hoses
JS65 Fire hydrants
L71671 Fire hydrants
L4332 Fire ladders
G752 Fire mains
N3251 Fire prevention
L7842 Fire proofing
L71673 Fire pumps
N323 Fire resistance (structures)
L82518 Fire resistant storage
N324 Fire safety, protection properties and characteristics (basic)
L68114 Fire seals/stops
D3711 Fire service facilities, stations
L75613 Fire shutters for air ductlines
L7165 Fire sprinklers
C8163 Fire strategies
L7167 Fire suppression components
L8281 Fire surrounds
D37111 Fire training towers
N321 Fire types, sources, severity
N32 Fire, explosion
L32114 Fire/refractory bricks
G5721 Fire/smoke alarms
L7625 Fire/smoke detection/alarm systems
L76253 Fire/smoke detectors
L4231 Fire/smoke shutters
L8282 Firebacks
L42311 Firebreak shutters
P334 Fireclay
P313 Fired shale
L41121 Firedoors
L828 Fireplaces
L6811 Fireproofings
L75236 Fires with back boilers
D426 First aid posts
F13601 First floor
F136 First floor and above, but below highest floor
D7122 First schools
D4641 Fish
D2622 Fish farms
D2621 Fisheries
D56764 Fishing
D262 Fishing facilities
L8463 Fitness and exercise equipment
D3494 Fitting rooms
H142 Fittings
H243 Fittings
H341 Fittings
H443 Fittings
H542 Fittings
H642 Fittings
H743 Fittings
G74 Fittings/furniture/equipment
G4 Fittings/furniture/equipment (FFE)
D567321 Five-a-side soccer
D56724 Fives
L41301 Fixed
M5111 Fixed body lorries
C443241 Fixed costs
D1772 Fixed crest weirs
L716 Fixed fire suppression systems
L7473 Fixed luminaires (lighting fittings)
L74731 Fixed luminaires for general lighting
D1361 Fixed offshore structures
L6712 Fixing products
JY90 Fixing to building fabric
JZ2 Fixing/Jointing
L326 Fixings
L3451 Fixings
L3531 Fixings
L3631 Fixings
L5191 Fixings
L5291 Fixings
L5391 Fixings
L5491 Fixings
L345 Fixings and ancillary products
L353 Fixings and ancillary products
L363 Fixings and ancillary products
JZ20 Fixings/Adhesives
L8 Fixtures and furnishings
L81107 Flagpoles
P532 Flakeboard
N32241 Flame impingement
N3226 Flame propagation
L68115 Flame retardant coatings/paints
L747342 Flameproof lighting
M1221 Flanges
L8914 Flapstays
M9325 Flaring tools
N32243 Flash point of liquids
M92335 Flashing bollards
M923313 Flashing traffic warning lamps
L52944 Flashings
C444324 Flat
L66141 Flat
L66151 Flat
L431 Flat circulation
L661301 Flat glass
E3352 Flat slab buttress dams
N1723 Flatness, evenness
D8111 Flats (apartments)
D2822 Flatted factories
P533 Flaxboard
L41108 Flexible
E114 Flexible composite pavements
M72253 Flexible distributor hose
E113 Flexible pavements
D5464 Flexible pools
L652 Flexible sections
JJ40 Flexible sheet tanking/damp proofing
JM5 Flexible sheet/tile coverings
P1104 Flint
E576 Floating bridges
E854 Floating buildings
L216212 Floating dock components
D13133 Floating docks
L21621 Floating docks
M9383 Floats
D13731 Flood banks
D1373 Flood prevention works
D13734 Floodgates
L747348 Floodlighting
N244 Floods
L5332 Floor blocks
L53915 Floor clips
L536 Floor covering sheets, flexible sheets
L53 Floor coverings, claddings, linings
G221:G331 Floor finish to lowest floors
G222:G331 Floor finish to upper floors
G331 Floor finishes
G3311 Floor finishes, direct
G3312 Floor finishes, raised
L538 Floor finishing coatings
L661411 Floor grating/checkerplate
L68245 Floor paints
L535 Floor screeds
L5381 Floor seals
L5331 Floor tiles
L83121 Floor units
M93118 Flooring saws
D3474 Florists
C44233 Flotations
L75522 Flow controls
L87231 Flowers
L73325 Flue accessories
L73324 Flue gas/fume treatment devices
L73322 Flue linings
L73323 Flue terminals, chimney pots
L7332 Flues and chimneys
D5472 Flumes/tubes
L68242 Fluorescent paints
L418192 Flush bolts
JS71 Foam fire fighting
L6128 Foamed/expanded slag
JP11 Foamed/Fibre/Bead cavity wall insulation
L63116 Foaming agents
L66321 Foils
L82311 Foldaway beds
L3821 Folded plate roofs
M92132 Folding rules
M337 Folding wedges
L84206 Fonts
L85742 Food and drink vending machines
D5192 Food courts
D518 Food preparation, storage facilities, kitchens
L833 Food preparing and serving furniture
D3471 Food shops
D3441 Food superstores
D273 Food, drink, tobacco industries
E581 Foot bridges
L72118 Footbaths
L43121 Footbridges
D1234 Footpaths (field paths, footways, paths), towpaths
L85341 Footrests
D2657 For birds, poultry
D2654 For cattle
P4157 For cold forming
P4155 For concrete
D2653 For horses
P4153 For linepipe
D2659 For other animals
D2656 For pigs
P4152 For pressure purposes
P4156 For rails
D72842 For research
D2655 For sheep, goats
G509 For special activity
G529 For special activity
G539 For special activity
G549 For special activity
G559 For special activity
G569 For special activity
G579 For special activity
G589 For special activity
D72841 For teaching
C4213 Forecasting
D1147 Forecourts
C444341 Foreign exchange
D261 Forestry facilities
M22 Form laying equipment, sheets, accessories
A Form of information
Q(57) Former Asiatic USSR
Q(47) Former European USSR
D7212 Former polytechnics
JE2 Formwork
M2 Formwork
JE20 Formwork for in situ concrete
M2114 Formwork lining
M21131 Formwork panels
M24 Formwork scaffolding, supports
M23 Formwork sealing, cleaning products
M228 Formwork ties
D863 Fortified houses
D165/7 Fossil fuel extraction, supply facilities
G5811 Foul drainage
JR11 Foul drainage above ground
L317 Foundation instrumentation
L31 Foundation products
G21:G311 Foundations
G311:G21 Foundations
H321 Foundations
H421 Foundations
H521 Foundations
H621 Foundations
JS15 Fountains/Water features
M5253 Four-wheeled scrapers
D857 Foyer buildings
H624 Frame
M4117 Frame cranes
G26:G334 Frame finish
G334:G26 Frame finishes
M3111 Frame scaffold
G26 Frame/isolated structural members
JK32 Framed panel cubicles
M321 Frames, framing members
Q(44) France
C4262 Franchising
F71 Free space
M3124 Free standing scaffold
D26572 Free-range facilities
L8322 Freezers
M916 Frequency and voltage transformers
L74514 Frequency meters
M93112 Fretsaws
N318 Friction, adhesion
L8323 Fridge-freezers
C4591 Fringe benefits
M51212 Front tippers
L78451 Frost protection tapes
N3351 Frost resistance
L75515 Frost-stats
L63108 Frostproofing agents
L8336 Fryers
JS41 Fuel oil storage/distribution
M5181 Fuel storage tank
M5182 Fuel storage tank trailer
D1454 Fuel supply facilities
M518 Fuel supply vehicles and equipment
M5216 Full circle slew excavators
M6112 Full cutting machines
C651 Full design of every part and component
C642 Full design of project
D1775 Full-width weirs
F75 Fully enclosed space
N3642 Fully reflecting, mirrored
L418310 Fully reversible hinges
L75343 Fume cupboards, fume extraction
JU16 Fume extract
D5157 Function rooms
Q00 Fundamentals of knowledge and culture
C4444 Funding
D677 Funeral parlours, chapels of rest
L22108 Funerary constructions
D67 Funerary facilities, shrines, mortuaries
L84210 Funerary furniture and fittings
D5831 Funfairs
JC52 Fungus/Beetle eradication
D11313 Funicular railways
L87 Furnishings, ornaments, internal decoration
L89 Furniture accessories
D2776 Furniture manufacturing
JN Furniture/Equipment
N41:D72 Further education
D72 Further education facilities
M72 Further processing and application equipment
D1766 Fuse plug spillways
E3321 Gabion dams
L155.0 Gabions
D634 Galleries
H223 Gallery formation
L8442 Gallery hanging systems
L6851 Galvanised coatings
P4142 Galvanised steel
N41:D581 Gambling
D581 Gambling facilities
D1315 Gangways
F334 Gangways
E62 Gantries
H1423 Gantries
L2184 Gantries
L7734 Gantries
L21842 Gantry components
L829 Garage furniture, fittings
D1265 Garages (commercial/large-scale)
L812 Garden and park furniture
L81207 Garden ornaments
L81202 Garden umbrellas
L81201 Garden/patio seating and tables
D676 Gardens of remembrance, remembrance pavilions
L14143 Gas barrier membranes
L71331 Gas compressors
JW55 Gas detection alarm
D166 Gas extraction, supply facilities
JS70 Gas fire fighting
L75211 Gas fired boilers
L75231 Gas fires
L63105 Gas generating agents
M6417 Gas infra-red units, road drying equipment
G754 Gas mains
L7135 Gas meters
D1665 Gas pipelines
D1661 Gas rigs
D1664 Gas storage facilities
G51 Gas supply
JS3 Gas supply
L713 Gas supply/storage/distribution
L71361 Gas taps
D1663 Gas treatment facilities
D1616 Gas turbine power stations
D1662 Gas wells
JT10 Gas/Oil fired boilers
L7162 Gaseous fire suppression
N3364 Gaseous waste
L733 Gaseous waste handling products
L21942 Gasholder components
L2194 Gasholders
L6755 Gaskets
D1664:E41 Gasometers/gasholders
E41:D1664 Gasometers/gasholders
L4412 Gates
N15263 Gauge
M93822 Gauging trowels
C381 General
C3811 General (non-discipline-related)
JY4 General air ductline equipment
D151 General broadcasting facilities
L69 General cleaning products
L845 General display furniture, fittings
JY7 General electrical equipment
M9 General equipment
L783 General fixings for services
JN10 General fixtures/furnishings/equipment
JL40 General glazing
Q27 General history of the Christian Church
L761 General information systems
KA General items
G541 General lighting
JV21 General lighting
JV90 General lighting and power (small scale)
JV2 General LV distribution/lighting/power
JV22 General LV power
C421 General marketing activities
L7861 General measuring instruments
JY2 General pipeline equipment
L55 General products for coverings and claddings
L78 General purpose and ancillary services products
L641 General purpose cement:sand mortar
L6 General purpose civil engineering and construction fabric products
D7181 General purpose classrooms
L6822 General purpose finishing coats
L67 General purpose fixing/jointing products
L671 General purpose fixings
JN1 General purpose fixtures/furnishings/equipment
D7281 General purpose lecture theatres
G531 General purpose outlets
D7283 General purpose research rooms
L2221 General purpose room units
L65 General purpose sections
L66 General purpose sheets
D961 General purpose storage facilities, cloakrooms, luggage rooms, stock rooms, waste storage facilities
L674 General purpose tape
D7282 General purpose teaching rooms other than lecture theatres
Q60 General questions of the applied sciences
Q80 General questions relating to both linguistics and literature. Philology
A1 General reference works
JA70 General specification for building fabric work
JA71 General specification for building services work
JA7 General specification for work packages
C50 General techniques/information
JU10 General ventilation
JV9 General/Other electrical work
Q0 Generalities
Q501 Generalities about the pure sciences
JV1 Generation/Supply/HV distribution
D41591 Genito-urinary
L1413 Geocomposites
C3863 Geographic information system (GIS) engineers and land surveyors
Q9 Geography. Biography. History
Q91 Geography. Exploration of the Earth and of individual countries. Travel. Regional geography
L1412 Geogrids
L1414 Geomembranes
D7372 Geophysical stations
L141 Geosynthetics
KC Geotechnical and other specialist processes
L1411 Geotextiles
D4161 Geriatric care facilities
D4222 Geriatric clinics
Q(430) Germany
L6842 Gilding
B71 GIS (Geographical Information System) engineering
N366 Glare
N3661 Glare index
L6332 Glass
P314 Glass
L6122 Glass aggregate, expanded
JF11 Glass block walling
L3225 Glass blocks
P3141 Glass fibre
D2773 Glass manufacturing
P215 Glass reinforced cement (GRC)
JH40 Glass reinforced cement panel cladding/features
P2321 Glass reinforced gypsum (GRG)
JK14 Glass reinforced gypsum linings/panelling/casings/mouldings
JH41 Glass reinforced plastics panel cladding/features
L6613 Glass sheets
P3142 Glass, cellular
P721 Glassfibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
L3343 Glassfibre tendons
D2643 Glasshouses, greenhouses
L32214 Glazed blocks
L32116 Glazed bricks
P3311 Glazed ceramic
JH1 Glazed cladding/covering
P3341 Glazed fireclay
L6841 Glazes
JL4 Glazing
L6753 Glazing sealants
D56784 Gliding
P522 Glulam
L3623 Glulam beams
L3612 Glulam frames
L81317 Goalposts etc.
M92323 Goggles
D56771 Golf
L7723 Goods conveyors
JX23 Goods distribution/Mechanised warehousing
D1114 Goods railways
D1142 Goods terminals
JX2 Goods/Maintenance
C44311 Goodwill accounting
C34 Government and related organisations
C44435 Government economics
C444353 Government expenditure
C444354 Government fund-raising, taxation
C44441 Government funding
D3146 Governor’s residences
M5232 Grab-type dredgers
M7432 Grabs and loading devices for concrete blocks
D12253 Grade separated roads
M5277 Graders
N15246 Gradient, slope, fall
N86 Gradual change
L694 Graffiti removing products
D7132 Grammar schools
D5641 Grandstands, stands
P1105 Granite
D71311 Grant maintained
C45915 Grants, loans, discount schemes to employees
JQ20 Granular sub-bases to roads/pavings
Q76 Graphic arts. Graphics
P6206 Grass
L81311 Grass/turf
L6112 Gravel
P1106 Gravel
JQ23 Gravel/Hoggin/Bark roads/pavings
E333 Gravity arch dams
E332 Gravity dams
M9244 Gravity feed equipment
D13612 Gravity platforms
M51217 Gravity tippers
L21725 Grease traps/petrol interceptors
Q(495) Greece
A161 Green Building Price Book
C38641 Green QS
L22106 Greenhouses, glasshouses
A9841 GreenSpec
L424 Grilles
JY46 Grilles/Diffusers/Louvres
L8335 Grills
M9392 Grinders
P1107 Gritstone
F919 Gross area
L11 Ground anchorages
G12 Ground contouring
H112 Ground contouring
H212 Ground contouring
H312 Ground contouring
H412 Ground contouring
H512 Ground contouring
H612 Ground contouring
H712 Ground contouring
F134 Ground floor
L6224 Ground granulated blast furnace slag
L12 Ground improvement
JC11 Ground investigation
KB Ground investigation
JA61 Ground investigation contract preliminaries
L21581 Ground lighting
JD4 Ground retention
JD1 Ground stabilisation/dewatering
L1 Ground treatment and retention products
JD Groundwork
M7261 Grout mixers
M7264 Grout mixers/pumps
M7266 Grout pumps
L113 Grouted anchors
M726 Grouting equipment
M738 Grouting machines for cast stone slabs
M7265 Grouting machines with pump and hopper
N344 Growth of fungi, plants
D13722 Groynes
L21253 Guardrails
M324 Guardrails
D854 Guesthouses
Q(88) Guiana territories
L75614 Guide vanes
A121 Guides
A12 Guides, directories
D1132 Guideway-based rail transport, overhead railways
D3144 Guildhalls
M7273 Gunite equipment
L73145 Gutters
L8462 Gymnasium equipment
L84621 Gymnasium/dance flooring systems
D56711 Gymnastics, acrobatics
D5671 Gymnastics, health/fitness, combat sports
L627 Gypsum
P232 Gypsum
L5511 Gypsum plasters
M7123 Gyratory crushers
M93116 Hacksaws
N2252 Hail
P611 Hair
L82423 Hair driers
L721042 Hairdressers’ basins
L41110 Half doors
D856 Halls of residence
L75226 Halogen heat lamps
L74742 Halogen lamps
D1143 Halts, stops
M7125 Hammer crushers
M71272 Hammer mills
M6219 Hammer-action drills
M933 Hammers
M9361 Hand barrows
L82421 Hand driers
L4422 Hand rails, grab rails
M9311 Hand saws
M7214 Hand scrapers, scraper installations
M93 Hand tools
M934 Hand-held drills and equipment
C732 Hand-over to client
C732/5 Hand-over/practical completion
C4541 Handbooks
L41823 Handles
M3241 Handrails
D1451 Hangars for repair and storage of aircraft
M2282 Hanger ties
M62283 Hanging leaders
E12 Hard landscaping
G711 Hard surfaces
L66181 Hardboard
L53922 Hardeners
M74113 Hardening plant
N314 Hardness, resistance to surface indentation/scratching
D12824 Hardstandings, hard shoulders
P511 Hardwood
N343 Harmful bacteria, viruses, etc.
L7442 Harmonic control devices
JL22 Hatches
L412 Hatches
L82105 Hatstands
M5112 Haulers
M92261 Head screens
L8232 Headboards
E214 Headings
A2213 Health and Safety
C8159 Health and safety at work
C733 Health and safety file/operation and maintenance manual/tenants’ handbook
C506 Health and safety plan
B5:D4 Health care planning
D421 Health centres
D4211 Health centres with minor surgery and accident and emergency facilities, day surgery health centres
D4212 Health centres without minor surgery and accident and emergency facilities
D4272 Health education centres
N543 Health, hygiene properties and characteristics
D56712 Health/fitness, general
C3865 Health/safety/environmental consultants
D4153 Heart
L8284 Hearths
N354 Heat capacity, specific heat
G6112 Heat conversion
JT4 Heat distribution/utilisation – air
JT3 Heat distribution/utilisation – water
JY22 Heat exchangers
L7528 Heat exchangers
G6111 Heat generation
L75218 Heat generators, thermal liquid
L75216 Heat generators, warm air
N3552 Heat loss characteristics
N355 Heat loss, gain
G611 Heat output
L7521/4 Heat production
JT14 Heat pumps
L7524 Heat pumps
JT5 Heat recovery
JT50 Heat recovery
JT1 Heat source
N351 Heat types, sources
M64136 Heatable bitumen storage tanks
L75626 Heated towel rails
M6451 Heater planers
G521 Heating
G523 Heating + cooling air conditioning
G522 Heating + non-cooling air conditioning
C38531 Heating and ventilation engineers
JY43 Heating/Cooling coils
G52 Heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC)
D281 Heavy industry facilities
M5166 Heavy-duty trailers
N15241 Height
L21241 Helicopter landing pads
D1422 Heliports
L31418 Helmets
M92262 Helmets
N5133 Herds
N511 Hereditary groups
P6207 Hessian
N6613 Hiding power
D3166 High commissions
M9251 High pressure and steam jet cleaners
M9242 High pressure injection equipment
L7242 High pressure washing equipment
D1112 High speed railways
D334 High street banks, building societies
D345 High street shops
P4112 High-carbon steel
F137 Highest floor
M52144 Highway trenchers
M52751 Hinge type rippers
L4183 Hinges
D4643:D544 Hippotherapy pools (hydrotherapy pools for horses)
D544:D4643 Hippotherapy pools facilities (hydrotherapy facilities for horses)
B582 Historic buildings
C443243 Historical costs
D86 Historical residential facilities
Q93/9 History
C4441 History and theories of economics
B50 History and theory of planning
B13 History of architecture, periods and styles of architecture
B23 History of engineering
D56734 Hockey
JX20 Hoists
L7732 Hoists
M44 Hoists
L7716 Hoists for disabled users
JP31 Holes/Chases/Covers/Supports for services
D5844 Holiday camps
L3224 Hollow clay blocks
L662 Hollow core sheets
Q64 Home economics. Domestic science. Housekeeping
C8126 Home working/teleworking
N5365 Homeless
D4476 Homeless people
L6622 Honeycomb sheets
L8285 Hoods
L73221 Hoppers
L825102 Horizontal carousels
N3113 Horizontal loading, wind loading
L41308 Horizontal pivot
L41305 Horizontal sliding
F13 Horizontally divided parts of buildings, storeys
D56742 Horse racing
D4643 Horses (stables)
D264 Horticultural (market gardening) facilities
L81208 Horticultural products
L882 Hoses, hose reels and enclosures/cabinets
D4422 Hospices
D417:D32 Hospital administration facilities
L8523 Hospital bedheads
L8522 Hospital beds
D417:D51 Hospital catering facilities
D417:D73 Hospital laboratories, analysis facilities
D73:D417 Hospital laboratories, analysis facilities
D417:D951 Hospital laundries
D855 Hostels
JS12 Hot and cold water (small scale)
L8324 Hot cupboards
L661412 Hot rolled steel plate
D964 Hot storage
G502 Hot water
JS11 Hot water
L711351 Hot water cylinders
L7113 Hot water storage
G753 Hot water/steam mains
L65121/3 Hot-formed steel sections
D852 Hotels
D2642 Hothouses
L8333 Hotplates
C4561 Hours of work
C4543 House journals
N5121 Households
D4414 Housing advice centres
D8154 Housing association housing
D814 Housing by occupier
D815 Housing by owner
D813 Housing by size of development
D811 Housing by type
D8134 Housing estates
D8143 Housing for mentally ill people
B5:D8 Housing planning
N341 Human accidental damage, vandalism, theft
C4515 Human resources development
L75422 Humidifiers
N3312 Humidity
Q(439) Hungary
L74622 HV cables
JV11 HV supply/distribution/public utility supply
JY70 HV switchgear
JY61 HV/LV cables and wiring
L7531 HVAC circulation pumps
L7532 HVAC compressors
L7533 HVAC fans for ductlines
D1365 Hybrid platforms
JU50 Hybrid system air conditioning
L7712 Hydraulic
L7863 Hydraulic and pneumatic process controls
M72531 Hydraulic cement weighgear
E3313 Hydraulic fill dams
M4881 Hydraulic jack
M52121 Hydraulic mobile excavators
M624 Hydraulic pipe pushers
M51218 Hydraulic tippers
M52111 Hydraulic track-laying excavators
D1615 Hydroelectric and pumped storage stations
D544 Hydrotherapy facilities
D54692 Hydrotherapy pools
N3336 Hygrometric expansion
N3335 Hygroscopy, moisture absorption
JT72 Ice pads
D56755 Ice rink sports/leisure
L7235 Icemakers
JY82 Identification – electrical
JY54 Identification – mechanical
L78121 Identification tape
N3224 Ignitability
N5431 Illness, disease
L84551 Illuminated
L811012 Illuminated bollards
L21511 Illuminated road signs
L747322 Illuminated signs
M923373 Illuminated traffic information signs
E213 Immersed tube tunnels
M72312 Immersion vibrators
L71132 Immersion water heaters
N3116 Impact loading
M71271 Impact mills
L747341 Impact resistant lighting
M7124 Impact-type crushers
L753 Impelling equipment
N3342 Imperviousness to water
C3893 Importers
D1752 Impounding reservoirs
L68324 Impregnations preventing static electricity
L68323 Impregnations protecting from biological attack, timber preservatives
N871 Improvement
M6223 Impulse hammers
KF In situ concrete
L33 In situ concrete
JE05 In situ concrete construction generally
JQ21 In situ concrete roads/pavings/bases
JE4 In situ concrete sundries
JE In situ concrete/Large precast concrete
JJ33 In situ glass reinforced plastics
C4574 Incentives
C61 Inception/procurement
F45 Incidental space, voids
D17235 Incineration of unwanted sludge
JR33 Incineration plant
D1734 Incinerators
L21741 Incinerators
L73231 Incinerators
C44421 Income
N3235 Increasing fire resistance by changing choice of material
N3236 Increasing fire resistance by increasing thickness of elements
N3234 Increasing fire resistance by means of a surface coating, encasement
D7125 Independent primary schools, preparatory schools
D7133 Independent/private/public schools
L82515 Index storage systems
Q(54) India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
L84593 Indicator boards
L418194 Indicator bolts
L4141 Individual units
D8131 Individually-designed houses, housing units
L84552 Indoor
D34152 Indoor markets
L8723 Indoor plants
D5642 Indoor seating
D54:F75 Indoor swimming pools
L22103 Indoor system buildings
M113 Induced flow pumps
C4526 Induction
JU40 Induction air conditioning
L76118 Induction loop systems
N41:D2 Industrial activities
C37 Industrial and commercial associations
L2181 Industrial chimneys
D17213 Industrial collection
C4552 Industrial democracy
JU2 Industrial extract
L75341 Industrial extraction fans
D2 Industrial facilities
D285 Industrial process facilities
C4512 Industrial psychology
C455 Industrial relations
D286 Industrial repair facilities
L4234 Industrial shutters
D284 Industrial warehouses, storage facilities
D2852 Industrial work facilities
D2823 Industrial workshops
D11361/3 Industrial, non-passenger cable transport
C391 Industries other than construction
Q68 Industries, crafts and trades for finished or assembled articles
D7121 Infant schools
E825 Infill buildings
JL42 Infill panels/sheets
L22104 Inflatable buildings
C444331 Inflation
C44312 Inflation accounting
C44433 Inflation and deflation
N41:D76 Information access, study
D765 Information facilities by form of material
D764 Information facilities by special subject
B97 Information science
L8456 Information signs
JW22 Information/Advertising display
L76 Information/communication services products
D76 Information/study facilities (libraries)
F:D76 Information/study space
L747346 Infra-red lighting
L762208 Infra-red radiation detectors
N3871 Infrared radiation
M71 Initial production and processing equipment
L1211 Injectable resinous soil stabilisation products
L2161 Inland waters construction products
L71172 Inlet/outlet valves
H723 Inner cables, where present
H722 Inner lining
N8811 Innovation
L6861 Insect control
L4222 Insect screens
L432242 Inserts
C44238 Insolvencies
C832 Inspection of building
D12641 Inspection pits
M912 Installations and equipment for winter construction
L71134 Instantaneous water heaters
JS31 Instrument air
D2753 Instrument engineering
D733 Instrument rooms
L32233 Insulated blocks
L66183 Insulating board
H729 Insulation
M9355 Insulation injection equipment
JM21 Insulation with rendered finish
L7467 Insulators/insulation (other than cable protection)
C45912 Insurance
C712 Insurance
C3873 Insurance consultants
D335 Insurance facilities
N811 Integration
E84 Intelligent buildings
D4144 Intensive care
N332 Interactions between air/gas and solids
N334 Interactions between liquid water and solids
N335 Interactions between the weather/ground conditions and solids
N333 Interactions between water vapour and solids
N33 Interactions of matter
L7632 Intercom systems
C44422 Interest rates
B15 Interior design, decoration
C3832 Interior designers
JQ24 Interlocking brick/block roads/pavings
M3242 Intermediate guardrails
F331 Internal balconies, galleries
G252:G322 Internal doors
G322:G252 Internal doors
M6224 Internal drop hammers for use with cased piles
G251:G333 Internal finish to external walls
G252:G333 Internal finish to internal walls
N3242 Internal fire spread (linings)
N3243 Internal fire spread (structure), fire compartmentation, fire barriers
L41825 Internal louvres
L874 Internal pools, ponds
L73143 Internal rainwater systems
L4232 Internal shutters
F5 Internal spaces of buildings
C4532 Internal training
G252 Internal walls and partitions
G252:G321 Internal windows
G321:G252 Internal windows
D1411 International airports, airports for large airliners
B911 International law, EU law
D311 International legislative and administrative facilities
C426 International marketing
C444344 International Monetary Fund
A24 International, European legislation
C311 International, multinational
B9333 Internet, World Wide Web
D5843 Interpretation facilities
C4524 Interviews, tests
N881 Introduction of change
L762201 Intruder alarms
G5712 Intruder/security alarms
JM61 Intumescent coatings for fire protection of steelwork
L68116 Intumescent coatings/paints
L6422 Intumescent mortars
C4341 Inventions
JC1 Investigations/Surveys
C44431 Investment and growth
D337 Investment facilities
C44217 Investment project appraisal
L75424 Ionizers
L71153 Ionizers, ozone treatment
Q(55) Iran (Persia)
Q(415) Ireland (geographical whole)
Q(417) Irish Republic (Eire)
P42 Iron
L6116 Iron ore
L7225 Ironing/pressing equipment
JP21 Ironmongery
JS14 Irrigation
L87232 Irrigation systems
D178:E75 Irrigation/land drainage ditches/channels
D178 Irrigation/land drainage facilities
Q(699) Islands around Africa
A33 ISO Standards
JG12 Isolated structural metal members
D4166 Isolation units
L71173 Isolation valves
Q(450) Italy
D13621 Jack-up structures
M488 Jacks
Q(520) Japan
A1111 Jargon Busters
L21624 Jetties
D1312 Jetties, piers, landing stages
L216242 Jetty components
M93126 Jig saws
D31521 Job centres
C443244 Job costing, timesheets
C4521 Job descriptions, requirements and enrichments
C4597 Job evaluation
C509 Job manuals
M6442 Joint cleaning and filling machines
L555 Joint coverings
M6415 Joint cutters
L6751 Joint fillers
L6722 Joint fillers for brazing
L67231 Joint fillers for electric welding
L67232 Joint fillers for gas welding
L6721 Joint fillers for soldering
L6723 Joint fillers for welding
L675 Joint fillers, sealants
M64152 Joint formers
C444413 Joint government/private sector funding
M64151 Joint matchers
M1223 Joint rings
C325 Joint stock companies
E732 Jointing chambers
L78453 Jointing tape
L537 Jointless flooring
L36313 Joist hangers/connectors
L3422 Joists and infill blocks
N3914 Joules
A92 Journals
M6322 Jumping rammers
L7466 Junction boxes, terminal boxes
D1153 Junctions
D12812 Junctions/intersections
D7123 Junior schools
P6208 Jute
M74109 Kerb stone machines
L21251 Kerbs
JQ10 Kerbs/Edgings/Channels/Paving accessories
L8584 Key security cabinets
M223 Keys
N3911 Kinetic energy
L22111 Kiosks
L831 Kitchen furniture
JU12 Kitchen ventilation
L8313 Kitchen worktops
L8314 Kitchenettes
L41813 Knobs, levers, handles
L418186 Knobsets
L41816 Knockers
L8511 Laboratory furniture, workbenches, etc.
L8512 Laboratory worktops
JR14 Laboratory/Industrial waste drainage
D3152 Labour exchange facilities
C4551 Labour relations
L6843 Lacquers
M3142 Ladder towers
L81333 Ladders
M3253 Ladders
L4321 Ladders (fixed)
M9292 Ladders, general
L661303 Laminated glass
P523 Laminboard
L747362 Lampholders
L7474 Lamps
L747365 Lampshades
C4424 Land and property finance/development
C44241 Land and real estate
JR13 Land drainage
L13 Land/field drainage
L15 Land/water retention products
JD21 Landfill capping
D1421 Landing strips, small aerodromes for light aircraft
M3252 Landings
N5363 Landlords
C3833 Landscape architects
B16 Landscape architecture
JA63 Landscape contract preliminaries
JQ35 Landscape maintenance
G712 Landscaping
D7184 Language laboratories
D7285 Language laboratories
L8513 Language laboratory equipment
Q8 Language. Linguistics. Literature
L4146 Lantern lights
M2111 Lap plates
D5181 Larders
C395 Large businesses
E593 Large span bridges
D5855 Large, fixed playground equipment
D1564 Laser beam facilities
L747338 Lasers
L418182 Latches
M32141 Lateral braces
L6638 Lathing
N1526 Latitudinal dimensions, thickness
L3524 Lattice joists
E65 Lattice towers, pylons
D951 Laundries
L722 Laundry equipment
L7226 Laundry folding machines
L7227 Laundry sinks, troughs
D941 Lavatories, public conveniences
B91 Law
D317 Law courts
N41:D374 Law enforcement
Q34 Law. Jurisprudence
D12822 Lay-bys/drive-ins, passing places
M93823 Laying-on trowels
P46 Lead
JL41 Lead light glazing
JH71 Lead sheet coverings/flashings
L78621 Leak detection
L7852 Leak repair for pipework
N825 Leakage
D727 Learned societies
A17 Learning materials, textbooks
C44212 Leasing
P612 Leather
D2762 Leather, leather goods and fur
C4563 Leave, absence
L84202 Lecterns
M3213 Ledgers
C3871 Legal consultants
B916 Legal practice and procedure
B917 Legal professional responsibilities and roles
C387 Legal/financial/management consultants
D3165 Legations
N3431 Legionnaires’ disease
A2 Legislation, legal documents
D5251 Leisure boxes, family entertainment venues
D525 Leisure boxes, family entertainment venues, cinemas
D5622 Leisure centres
D56222 Leisure centres with a sports hall and other sports facilities
D56221 Leisure centres with a sports hall, swimming pool and other sports facilities
D56223 Leisure centres without a sports hall
D562 Leisure centres, sports hall facilities
D542 Leisure pool facilities
D5465 Leisure pools
D7691 Lending section
N15251 Length
N15254 Length of perimeter
L41817 Letter boxes/plates
L8457 Lettering and numerals
D1155 Level crossings
L78614 Level measuring
M92117 Levelling staffs
L552 Levellings, linings
M9211 Levels
M9387 Levering bars
C7153 Liaison with engineers
Q02 Librarianship
L843 Library and archive furniture, fittings
A262 Licences
C44216 Licensing
D545 Lido facilities
C8158 Life cycle costing
M422 Lift cages
M421 Lift platforms
M461 Lift trucks
L418303 Lift-off hinges
M48 Lifting and jacking gear
M4 Lifting appliances and conveyors
M423 Lifting mechanisms
M47 Lifting platforms
M46 Lifting trucks
JX10 Lifts
L771 Lifts
G561 Lifts/hoists
N3632 Light absorption
L762207 Light beam systems
L74741 Light bulbs (incandescent lamps)
N3633 Light emission
D283 Light industrial facilities, business parks for light industry
N362 Light insulation
N3621 Light protection, proofing
D1122 Light rail transit running on existing British Rail tracks
D1123 Light rail transit running on special tracks
D1124 Light rail transit/trams running largely on-street
D1133 Light railways
N364 Light reflection, polarisation, refraction
L74735 Light switches
N3622 Light tightness
N3631 Light transmission
N363 Light transmission, absorption, emission
N361 Light types, sources
F64 Light wells
L6513 Light-alloy sections
L747354 Light-sensitive switches
D13324 Lighthouses, light-beacons and light-vessels
G54 Lighting
G761 Lighting
H1321 Lighting
H2321 Lighting
H3321 Lighting
H4321 Lighting
H5321 Lighting
H6321 Lighting
H7321 Lighting
L74736 Lighting accessories
L7475 Lighting sources other than electricity
D1433 Lighting systems
L747355 Lighting time switches
L747363 Lighting track
L7433 Lightning conductors
G5731 Lightning protection
JW52 Lightning protection
L32231 Lightweight aggregate concrete blocks
L612 Lightweight fills/aggregates
L3223 Lightweight/insulated blocks
D4163 Limb fitting centres
P233 Lime
L5512 Lime plasters
L624 Lime, air hardening
L623 Lime, hydraulic
P1108 Limestone
N85 Limited change, stability
C324 Limited companies
L81316 Line markers
L68244 Line paints for sports grounds
M7134 Linear vibratory screens
P6209 Linen
Q81 Linguistics and languages
H241 Lining
M617 Lining systems for tunnels
L31421 Lining/casing
JK Linings/Sheathing/Dry partitioning
M4514 Link conveyors
E823 Linked/lean-to buildings
P6210 Linoleum
L325 Lintels (other than dressings)
L3241 Lintels (which function as dressings)
JS33 Liquefied petroleum gas
JJ3 Liquid applied coatings
JJ30 Liquid applied tanking/damp proofing
JJ31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings
C44218 Liquid assets
JZ32 Liquid coatings
JW54 Liquid detection alarm
L7143 Liquid fuel pumps
L7141 Liquid fuel storage, tanks (atmospheric pressure)
L714 Liquid fuel supply/storage/distribution
P4322 Liquid organic coated aluminium
D963 Liquid storage
N3362 Liquid waste
N3341 Liquid water absorption
C44237 Liquidations
Q82 Literature
L81105 Litter bins
N3112 Live loading
D265 Livestock facilities
D3414 Livestock markets
L822 Living and dining room furniture
N41:D82 Living, rest
N41:D8 Living, rest, sleeping
M524 Loaders
M7263 Loading hoppers with weighgear and loading shovel
M9293 Loading rails
L216222 Loading ramp components
L21622 Loading ramps
C34211 Local authority architects
D71312 Local authority controlled
C34212 Local authority engineers
D2722 Local authority maintenance depots
C34214 Local authority planners
C34213 Local authority surveyors
JT70 Local cooling units
L7526 Local cooling/air conditioning units
JT7 Local cooling/Refrigeration
JV51 Local electric heating units
C342 Local government
C44436 Local government economics
C444415 Local government grants, subsidies
JT42 Local heating units
D3154 Local housing offices
D315 Local offices of government departments
C316 Local organisations
L7322 Local solid waste collection
L7323 Local solid waste treatment
L7316 Local wet waste pumps
L7317 Local wet waste treatment
L67124 Locating and locking devices
C7142 Location, frequency and other arrangements for site meetings
D1347 Lock chambers
D1346 Lock gates
D13136 Lock gates and caissons
L82103 Lockers
N138 Locking
D1345 Locks
L41818 Locks
L8913 Locks for furniture
L41822 Locks, catches, bolts
L43212 Loft ladders
Q16 Logic. Epistemology. Theory of knowledge. Methodology of logic
D4483 Long stay accommodation
D4136 Long stay hospitals, long stay units
E833 Long-span, large volume buildings, supersheds
M32142 Longitudinal braces
N1525 Longitudinal dimensions, length
L68156 Loose fill
N133 Loose fit
L61 Loose granular fills, aggregates, chips
M32621 Loose spigots
M511 Lorries
M445 Lorry loaders
M72251 Lorry mounted concrete pumps with boom
M92611 Lorry-mounted compressors
N3752 Loud (high noise level)
L76116 Loudspeakers
L41311 Louvre
JL13 Louvred ventilators
M9252 Low pressure cleaning machines
M9243 Low pressure injection equipment
JT31 Low temperature hot water heating
JT32 Low temperature hot water heating (small scale)
JU30 Low velocity air conditioning
M5163 Low-loaders
G221 Lowest floors
M5184 LPG cylinders
L7854 Lubricants
M4126 Luffing jib tower cranes
JY73 Luminaires and lamps
N3651 Luminance
L74621 LV cables
JV20 LV distribution
JV12 LV supply/public utility supply
JY71 LV switchgear and distribution boards
D56752 Machine-made snow skiing
N553 Machines
M746 Machines and plant for the manufacture of lightweight building boards and pipes
M745 Machines and plant for the manufacture of lightweight concrete blocks and elements
M644 Machines for road repair and maintenance
M74106 Machines for washing concrete to expose the aggregate, paper lining machines and accessories
C4443 Macroeconomics
D31712 Magistrates courts
A982 Magnetic disks, floppy disks
L7832 Magnetic fixings
D11322 Magnetic levitation transport
N386 Magnetic properties and characteristics
A983 Magnetic tape
D16141 Magnox stations
C415 Mail management
D3412 Mail order/catalogue sales facilities
D1575 Mail rooms
G75 Mains supply
N3257 Maintaining fire safety systems
N72 Maintenance
C815 Maintenance and operation
L757 Maintenance and testing products
L7571 Maintenance of climate control and services plant
C8151 Maintenance of external fabric of buildings or other structures
N3233 Maintenance of insulation
N3232 Maintenance of integrity
C8152 Maintenance of internal fabric of buildings, decorating
N3231 Maintenance of loadbearing capacity
C7221 Maintenance of programme
D8112 Maisonettes
H322 Major filling/embankments
D12612 Major service stations with major shops/catering facilities
N5332 Males, men
P422 Malleable iron (spheroidal graphite cast iron)
JH70 Malleable metal sheet pre-bonded coverings/claddings
JH7 Malleable sheet coverings/cladding
N562 Man-made resources
C Management
C4432 Management accounting
Q65 Management and organisation of industry, trade and communication
JA40 Management and staff
C3874 Management consultants
C6113 Management contracting
C122 Management control
C6322 Management control plan
C46 Management of computing, information technology
C5/C9 Management of construction activities/project management
C41 Management of office services
JA32 Management of the Works
C2 Management personnel
C1 Management theory, systems and activities
C214 Managing director
L217241 Manhole covers
L217242 Manhole frames
E74 Manholes, chambers
L21724 Manholes/inspection chambers
L762214 Manual alert control
M462 Manual lift trucks
N5371 Manual workers
C3891 Manufacturers
C389 Manufacturers, suppliers, other
D27 Manufacturing facilities by type of industry
D28 Manufacturing facilities by type of premises
L854 Manufacturing furniture
M74 Manufacturing of prefabricated members and blocks
N41:D27 Manufacturing, production
D26815 Manure storage facilities, dungsteads, farm effluent tanks, slurry tanks
Q09 Manuscripts, Rare and remarkable works
D7651 Map libraries
P1109 Marble
C3843 Maritime engineers
C427 Marketing by type of product
C422 Marketing concepts and systems
C4224 Marketing ethics
C4223 Marketing information systems
C4222 Marketing models
C4211 Marketing research, survey techniques
C42 Marketing, selling
D3415 Markets (other than livestock)
D13321 Marking buoys
N5342 Married
D1164 Marshalling yards
D567134 Martial arts
JF Masonry
L32 Masonry
JF3 Masonry accessories
E561 Masonry arch bridges
E514 Masonry bridges
L68246 Masonry paints
N161 Mass (weight)
N16 Mass, density
N5132 Masses
L21832 Mast components
JM11 Mastic asphalt flooring/floor underlays
JJ21 Mastic asphalt roofing/insulation/finishes
JJ20 Mastic asphalt tanking/damp proofing
M64133 Mastic finishers
E66 Masts
L2183 Masts
L8713 Mat frames
P Materials
C45913 Maternity benefits
D4221 Maternity, ante natal and child clinics
D4137 Maternity, gynaecological units
Q51 Mathematics
Q5 Mathematics and natural sciences
L155.2 Matresses
L8712 Mats
L8237 Mattresses
N863 Maturing
D3763 Maximum security prisons
D3145 Mayor’s parlours
N3241 Means of escape
L433 Means of escape in case of fire
L745 Measuring and recording devices
M9213 Measuring equipment
M728 Measuring equipment for concrete manufacture
M92133 Measuring rod
M92131 Measuring tape
M92126 Measuring telescopes
D1776 Measuring weirs
L755 Measuring, detection and control devices
L786 Measuring, detection and control devices
JX30 Mechanical document conveying
B262 Mechanical engineering
D2752 Mechanical engineering
H131 Mechanical engineering
H231 Mechanical engineering
H331 Mechanical engineering
H431 Mechanical engineering
H531 Mechanical engineering
H631 Mechanical engineering
H731 Mechanical engineering
C3853 Mechanical engineers
JT Mechanical heating/Cooling/Refrigeration systems
JA43 Mechanical plant
L7534 Mechanical ventilation, extraction
A98 Media accessed via a computer
C4235 Media planning
Q94 Mediaeval and modern history (in general)
N41:D41 Medical care
N41:D4 Medical care, health care, welfare
L8525 Medical equipment stands
D41 Medical facilities (hospitals)
L852 Medical furniture, fittings
D417:D767 Medical records facilities
Q61 Medical sciences
F:D41 Medical space
D4 Medical, health, welfare facilities
L747331 Medical/hospital lighting
JS34 Medical/Laboratory gas
D4:D73 Medical/pharmaceutical research facilities
D73:D4 Medical/pharmaceutical research facilities
JT30 Medium temperature hot water heating
L66182 Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
N3563 Melting point, freezing point
L68121 Membranes
L68132 Membranes
L81109 Memorials, statuary
D4473 Mentally handicapped
N5353 Mentally handicapped people
D4472 Mentally ill
C44232 Mergers
L6637 Mesh for general use
M91112 Mess room fittings
L6623 Metal
P4 Metal
JM30 Metal mesh lathing/Anchored reinforcement for plastered coatings
JH43 Metal panel cladding/features
JG30 Metal profiled sheet decking
JH31 Metal profiled/flat sheet cladding/covering
JG3 Metal/Timber decking
D2751 Metals
Q11 Metaphysics
N22 Meteorological
D7371 Meteorological stations
L82508 Meter cabinets
M7213 Metering and weighing equipment
L7451 Meters
N121 Method of manufacture
N71 Method of operation
C504 Methods of communication
Q389 Metrology. Weights and measures
Q(72) Mexico
F135 Mezzanine floor
P315 Mica
L75111 Micro-CHP packages
L762203 Micro-switch contacts for doors and windows
C4442 Microeconomics
A96 Microfiche, microfilm
L82514 Microfilm/fiche storage
L762209 Microphone connected noise detectors
L76117 Microphones
L6223 Microsilica
D1563 Microwave beam facilities
L762211 Microwave detectors
D7124 Middle schools
P4111 Mild steel
N41:D375 Military
D1425 Military aerodromes
D375 Military facilities
D26543 Milking parlour
M736 Milling machines
D2812 Mills
M7127 Mills
N41:D165/8 Mineral extraction and supply
D168 Mineral extraction, supply facilities
P216 Mineral fibre cement
N41:D174 Mineral waste disposal
D174 Mineral waste disposal facilities
P31 Mineral-based materials
P3 Minerals, excluding cementitious
D1681 Mines for mineral extraction
M5217 Mini excavators
D3123 Ministries
H244 Minor landscaping/planting
H343 Minor landscaping/planting
H445 Minor landscaping/planting
H544 Minor landscaping/planting
H644 Minor landscaping/planting
H744 Minor landscaping/planting
H143 Minor landscaping/planting associated with roads, railways, etc.
L661306 Mirror glass
L8732 Mirrors
N47 Mis-use, wrong use, mistakes in use
D268 Miscellaneous agricultural facilities
C734 Miscellaneous hand-over/practical completion issues
KN Miscellaneous metalwork
C393 Miscellaneous organisations
F8 Miscellaneous spaces, other spaces
KX Miscellaneous work
D64 Mission halls, meeting houses
D3167 Missions
M93125 Mitre saws
D71333 Mixed boarding/day schools
C331 Mixed enterprises
C33 Mixed enterprises and partnerships
L725111 Mixer taps
M7216 Mixers by type of drum
D17122 Mixing and flocculation plant
L71177 Mixing valves
JE10 Mixing/Casting/Curing in situ concrete
JE1 Mixing/Casting/Curing/Spraying in situ concrete
E851 Mobile buildings
M4114 Mobile cranes
C8125 Mobile desking
L85721 Mobile display fittings
M316 Mobile elevating work platform
M5212 Mobile excavators
M442 Mobile hoists
M7221 Mobile mixers
D1362 Mobile offshore structures
M11 Mobile pumps
M4121 Mobile tower cranes
M313 Mobile working towers
E85 Mobile, demountable, temporary, floating buildings
A991 Models
N8711 Modernisation
N743 Modification
N74 Modification etc.
L78616 Moisture detectors, meters
N3337 Moisture resistance
C44434 Monetary economics
G66 Monitoring and control
C503 Monitoring techniques
L76262 Monitors
D11321 Monorails (overhead)
C4582 Monotonous work
D1318 Mooring facilities (for light craft)
Q17 Moral philosophy. Ethics. Practical philosophy
N523 Morals, ethics
Q(64) Morocco
P217 Mortar
L6322 Mortar admixtures
M72271 Mortar/screed pump hoses
M7227 Mortar/screed pumps
JZ21 Mortars
L64 Mortars
L418193 Mortice bolts
L418181 Mortice locks
D671 Mortuaries, morgues
L8527 Mortuary furniture, fittings
L5121 Mosaic
L84208 Mosque furniture
D652 Mosques
D853 Motels
D56782 Motor boating
D56746 Motor car racing
M9112 Motor caravans
JY92 Motor drives – electric
M5136 Motor grader
D56745 Motorcycle racing
M51371 Motorised elevating scraper
M5137 Motorised scraper
D121 Motorways
L556 Mouldings, edgings, trims
M74103 Moulds for the concrete block industry
D3713 Mountain rescue facilities
D1131 Mountain/steep gradient railways
L82509 Movable aisle systems
E57 Movable bridges
N15283 Movement
N831 Movement
L554 Movement/dividing joints, spacings
L84592 Moving light displays
JX12 Moving pavements
L7721 Moving pavements, travellators
M92622 Mufflers
M51213 Multi-bucket tippers
L75215 Multi-fuel boilers
L74515 Multi-meters
E594 Multi-span bridges
D1253 Multi-storey car parks
JU33 Multi-zone air conditioning
L76312 Multiple line telephone systems
D3416 Multiple trading markets
D5252 Multiplex cinemas
L8444 Museum showcases
L844 Museum, art gallery furniture, fittings
D754 Museums, planetariums
Q78 Music
D5272 Music recording studios
D7183 Music rooms
Q(77) N Central States
Q(74) N E States
L36311 Nail plates
N6624 Nailability
L671211 Nails
L84561 Nameplates
L8247 Nappy changing units
D1134 Narrow-gauge railways
A3 National and international standards
C444352 National budget
A51 National Building Specification
A52 National Engineering Specification
C444412 National government
A1223 National Green Specification
A53 National Green Specification
A9842 National Green Specification
B912 National law
D312 National legislative and administrative facilities
D761 National libraries
C444414 National Lottery funding
C314 National organisations operating in countries other than the UK
B9161 National, EU, etc. practice and procedure
C351 Nationalised firms
N5124 Nations
L6731 Natural adhesives/glues
D1661/5 Natural gas
JS32 Natural gas
N3611 Natural light
L5363 Natural linoleum
L6221 Natural pozzolan
D1751 Natural reservoirs
N561 Natural resources
JH62 Natural slating
D56753 Natural snow skiing
JF21 Natural stone ashlar walling/dressings
L5215 Natural stone roofing
JF20 Natural stone rubble walling
JH51 Natural stone slab cladding/features
Q21 Natural theology. Rational theology. Religious philosophy
L7535 Natural ventilation/extraction
Q502 Nature. Nature study and conservation. Nature and wildlife protection
D632 Naves, transepts
L747323 Navigation lighting
L2157 Navigation signals
D1435 Navigational systems
D3752 Navy facilities
A1121 NBS Guidance notes
M334 Needles
C687 Negotiated reduction of tenders
P742 Neoprene
F921 Net Internal Area
D56736 Netball
Q(492) Netherlands
L8464 Nets
L7812 Network identification
B9331 Networking, intranet
Q(931) New Zealand
L76122 News tray systems
D7655 Newspaper libraries
Q070 Newspapers. Journalism. The press
A1122 NGS Guidance notes
P493 Nickel
F13699 Ninety-ninth floor
N3731 Noise absorption coefficient
L21256 Noise barriers
N376 Noise frequency
N3751 Noise level in decibels
N375 Noise levels
N3732 Noise transmission factor
N371 Noise types, sources
JA51 Nominated sub-contractors
JA52 Nominated suppliers
N3643 Non reflecting, matt
P412 Non-alloy steel, high manganese content
P411 Non-alloy steel, low manganese content
D65 Non-Christian places of worship
Q29 Non-Christian religions
D654 Non-Christian religious meeting places
L825 Non-clothes storage furniture
L747344 Non-corroding lighting
L7523 Non-electric local heating units
D164 Non-electrical power generation and supply
G62 Non-energy treatment/storage
C217 Non-executive director
N55 Non-human ‘users’
C36 Non-profit-making organisations, charities
N3365 Non-release of foul air
L71176 Non-return valves
L68326 Non-skid proofings
L2226 Non-structural cubicles
L3322 Non-structural formwork
L4213 Non-structural porches etc.
L38 Non-structural space division products
D11391 Non-suspended monorail systems
Q(7) North and Central America
Q(410.7) Northern Ireland
L4144 Northlights
Q(481) Norway
L432241 Nosings
F73 Not covered, enclosed space
C7112 Novation
D1742 Nuclear fission waste products disposal facilities
D1614 Nuclear power stations
C8143 Nurseries
D2641 Nurseries
D711 Nursery schools
L8236 Nursery/children’s furniture
D4421 Nursing homes
N5433 Nutrition
C14 Objective setting
L661305 Obscured/translucent/opaque glass
D737 Observatories, recording stations
C81 Occupation/facilities management
F43 Occupied space
N3368 Odour
N132 Off-site
JZ30 Off-site painting
JY91 Off-site painting/Anti-corrosion treatments
D32 Office facilities
D323 Office facilities built speculatively
M91111 Office fittings
L853 Office furniture
C4173 Office library management and operations
F2:D32 Office room
F:D32 Office space
N41:D32 Office work
N41:D31 Official administration
D31 Official administrative facilities, law courts
D316 Official representation facilities
D1366 Offshore modules
D136 Offshore structures, platforms
D165 Oil (petroleum) extraction, supply facilities
L75212 Oil fired boilers
L75235 Oil heaters
L63110 Oil proofing agents
D1653 Oil refineries
D1651 Oil rigs, extraction from beneath ocean floor
D1654 Oil storage facilities
D1652 Oil wells, extraction from land
D1612 Oil-fired power stations
N5322 Old people
D8141 Old people’s housing, sheltered housing
H4231 On ground
N131 On-site
A984 Online information, Internet information
N174 Opacity
D34151 Open air markets
M72161 Open drum mixers with hopper
M72162 Open drum mixers without hopper
L75233 Open fires (solid fuel)
D3761 Open prisons
F72 Open space
D324 Open-plan office facilities, landscaped office facilities, bürolanschaft
L65121 Open, flanged sections
D1672 Opencast mines
D1682 Opencast workings for mineral extraction
D5242 Opera houses
L8526 Operating theatre equipment
D4145 Operating theatres, surgery facilities
N7 Operation and maintenance
C8154 Operation and maintenance of building services
JA37 Operation/Maintenance of the finished building
N36 Optical
A981 Optical discs, CD-ROM, DVD
M92124 Optical plummets
L75512 Optimum start controls
M93911 Orbital sanders
D5294 Orchestra facilities, pits
Q06 Organisations and other types of cooperation. Associations. Congresses. Exhibitions. Museums
C31 Organisations by scale and location
N512 Organised groups
L84205 Organs, organ cases/screens
L66185 Oriented strand board (OSB)
L81212 Ornamental fountains
L71156 Ornamental pool water treatment
L8733 Ornamental screens
L8731 Ornaments
L873 Ornaments, decoration
D4157 Orthopaedics
A19 Other
A39 Other
C19 Other
C359 Other
C3839 Other
C3849 Other
C3859 Other
C3869 Other
C3879 Other
C3899 Other
C419 Other
D1139 Other
D12829 Other
D1349 Other
D4139 Other
D4159 Other
D4169 Other
D4179 Other
D4229 Other
D4419 Other
D4429 Other
D56769 Other
D5689 Other
E519 Other
G739 Other
G762 Other
L21539 Other
L3349 Other
L5153 Other
L5369 Other
L559 Other
L619 Other
L6339 Other
L66189 Other
L6739 Other
L7663 Other
N3119 Other
N399 Other
N41:D9 Other
N59 Other
N69 Other
N79 Other
P499 Other
N379 Other acoustic properties and characteristics
JU7 Other air systems
D149 Other air transport facilities
L21242 Other air transport products
D1459 Other airport services facilities
D589 Other amusement, play, tourist facilities
D4649 Other animal living and rearing facilities
D469 Other animal welfare facilities
N49 Other aspects
L216259 Other breakwater products
D1562 Other cable/line facilities
D5253 Other cinemas
F399 Other circulation spaces
JH9 Other cladding/covering
D17219 Other collection facilities
D567139 Other combat sports
D339 Other commercial facilities
JY8 Other common electrical items
JY9 Other common mechanical and/or electrical items
JY5 Other common mechanical items
D859 Other communal residential facilities
D159 Other communications facilities
D5462 Other competition/training swimming pools
F19 Other compound spaces, zones
M59 Other construction vehicles
B7 Other construction-related disciplines
M453 Other conveying equipment
M4147 Other crane equipment
M413 Other cranes
L6613133 Other decorative finishes for glass
D13325 Other demarcation systems
N19 Other descriptive properties and characteristics
D3769 Other detention facilities
D1645 Other direct supply of heat
B9 Other disciplines
D819 Other domestic residential facilities
D719 Other education facilities
D79 Other educational etc. facilities
L75229 Other electric heaters
N389 Other electric, magnetic, electromagnetic properties and characteristics
N385 Other electrical measures
M939 Other electrical tools
D1619 Other electricity generation facilities
D1149 Other embarkation facilities for rail transport
D1769 Other energy dissipating works
N395 Other energy properties and characteristics
B27 Other engineering
D529 Other entertainment facilities
D5279 Other entertainment production facilities
C216 Other executive director
D759 Other exhibition/display facilities
L3529 Other fabricated components
L3629 Other fabricated components
D9 Other facilities
G49 Other FFE
N329 Other fire, explosion properties and characteristics
L723 Other fittings linked to water supply and removal systems
D2739 Other food, drink and tobacco industries
M29 Other formwork parts
D679 Other funerary facilities
D729 Other further education facilities
M99 Other general equipment
M938 Other hand tools
L75629 Other heating terminals
D864 Other historical houses
M446 Other hoist equipment
D419 Other hospital facilities, hospitals
D289 Other industrial facilities
N339 Other interactions of matter
G334 Other internal finishes
B59 Other kinds of planning
D56789 Other kinds of sports
A29 Other legislation, legal documents
C22 Other levels of management
D5159 Other licensed premises
M426 Other lift equipment
M49 Other lifting and conveying equipment
D279 Other manufacturing, production facilities by type of industry
P99 Other materials, undefined
D2759 Other metal goods
L6616 Other metal sheets
P49 Other metals
D3759 Other military facilities
P23 Other mineral-bound materials
D122 Other motor roads
D5229 Other musical, dancing facilities
D1284 Other non-paved parts
D1448 Other obstruction-free areas over which aircraft can move
D329 Other office facilities
D319 Other official administrative facilities
N369 Other optical properties and characteristics
D639 Other parts of Christian worship facilities, churches
D7189 Other parts of education facilities
D1469 Other parts of embarkation facilities, terminals
G34 Other parts of fabric elements
D7289 Other parts of further education facilities
D7699 Other parts of information facilities
G69 Other parts of services elements
D1447 Other paved areas
D1282 Other paved parts
N539 Other people, users
N396/9 Other performance properties and characteristics
C459 Other personnel management issues
N549 Other physical and mental properties and characteristics
L81313 Other porous surfaces
D1329 Other port facilities
L7413 Other power storage devices
D169 Other power supply, mineral supply facilities
D429 Other primary health care facilities
L21729 Other products for sewers and drains
N9 Other properties and characteristics
G573 Other protection
D379 Other protective service facilities
D179 Other public health facilities
L71149 Other pumps
D56749 Other racing sports
D56729 Other racket sports
D119 Other rail transport facilities
L2139 Other railway components
D113 Other railways, cable transport, guided vehicle systems
D59 Other recreational facilities
D519 Other refreshment facilities
D1739 Other refuse disposal facilities
D69 Other religious facilities
D89 Other residential facilities
L2155 Other road control and monitoring products
L21239 Other road/runway drainage products
L3823 Other roof shapes
A4 Other rules, recommendations
M39 Other scaffolding, shoring, fencing parts
D739 Other scientific facilities
H139 Other services
H239 Other services
H339 Other services
H439 Other services
H539 Other services
H639 Other services
H739 Other services
G59 Other services elements
D17229 Other sewage treatment facilities
D3479 Other shops
M929 Other site equipment
D539 Other social recreation facilities
F89 Other spaces
A99 Other special forms of information
L3269 Other special masonry fixings
D7179 Other special needs schools
D416 Other specialised hospital facilities
D569 Other sports facilities
P419 Other steels
L344 Other structural components
N319 Other structural, mechanical properties and characteristics
JS5 Other supply systems
L684 Other surface forming products
M9212 Other surveying equipment
D549 Other swimming pool and related facilities
D56739 Other team ball games
C386 Other technical consultants
D156 Other telecommunications facilities
M89 Other testing equipment
N359 Other thermal properties and characteristics
L21829 Other towers
D349 Other trading facilities
M619 Other tunnelling equipment
L32119 Other types
L32129 Other types
L32139 Other types
E599 Other types of bridges
E89 Other types of buildings
D413 Other types of hospitals, units connected with hospitals
D1229 Other types of motor roads
C39 Other types of organisation
D5469 Other types of pool
D1238 Other types of road
D7139 Other types of secondary schools
L3344 Other types of tendons
D1719 Other water supply facilities
D17128 Other water supply treatment facilities
D1729 Other wet waste facilities
M433 Other winch equipment
D56759 Other winter sports
L72419 Others
N229 Others
L84553 Outdoor
D54:F73 Outdoor swimming pools
C631 Outline proposals
C63 Outline proposals/programme preparation
D4142 Outpatients facilities
M3216 Outriggers
L3824 Over-roofing systems
N311 Overall strength/stability of structures; effects of/resistance to various types of loading
L42134 Overdoors
L7253 Overflow fittings
H724 Overground support
D1632 Overground transmission facilities
L421 Overhanging screens
N73 Overhaul and repair
L41107 Overhead
L761233 Overhead projectors
D4481 Overnight accommodation
C442171 Overseas investment
N251 Overshadowing
L74322 Overvoltage arresters
D8152 Owned by private landlord
D8151 Owner-occupied housing
M9224 Oxy-acetylene cutting and welding sets
Q(79) Pacific States
L73171 Package plant
D17221 Package plant and other small scale plant
G65 Package units
L85741 Packaged goods vending machines
L71111 Packaged plumbing units
JT13 Packaged steam generators
L75142 Packaged systems, self-contained
L75143 Packaged systems, split system
L311 Pad foundations
L418185 Padlocks
L68171 Pads
L76114 Paging systems
JW11 Paging/Emergency call
M9351 Paint brushes
M9353 Paint kettles
M9356 Paint metering systems
M9352 Paint rollers
L695 Paint strippers
JM6 Painting
KV Painting
Q75 Painting
M935 Painting, insulation application equipment
JM60 Painting/Clear finishing
L682 Paints and varnishes
M9326 Pairs of footprints
D3161 Palaces
Q56 Palaeontology
M7436 Pallets
A93 Pamphlets, leaflets, unbound printed material
JH4 Panel cladding
M2274 Panel clamps
JK30 Panel partitions
L671212 Panel pins
M93115 Panel saws
L68151 Panels, slabs, boards, etc.
L68161 Panels, slabs, etc.
L418196 Panic bolts, emergency exit hardware
L721113 Pans, seats
P6211 Paper
L5151 Paper and vinyl
D2777 Paper manufacturing
Q(954) Papua New Guinea
D56786 Parachuting, hang gliding, parapenting
Q(892) Paraguay
M32613 Parallel couplers
M52752 Parallelogram type rippers
D1574 Parcels offices
N5321 Parents
L2153 Parking equipment
L21531 Parking meters
D587 Parks, gardens
L418302 Parliament hinges
D3121 Parliaments
M6111 Partial cutting machines
L6413 Partial mix
D172123 Partially separate sewerage systems
L6621 Particle board, hollow core
L6618 Particle boards, firbreboards
N3366 Particulate discharge
L384 Partitions, non-structural internal walls
F731 Partly covered
C215 Partner
C44234 Partnering
C322 Partnerships
D858 Parts of communal residential facilities
L31415/8 Parts of driven piles
D718 Parts of education facilities
D728 Parts of further education facilities
L115 Parts of ground anchorages
D868 Parts of historical residential facilities
D769 Parts of information facilities
D659 Parts of non-Christian worship facilities
D428 Parts of primary health care facilities
D448 Parts of welfare facilities
N112 Parts, components
F341 Passages, alleys
D11364/6 Passenger cable transport, ski-lifts
D1323 Passenger embarkation facilities
D1461 Passenger facilities, terminals
M51673 Passenger/goods cross-country vehicles
N5374 Passengers
L75351 Passive stack ventilation systems
D613 Pastoral centres
Q25 Pastoral theology
JH10 Patent glazing
L3812 Patent glazing
A261 Patents
A26 Patents, licences, copyright
D4171 Pathology, forensic facilities
N1724 Pattern
L415 Pavement lights
M63181 Pavement rollers
E1 Pavements and landscaping
H1 Pavements and landscaping
E11 Pavements, permanent ways
D12825 Pavements/sidewalks
D5685 Pavilions
M6418 Paving stone laying machines
JQ Paving/Planting/Fencing/Site furniture
JQ2 Pavings
L534 Pavings
L21532 Pay and display machines
D1673 Peat cutting facilities
L51711 Pebbledash
L81112 Pedestrian signs, finger posts
D1231 Pedestrian streets
L87142 Pelmets, swags, tie-backs
N3117 Penetration
C45911 Pensions
N536 People according to economic status, other status
N537 People according to function, work
N534 People according to marital status
D4479 People on probation
D4478 People with marriage problems
N535 People with special needs
N53 People, users
JX1 People/Goods
M5273 Percussion breakers
N3 Performance
C8111 Performance analysis
L6124 Perlite
P316 Perlite
L332 Permanent formwork
H224 Permanent structural lining
D115 Permanent way/track
N3323 Permeability to gas, permeability to pollutants
N3343 Permeability to water
C4425 Personal financial management
M9232 Personal safety equipment
C4511 Personnel administration
C45 Personnel management and industrial relations
C451 Personnel management theory and systems
C4514 Personnel planning
C4513 Personnel policy
C4516 Personnel records and systems
Q(85) Peru
D12611 Petrol stations without major shops/catering facilities
JS40 Petrol/Diesel storage/distribution
JS4 Petrol/Oil storage
D4172 Pharmaceutical manufacture, pharmacy
D3473 Pharmacies
P7105 Phenolic
Q14 Philosophical systems and points of view
Q13 Philosophy of mind and spirit. Metaphysics of spiritual life
Q1 Philosophy. Psychology
D7696 Photocopying, computing areas
C4161 Photocopying, duplicating
L74613 Photoelectric cells
A95 Photographic information
L747335 Photographic lighting
Q77 Photography and similar processes
D736 Photography facilities
L74216 Photovoltaic cells/solar panels
N54 Physical and mental properties and characteristics
Q71 Physical planning. Regional, town and country planning. Landscapes, parks, gardens
D4474 Physically handicapped
N5352 Physically handicapped people
Q53 Physics
Q(2) Physiographic designation
N24 Physiographic, geological
N5413 Physiological properties and characteristics
M51672 Pick-up trucks
M9373 Picks
L5569 Picture rails/mouldings
H523 Piers
D1464 Piers and loading bridges linking terminal buildings to aircraft
C3754 PIG
L863 Pigeonholes
D4646 Pigs
M2283 Pigtail ties
L5566 Pilasters
M622 Pile drivers (rammers) and pulling tools
M62281 Pile helmets
KP Piles
L314 Piles
JD3 Piling
JD30 Piling
M6228 Piling accessories
KQ Piling ancillaries
JA62 Piling contract preliminaries
E212 Pilot tunnels
L8453 Pin boards, notice boards
M93872 Pinch bars
M9322 Pipe benders
M72255 Pipe cleaning equipment
L71163 Pipe couplings/connectors
M9321 Pipe cutters
M9323 Pipe defrosting equipment
M9347 Pipe drilling tackle
L765 Pipe inspection CCTV systems
L78411 Pipe lagging
L78422 Pipe pillows
L78421 Pipe sleeves
M85 Pipe testing equipment
M9324 Pipe threading equipment
M4812 Pipe winch with gantry
M4811 Pipe winch with shear legs
M481 Pipe winches
M932 Pipe work equipment
M9327 Pipe wrenches
L7851 Pipe/drain clearing/unblocking
L7814 Pipe/duct closures
L7813 Pipe/duct collars
L7815 Pipe/duct supports
JS Piped supply systems
M52142 Pipelayers
JY11 Pipeline ancillaries
E71 Pipelines
JY10 Pipelines
JY1 Pipelines and ancillaries
E7 Pipelines, ducts, cables and channels
H7 Pipelines, ducts, cables and channels
L7116 Pipes and pipework for water supply/distribution
L21721 Pipes for sewers and drains
G632 Pipework
KJ Pipework – fittings and valves
KL Pipework – laying and excavation ancillaries
KK Pipework – manholes and pipework ancillaries
KI Pipework – pipes
M72252 Piping
P343 Pitch
P3431 Pitch fibre
P3432 Pitch polymer
D5682 Pitches
Q(1) Place in general
C4528 Placement
L66171 Plain
D1151 Plain line
JH60 Plain roof tiling
M32143 Plan braces
L82506 Plan/map chests
M645 Planers
M9394 Planers
M332 Planking/strutting timber
L3423 Planks
A25:B5 Planning case law reports
B5:A25 Planning case law reports
B51 Planning control
B591 Planning for gypsies, travellers
B5:E7 Planning for pipelines etc.
B5:D16 Planning for power supply, mineral supply
B5:B91 Planning law
B91:B5 Planning law
B52 Planning policy guidance (ppg)
C508 Plans of work
L2225 Plant and control room units
L7862 Plant and service controls
L7572 Plant and service test equipment
L7552 Plant and services control
JN14 Plant containers
L872 Plant display furniture
M742 Plant for the manufacture of large-format precast concrete elements
M744 Plant for the manufacture of sand-lime bricks
L81210 Plant protection devices
D971 Plant rooms
D97 Plant, control facilities
L8721 Planters
JQ3 Planting
JQ31 Planting
JQ32 Planting in special environments
H124 Planting/surfacing to major soft landscaping construction entities
N552 Plants
L8458 Plaques
P234 Plaster
L6612 Plasterboard
JK10 Plasterboard dry lining/partitions/ceilings
JM2 Plastered coatings
JM20 Plastered/Rendered/Roughcast coatings
L551 Plasters
Q73 Plastic arts. Sculpture
L6514 Plastic sections
L6521 Plastic sections
L6619 Plastic sheets
L63101 Plasticizing agents
L6624 Plastics
JH12 Plastics glazed vaulting/walling
JH32 Plastics profiled sheet cladding/covering
P72 Plastics, composite
P71 Plastics, general
P7 Plastics, rubber, chemicals and synthetics
L112 Plate anchors
L78154 Plates
L2135 Platform copings
L2134 Platform units
D1144 Platforms
L7731 Platforms, cradles
N41:D585 Play
D5856 Play accessories
D5854 Play areas/rooms
D5853 Play centres
D585 Play facilities
L8132 Playground fittings
L813 Playground, sports ground fittings, equipment
D5851 Playgrounds
L7472 Plug connectors (pin plugs)
L67111 Plugs
L7252 Plugs and chains
M92134 Plumb line
M9328 Plumber’s furnace
D3483 Plumbers’ merchants
P524 Plywood
L6617 Plywood/blockboard/laminboard
JX31 Pneumatic document conveying
M6313 Pneumatic tyre rollers
L8414 Podia
L8583 Point of sale units/tills
Q(438) Poland
N211 Polar
Q(98/99) Polar Regions
C356 Police service
D374 Police stations, law enforcement facilities
C8161 Policies
C4215 Policy making/operation
L696 Polish
M9393 Polishers
L72412 Polishing machines
B96 Political science
Q32 Politics
L2176 Pollution monitoring and control products
D56763 Polo
P7113 Poly vinyl chloride, plasticised (PVC)
P7114 Poly vinyl chloride, unplasticised (PVC-U)
P7104 Polyamide
P7106 Polycarbonate
P7107 Polyester
P4323 Polyester powder coated aluminium
P4143 Polyester powder coated steel
P7108 Polyethylene, polythene
Q08 Polygraphies, Collective works
P7109 Polyisocyanurate
L6331 Polymer
L66173 Polymer coated
Q(96) Polynesia and Micronesia
P7110 Polypropylene
P7111 Polystyrene
P744 Polysulfide
D722 Polytechnics, technical colleges, general colleges of further education
P7112 Polyurethane
L216232 Pontoon components
L21623 Pontoons
D546 Pool itself
N5362 Poor, low income
P335 Porcelain
F311 Porches
L42131 Porches
D132 Port facilities, ports
D1325 Port services facilities
L75262 Portable air conditioning units
L88 Portable fire suppression systems
M9132 Portable floodlights
M4118 Portal cranes
M463 Portal lift trucks
H225 Portals
C4422 Portfolio investment
L42132 Porticos
Q(469) Portugal
L861 Post boxes
L865 Post handling equipment
D1571 Post offices
JE31 Post tensioned reinforcement for in situ concrete
L864 Post trolleys
L8528 Post-mortem/dissection tables
E5121 Post-tensioned concrete girder bridges
D157 Postal communications facilities
L8455 Poster display units
L862 Postroom racks
N3912 Potential energy
D2772 Pottery manufacturing
D1341 Pounds
JZ31 Powder coatings
H1322 Power
H2322 Power
H3322 Power
H4322 Power
H5322 Power
H6322 Power
H7322 Power
N3853 Power (watts)
M7241 Power driven loading shovels
L7441 Power factor control devices
M72321 Power floats
M915 Power generating units
M9152 Power generating units, mobile
M9151 Power generating units, stationery
N41:D161/4 Power generation and supply
L74511 Power meters
M9312 Power saws
L741 Power storage devices
L7461 Power supply control devices
N41:D16 Power supply, mineral supply
D16 Power supply, mineral supply facilities
M72322 Power trowels
M9362 Powered barrows
JX13 Powered stairlifts
Q24 Practical theology
D565 Practice/training facilities
E5122 Pre-tensioned concrete girder bridges
KH Precast concrete
JE50 Precast concrete frame structures
JH42 Precast concrete panel cladding/features
L153 Precast concrete retaining units
JF31 Precast concrete sills/lintels/copings/features
JH50 Precast concrete slab cladding/features
L31412 Precast piles
JE60 Precast/Composite concrete decking
N225 Precipitation
D16191 Precipitators
JB11 Prefabricated building units
JB10 Prefabricated buildings/structures
JB1 Prefabricated buildings/structures/units
L382 Prefabricated roof forms
M311 Prefabricated scaffold
JG31 Prefabricated timber unit decking
L68153 Preformed casings
L531 Preformed flooring systems
JA6 Preliminaries for specialist contracts
JA Preliminaries/General conditions
C643 Preliminary design
C682 Preliminary enquiries for invitation to tender
D17222 Preliminary treatment plant, stormwater
D423 Premises for GP practices
C814 Premises services
L7622 Presence detection
L76134 Presentation systems
C4238 Presentations
JZ12 Preservative/Fire retardant treatments for timber
C211 President
D3162 Presidential residences
C4236 Press releases
M74104 Presses
L75521 Pressure controls
M6218 Pressure drilling machines
L762204 Pressure mats
L71166 Pressure reducers
L71143 Pressurised vessels
JS13 Pressurised water
D16143 Pressurised water reactor stations
M7423 Prestressed concrete systems
L334 Prestressing components
L6819 Prevention of abrasive wear
L6818 Prevention of biological/chemical attack/damage
A16 Price books
N41:D42 Primary health care
D42 Primary health care facilities
JT2 Primary heat distribution
JT20 Primary heat distribution
A21 Primary legislation (Acts of Parliament)
D1221 Primary roads other than motorways
D712 Primary schools
D17223 Primary settlement plant
L6821 Primers, undercoats
L85745 Printed products vending machines
C4162 Printing
D2778 Printing and publishing
L8585 Prison furniture and fittings
L763121 Private automatic branch exchange systems (PABX)
C32 Private enterprises
D4132 Private hospital facilities, hospitals
C44442 Private sector funding
F83 Private space
C4527 Probationary period
C16 Problem solving
C4542 Procedure manuals
C7231 Procedures for cost control
M64131 Processing, drying and mixing installations for asphalt road construction
N12 Production
C661 Production drawings
C66 Production information
D2853 Production machine rooms
D1364 Production platforms
C662 Production schedules
C663 Production specifications
C44424 Productivity
N122 Productivity
L785 Products for maintenance of services
L6711 Products to accept fixings
C374 Professional associations
C3421 Professional departments within local government
C323 Professional firms, consultants
N5373 Professionals
M92136 Profile boards
L66142 Profiled
L66152 Profiled
L3321 Profiled steel structural formwork
JH3 Profiled/flat sheet cladding/covering
C44423 Profitability
L453 Programmable ticketing entry systems
C632 Programme preparation
L75513 Programmers
C501 Programming
C7151 Programming
C7243 Progress photographs
C3822 Project managers
C714 Project meetings
JA10 Project particulars
JW21 Projection
L761231 Projection screens
L76123 Projection systems
L53311 Promenade tiles
C423 Promotion
C4237 Promotional publications
L681 Proofings, insulation
L68 Proofings, insulation, paints, etc.
L784 Proofings/insulation/tape for services
N42 Proper use, limitations on use
N Properties and characteristics
N331 Properties and characteristics of air, gases
C8112 Property and asset registers
C44242 Property finance
C811 Property/premises strategy, planning and management
C614 Proposals
JJ22 Proprietary roof decking with asphalt finish
JJ43 Proprietary roof decking with felt finish
F82 Protected space
E322 Protecting walls
G57 Protection
H134 Protection
H234 Protection
H334 Protection
H434 Protection
H534 Protection
H634 Protection
H734 Protection
JW5 Protection
N41:D37 Protection
N3723 Protection against structure-borne and impact noise
N3721 Protection against airborne noise from outside
N3724 Protection against equipment noise
N3722 Protection against noise from another internal space
N3725 Protection against reverberant noise
L743 Protection devices
N883 Protection from change
L7432 Protection of electricity supply
L42 Protection of openings
M328 Protection screens
M923 Protective equipment
M92321 Protective nets
D37 Protective service facilities
L6832 Protective surface impregnations
D137 Protective works
JA31 Provision, content and use of documents
JA54 Provisional work
D4135 Psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric units
Q159.9 Psychology
G551 Public address
L76113 Public address systems
JW12 Public address/Conference audio facilities
Q35 Public administration. Government. Military affairs
C352 Public corporations
C35 Public enterprises
C444351 Public finance, monetary policies
L217 Public health and environmental engineering products
B2:D17 Public health engineering
C3854 Public health engineers
D171/4 Public health facilities
D17 Public health, water engineering facilities
D5151 Public houses
D515 Public houses etc.
B9162 Public inquiries, appeals
D762 Public libraries
L81102 Public lighting columns
D5871 Public parks
C4233 Public relations
F84 Public space
C332 Public/private partnerships
C4342 Publication of research results
C4232 Publicity
M483 Pull lift
L84203 Pulpits
L6222 Pulverised fuel ash
M121 Pump hoses
L71141 Pump sets (combined booster pumps and pressurised vessels)
M12 Pumping equipment
D17131 Pumping stations
D13138 Pumping stations for docks
D17227 Pumping systems and power units
D16151 Pumping systems for pumped storage stations
G634 Pumps
JY20 Pumps
L75313 Pumps accessories
M1 Pumps for ground water lowering
L71333 Pumps for industrial/medical gases
L7153 Pumps for special liquids
L7114 Pumps for water supply/distribution
H727 Pumps, other mechanical devices assisting the transportation/control of fluids and gases
N8715 Purification
D2824 Purpose built factories
D322 Purpose built office facilities
D2842 Purpose built warehouses/stores
L75141 Purpose designed central air conditioning systems
JZ10 Purpose made joinery
JZ11 Purpose made metalwork
M32641 Putlog clips
M3129 Putlog scaffold
M3215 Putlogs
L6752 Putties
C123 Quality assurance
N87 Quality change
C721 Quality control
C7211 Quality control and management
C12 Quality management
C507 Quality plans
JA33 Quality standards/control
B31 Quantity surveying, cost analysis
C3864 Quantity surveyors, cost engineers
D465 Quarantine facilities
D1683 Quarries for mineral extraction
M73 Quarrying and tooling equipment
P317 Quartz
P1110 Quartzite
A23 Quasi-legislation (also called tertiary legislation)
D1314 Quays, wharves
N3753 Quiet (low noise level)
L68152 Quilts, rolls, etc.
L68162 Quilts, rolls, etc.
L3244 Quoins
N5114 Races
L7713 Rack and pinion
M444 Rack and pinion hoists, dual use
M443 Rack and pinion hoists, single use
D11311 Rack railways
D5672 Racket sports
L8263 Racking
L75225 Radiant heat and light
N3536 Radiation
L75623 Radiation panels
L32115 Radiation shielding bricks
L756212 Radiator valves
L75621 Radiators
G553 Radio
D13323 Radio and radar systems
D152 Radio facilities
D1565 Radio wave facilities
JW20 Radio/TV/CCTV
N3873 Radioactivity
L312 Raft foundations
D11 Rail bridges
M4123 Rail mounted tower cranes
KS Rail track
D11 Rail transport facilities
N41:D11 Rail travel
D116 Rail vehicle control facilities
D117 Rail vehicle storage/repair facilities
L4421 Railings
L2133 Rails
D1166 Railway lineside staff accommodation
L213 Railway products
D1165 Railway relay buildings
L2156 Railway signals
D1141 Railway stations, passenger terminals
N2251 Rain
JH15 Rainscreen cladding/overcladding
L7314 Rainwater pipes and fittings
JR10 Rainwater pipework/gutters
L71121 Rainwater tanks
JK41 Raised access floors
G221:G3312 Raised floor
G222:G3312 Raised floor
M632 Rammers
L4311 Ramps
D5686 Ranges
L8334 Ranges
M92121 Ranging rods, poles
L6212 Rapid hardening cement
M4882 Ratchet jack
M93811 Ratchet screwdrivers
N3223 Rate of heat release, fire load
C444361 Rates, council taxes
L4432 Razor tape
N45 Re-use, change in use, adaptability, flexibility
N322 Reaction of materials to fire
L331 Ready mixed concrete
M51216 Rear tippers
L85311 Reception desks
C412 Reception services
N41:D92 Reception, waiting
D92 Reception, waiting facilities
C444321 Recession
M7331 Reciprocating sawing machines
C926 Reclaim
N8813 Reclamation, recovery, salvage
L3222 Reconstructed stone blocks
JH63 Reconstructed stone slating/tiling
N752 Reconstruction
D767 Record offices, archives, patent offices
C724 Recording
L7452 Recording devices
C417 Records management
C8142 Recreation
N41:D5 Recreation
Q79 Recreation. Entertainment. Games. Sport
D5 Recreational facilities
B5:D5 Recreational planning
C452 Recruitment and selection
L65123 Rectangular hollow sections
L6115 Recycled brick/concrete
C925 Recycling
M719 Recycling plant for construction debris
C93 Redevelopment
P6212 Reed
D7692 Reference section
N3641 Reflection factor, reflectance, reflectivity
L661307 Reflective/diffuse reflection glass
N3645 Refractive index
N41:D51 Refreshment
D51 Refreshment and culinary facilities
L75253 Refrigerant compressors
L75251 Refrigerant condensers
L75254 Refrigerant coolers
L75252 Refrigerant evaporators
L83411 Refrigerated bars
D9651 Refrigerated storage
L75255 Refrigeration and freeze media
L7525 Refrigeration/freeze plant
L8321 Refrigerators
D12826 Refuges/islands
C84 Refurbishment and recommissioning
L8273 Refuse bag holders
JR31 Refuse chutes
D1731 Refuse collection/storage facilities
G582 Refuse disposal
JR3 Refuse disposal
N41:D173 Refuse disposal
L73222 Refuse disposal chutes
D173 Refuse disposal facilities
L827 Refuse disposal furniture
L2174 Refuse disposal plant
D1733 Refuse tips/dumps/re-use facilities
D1732 Refuse treatment facilities
N21 Regional
D314 Regional and local legislative and administrative facilities
C343 Regional government
C315 Regional organisations
B53 Regional planning
D3141 Regional, county and district offices
D4147 Rehabilitation/physical medicine (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.)
D5291 Rehearsal, practice facilities
JE3 Reinforcement
L333 Reinforcement
N8712 Reinforcement
L3331 Reinforcement cages
JE30 Reinforcement for in situ concrete
L558 Reinforcements
N25 Relating to modified environments
D82 Relaxation facilities, living rooms
N3367 Release of volatile organic compounds
Q2 Religion. Theology
D61 Religious centre facilities
D6 Religious facilities
L842 Religious furniture, fittings
L84201 Religious seating, pews
F:D6 Religious space
C817 Relocation management
D3764 Remand centres, bail hostels
G58 Removal/disposal
C457 Remuneration
D41593 Renal
M7274 Rendering machines
L5171 Renders
N754 Renewal
N843 Renewal
N753 Renovation
M6443 Repair kits
D1172 Repair sheds
D1264 Repair/maintenance facilities, repair shops
JC42 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving concrete
JC4 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving concrete/masonry
JC41 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving masonry
JC50 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving metal
JC5 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving metal/timber
JC51 Repairing/Renovating/Conserving timber
N755 Replacement
C6311 Report and sketch plans
A18 Reports
C416 Reprography
N41:D371 Rescue/aid
D371 Rescue/aid facilities
C431 Research
C43 Research and development
C372 Research organisations
L21612 Reservoir components
D175 Reservoirs
D536 Residential clubs
D8 Residential facilities
D442 Residential institutions/homes
D66 Residential religious facilities
P723 Resin bonded paper
JM23 Resin bound mineral coatings
L626 Resinous binders
N3834 Resistance
L74513 Resistance meters
N3344 Resistance to corrosion
N3352 Resistance to penetration of driving rain and snow
N3353 Resistance to rising damp
N3833 Resistivity
N56 Resource
D7653 Resource centres
C4594 Resource management
G42 Rest, work FFE
L834 Restaurant, canteen furniture
D512 Restaurants, cafés, snack bars, coffee bars, tea shops
N751 Restoration
N8814 Restoration
N75 Restoration, replacement, etc.
C434 Results of research
D347 Retail facilities by type of goods sold
B5:D34 Retail planning
E321 Retaining walls
G722 Retaining walls
E32 Retaining/protecting walls
E575 Retractable bridges
L72282 Retractable lines
C4534 Retraining
D663 Retreat centres
D6362 Retrochoirs
C924 Reuse
M9343 Reversible drills
M72164 Reversing drum mixers with hopper, weigher and feed shovel
D13721 Revetments
L142 Revetments
N845 Revolution
L41102 Revolving
M741042 Revolving presses
N832 Rhythm
A1222 RIBA PS+
N5361 Rich, high income
D56761 Riding schools
M32611 Right angle couplers
E112 Rigid composite pavements
M51221 Rigid dumpers
E111 Rigid pavements
L651 Rigid sections
JH20 Rigid sheet cladding
JK13 Rigid sheet fine linings/panelling
JK11 Rigid sheet flooring/sheathing/linings/casings
JK1 Rigid sheet sheathing/linings
JM4 Rigid tiles
D5687 Rings
M5275 Rippers
C505 Risk analysis and management
D5474 River rides/tyre rides/tub rides
M9338 Riveting hammers
L671213 Rivets
D12 Road bridges
M92334 Road cones
M641 Road construction equipment
C3842 Road engineers
M224 Road forms
M5262 Road graders
L21252 Road humps
M6445 Road marking machines
L68247 Road marking paints
M6416 Road milling cutters
L21552 Road mirrors
L2151 Road signs
L21553 Road studs
M64411 Road surface rippers
M51675 Road sweepers with gully emptiers
D12 Road transport facilities
N41:D12 Road travel
D126 Road vehicle service, storage and repair facilities
M9233 Road works equipment
M64 Road, waterway, railway surfacing
L21233 Road/runway channels
L2123 Road/runway drainage
L21232 Road/runway gullies
L212 Road/runway products
L2122 Road/runway surfacings
KR Roads and paving
D123 Roads other than motor roads
D3193 Robing rooms
L111 Rock anchorages, rock bolts
M9342 Rock drills
P318 Rock fibre
E3312 Rock fill dams
D5225 Rock music venues
L21726 Rodding points
L6863 Rodent control
L43213 Roll-up ladders
L4223 Roller blinds
M7126 Roller crushers
L4241 Roller grilles
M71273 Roller mills
M6312 Roller trains
M7262 Roller type grout mixers
M631 Rollers
M51215 Rolling tippers
L41105 Rolling up
H4232 Roof
L5221 Roof and wall cladding sheets
L525 Roof asphalt
L522 Roof cladding sheets
G24:G312 Roof coverings
L52 Roof coverings, claddings, linings
G24:G34 Roof edges
G34:G24 Roof edges
L527 Roof finishing coatings
G24:G321 Roof lights
G321:G24 Roof lights
L524 Roof membranes
L73144 Roof outlets
L526 Roof screeds
G24:G332 Roof soffit finishes/ceilings to roofs
L5293 Roof space vents
M74111 Roof tile machines
L521 Roof tiles and slates
L7733 Roof trolley systems
L414 Rooflights
JL11 Rooflights/Roof windows
G24 Roofs
L75346 Room air circulation fans
L75261 Room air conditioners, self-contained
L7241 Room cleaning equipment
L385 Room dividers
N3561 Room temperature
L75514 Room thermostats
L222 Room units, space enclosing parts
F2 Rooms
D1317 Rope guiding and fixing devices
M5218 Rope-operated excavators
L6761 Ropes
M486 Ropes
L676 Ropes, wires, cables
L41814 Roses, escutcheons
M9341 Rotary drills
M9337 Rotary hammers
L72281 Rotary lines
M7211 Rotary mixers
L82516 Rotary storage systems
L51712 Rough cast
M613 Rough press equipment
M4113 Rough-terrain (RT) and all-terrain (AT) cranes
N1721 Roughness
L81324 Roundabouts
M9395 Routers
N721 Routine servicing
P731 Rubber
L6522 Rubber sections
L5365 Rubber sheets
L6636 Rubber sheets
L6732 Rubber-based adhesives
P73 Rubber-based materials, natural
P74 Rubber-based materials, synthetic
JM50 Rubber/Plastics/Cork/Lino/Carpet tiling/sheeting
M4142 Rubbish buckets
M9181 Rubbish chutes
M918 Rubbish collection and disposal equipment
L3231 Rubble stone
D56733 Rugby
L8711 Rugs/ornamental carpets
D5473 Run outs
D144 Runway, taxiway and apron facilities
D1441 Runways, runway strips
B55 Rural planning
Q(470) Russia
Q(76) S Central States
Q(75) S E States
D3392 Safe deposits
L8582 Safes, strongrooms, vaults
L762 Safety and security information systems
N544 Safety and security properties and characteristics
JU15 Safety cabinet/Fume cupboard extract
L661311 Safety glass
M92322 Safety harnesses
M424 Safety limiters
L81327 Safety surfaces
L7735 Safety tracks, cradle tracks
D56781 Sailing
C4571 Salaries, wages
C424 Sales management, selling
C4242 Sales reporting systems
L81110 Salt/grit bins
P753 Salts
M82 Sampling equipment
D4424 Sanatoria
D6311 Sanctuaries
L6113 Sand
P1111 Sand
D17124 Sand filters
M9391 Sanders
M737 Sanding and polishing machines and lines
P235 Sandlime
P1112 Sandstone
L7313 Sanitary above ground pipes and fittings
L22107 Sanitary and body care buildings
L2223 Sanitary and body care room units
JN13 Sanitary appliances/fittings
L8244 Sanitary dispensers
L72114 Sanitary disposal units
L721 Sanitary equipment
L72116 Sanitary incinerators
L72115 Sanitary macerators/crushers
L85743 Sanitary product vending machines
L8274 Sanitary waste disposal containers
D94 Sanitary, changing facilities
N41:D94 Sanitary, cleaning, changing
G44 Sanitary, hygiene FFE
L72 Sanitary, laundry, cleaning equipment
N5435 Sanitation
L5222 Sarking
L41312 Sash
D15661 Satellite ground stations
L72117 Sauna equipment
D943 Saunas, Turkish baths, etc.
L6131 Sawdust
M931 Saws
M9396 Scabblers
M3264 Scaffold clips
M326 Scaffold fittings
M441 Scaffold hoists
M312 Scaffolding by form
M32 Scaffolding parts
M3 Scaffolding, shoring, fencing
L5567 Scagliola
N1527 Scale, relative dimension
Q(48) Scandinavia
M6448 Scarifiers
L8416 Scenery docks
C64 Scheme design/costing
D7171 Schools for children with learning difficulties, mental handicaps, autism, emotional problems
D7172 Schools for children with physical handicaps
D717 Schools for special needs groups
D71821 Science laboratories
D7284 Science laboratories
Q930 Science of history. Ancillary historical sciences
N41:D73 Science, computing
B92 Science/technology
L851 Scientific furniture, fitments
D73 Scientific, computing facilities (laboratories)
L7714 Scissor lifts
M473 Scissor lifts
L84591 Scoreboards
Q(410.5) Scotland
L6118 Scrap iron
M5254 Scraper systems, gravel extraction
M525 Scrapers
M72323 Screed boards
JM1 Screeds/Trowelled flooring
L32213 Screen walling blocks
M713 Screening and sorting plant
D4223 Screening clinics
D17121 Screening plant
JL12 Screens
M7135 Screens with electromagnetic drive
M4516 Screw conveyors
M7254 Screw discharge gear
L3143 Screw piles
M9381 Screwdrivers
L671222 Screws
D137:E32 Sea walls
E32:D137 Sea walls
JP22 Sealant joints
JZ22 Sealants
L7811 Sealants for services
L53923 Seals
L81104 Seating and tables for public external use
L8533 Seating, office chairs
F13602 Second floor
A22 Secondary legislation
D1222 Secondary roads, minor roads
D713 Secondary schools
D17224 Secondary treatment plant
C414 Secretarial services
D37622 Secure prisons
D966 Secure storage
G571 Security
JW4 Security
L4185 Security bars
JW41 Security detection and alarm
L41122 Security doors
L858 Security furniture
L4233 Security shutters
C8164 Security strategies
C13 Security, industrial espionage, trade secrets
JA34 Security/Safety/Protection
D17123 Sedimentation plant
JQ30 Seeding/Turfing
N3115 Seismic loading
D7373 Seismographic stations
C4525 Selection, selection boards
M5183 Self-propelled fuel tanker
M471 Self-propelled platforms
M51674 Self-propelled road sweepers/cleaners
M5172 Self-propelled water tanker
F133 Semi-basement
E822 Semi-detached buildings
D811:E822 Semi-detached housing
F11 Semi-independent parts of a building, blocks
M115 Semi-rotary pumps
D37621 Semi-secure prisons
D13622 Semi-submersible structures
M514 Semi-trailer type tractor trucks
M5164 Semi-trailers
D172122 Separate sewerage systems
L14141 Separating membranes
N822 Separation
L73172 Septic tanks
Q050 Serial publications. Periodicals (journals, magazines etc.)
D1171 Service inspection sheds
D1753 Service reservoirs
L217123 Service reservoirs
D3475 Service shops
D1261 Service stations/petrol stations
H13 Services
H23 Services
H33 Services
H43 Services
H53 Services
H63 Services
L7 Services
JA42 Services and facilities
F913 Services area
B26 Services engineering
C385 Services engineering designers/consultants
D973 Services facilities
JY Services reference specification
L782 Services supports and enclosures
G5 Services: complete elements
G6 Services: parts of elements
L8223 Settees, easy chairs
L63107 Setting accelerators
L63106 Setting retarders
C44231 Setting up
L5343 Setts, cobbles
JR20 Sewage pumping
D17216 Sewage pumping stations
L21733 Sewage pumps
D1722 Sewage treatment facilities
L2173 Sewage treatment products
JR21 Sewage treatment/sterilisation
KY Sewer renovation and ancillary work
M861 Sewer test and inspection equipment
JR2 Sewerage
L2172 Sewerage and drainage system products, large scale/municipal/mains
H221 Shaft formation
E22 Shafts
N151 Shape, geometry, layout
N15 Shape, size, tolerance
L41862 Shatter resistant film
L74711 Shaving sockets
N3123 Shear strength
D26551 Sheep dipping facilities
D4645 Sheep, goats
M6331 Sheepsfoot compactors
M6315 Sheepsfoot rollers
JJ44 Sheet linings for pools/lakes/waterways
L151 Sheet piles
JH2 Sheet/board cladding
M2113 Sheeting
M3281 Sheeting
L14 Sheeting, revetments
D2611 Shelter belt facilities
L22105 Shelters
G732 Shelters, minor buildings
L8261 Shelves
L826 Shelving
L8431 Shelving
P4144 Sherardised steel
M612 Shields
L5216 Shingles
D131 Ship sheltering and berthing facilities, harbours, docks
D2755 Shipbuilding and marine engineering
L21110 Shock absorbers
L82106 Shoe trees
L31417 Shoes
L78152 Shoes
D56777 Shooting
L8572 Shop display fittings
L857 Shop furniture, vending machines
D3492 Shop showrooms
L8573 Shop storage fittings
D342 Shopping centres, malls and arcades
D3491 Shops with office, domestic accommodation
M33 Shoring, planking and strutting
JC30 Shoring/Façade retention
D4482 Short stay accommodation
D8552 Short stay housing
M5276 Shovels
D5835 Show grounds
D56762 Show jumping
L72108 Shower cabinets
L72110 Shower trays
L72107 Showers
D1263 Showrooms
L73234 Shredding machines
N15282 Shrinkage
M72254 Shut off pipe sections
JL21 Shutters
L423 Shutters
M221 Shutters/sheeting
M5124 Shuttle train
D425 Sick bays
C45914 Sick pay
N5351 Sick people
D1764 Side channel spillways
D635 Side chapels, baptisteries, confessing facilities, preaching facilities, sacramental facilities
L41101 Side hung
M51211 Side tippers
N398 Side-effects
L41302 Side-hung casement
L82503 Sideboards
D1154 Sidings
M92137 Sight rails
D1161 Signal boxes
D1162 Signals
M9231 Signals for construction sites
C7114 Signature
H1422 Signs
H3411 Signs
JN15 Signs/Notices
JY45 Silencers/Acoustic treatment
P743 Silicone
P613 Silk
L3242 Sills
L21922 Silo components
M5162 Silo vehicles
E43 Silos
L2192 Silos
M7251 Silos
E43:D2681 Silos for agricultural storage
M7215 Silos for cement and aggregates
M715 Silos for gravel and broken stone
D2681:E43 Silos, tanks, bins, hoppers
KZ Simple building works
E52 Simple span bridges
D5833 Simulation amusement facilities
D1225 Single and dual carriageway roads, grade separated roads
D12251 Single carriageway roads
M1111 Single diaphragm pumps
M432 Single drum winches
D8581 Single hotel bedrooms
JH65 Single lap roof tiling
JJ42 Single layer polymeric roof coverings
L5242 Single layer roof membranes
L76311 Single line telephone systems
M6316 Single rollers
E811 Single storey buildings
L8312 Single units
N5341 Single, unmarried
L7232 Sinks for kitchens, bars
L72331 Sinks, troughs
L6129 Sintered pulverised fuel ash
D1763 Siphon spillways
L73147 Siphonic drains
JA41 Site accommodation
M911 Site accommodation
M91 Site accommodation and temporary services
G11 Site clearance
H111 Site clearance
H211 Site clearance
H311 Site clearance
H411 Site clearance
H511 Site clearance
H611 Site clearance
H711 Site clearance
JD12 Site dewatering
M9141 Site electrical distributors
M914 Site electrical equipment
M92 Site equipment
JQ5 Site furniture
M9111 Site huts, containers and static caravans
C7213 Site inspection by clerk of works
C7212 Site inspection by consultants
C7152 Site layout
M913 Site lighting equipment
C7241 Site meetings
G1 Site preparation
H11 Site preparation
H21 Site preparation
H31 Site preparation
H41 Site preparation
H51 Site preparation
H61 Site preparation
H71 Site preparation
C713 Site programme
JC10 Site survey
B33 Site surveying, land surveying
JQ50 Site/Street furniture/equipment
G77 Site/underground drainage
B574 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
L721013 Sitzbaths
D7186 Sixth form centres/common rooms
D714 Sixth form colleges, tertiary colleges
N152 Size
E591 Skew bridges
D1762 Ski jump spillways
L2143 Ski-lifts
D12823 Skid pads
M5243 Skid steer loaders
M9182 Skips
L5192 Skirting boards
L78221 Skirting/dado trunking systems
L4145 Skylights
JH5 Slab cladding
M735 Slab cutting machines and equipment
M7434 Slab stacking devices
L721132 Slab urinals
JQ25 Slab/Brick/Sett/Cobble pavings
H423 Slabs
H622 Slabs
L3421 Slabs
H324 Slabs (horizontal construction)
L5341 Slabs, flags
D1741 Slag heaps
L5292 Slate and tile vents
P121 Slate, composite, reconstituted
P1113 Slate, natural
JH6 Slate/Tile cladding/covering
L5214 Slates
M9335 Sledge hammers
L2132 Sleepers
N41:D83 Sleeping
D83 Sleeping facilities, bedrooms
M32614 Sleeve couplers
L78153 Slide bearings
L761232 Slide projectors
L16 Slide/avalanche protection products
D5471 Slides
L81322 Slides
D547 Slides, flumes, diving boards, wave generation, etc.
L41103 Sliding
L43214 Sliding ladders
L41307 Sliding projecting
M6235 Sliding-blade sheeting
L41104 Sliding/folding
L4333 Slings
M485 Slings/brothers
M7424 Slip finishers for prestressed concrete beams and slabs
D12821 Slipways
D13137 Slipways
M6447 Slope mowing machines
Q(437.6) Slovak Republic
D17226 Sludge removal and treatment plant
D17127 Sludge treatment plant
H326 Sluices, channels, run-offs, etc.
C394 Small businesses
D8132 Small groups of houses, single streets of houses
D4131 Small local hospitals, cottage hospitals
L8338 Small specialised cooking equipment
D17211 Small-scale collection, cesspools, septic tanks
N175 Smell, odour
JU14 Smoke extract/Smoke control
G5723 Smoke extraction/control installations
N3228 Smoke/gas propagation
N3227 Smoke/gas release
N1722 Smoothness
L8328 Snack cabinets
M2284 Snap ties
D56774 Snooker, billiards, pool
N2253 Snow
L8246 Soap holders/dispensers
D56732 Soccer
C4592 Social benefits
N524 Social economics
C425 Social marketing
N525 Social psychology
N41:D53 Social recreation
D53 Social recreation facilities
Q3 Social sciences
Q36 Social work. Social aid. Housing. Insurance
N5122 Societies
N52 Society, sociological characteristics
L7471 Socket outlets
L74713 Socket protectors
L67115 Sockets
L8227 Sofa beds, chair beds, futons
G23:G3321 Soffit
L52942 Soffit boards
G472 Soft furnishings
L871 Soft furnishings
E13 Soft landscaping
P512 Softwood
L1421 Soil blankets
M633 Soil compactors
L114 Soil nails
JD11 Soil stabilisation
M6411 Soil stabilisation machines
P32 Soils, natural
JT15 Solar collectors
L7527 Solar collectors
L41861 Solar control film
L661310 Solar control glass
N3551 Solar heat gain
D16172 Solar power
L68241 Solar reflective paints
L5271 Solar reflective roof coatings
D567123 Solaria
C321 Sole ownerships
M336 Sole plates
L75214 Solid fuel boilers
D167 Solid fuel extraction, supply facilities
E3353 Solid head buttress dams
L661 Solid sheets
N3361 Solid waste
L732 Solid waste handling products
L68221 Solvent based
L692 Solvents
D1572 Sorting offices
N374 Sound reflection
L76112 Sound signal systems
N373 Sound transmission, resistance, absorption
Q(8) South America
Q(59) South East Asia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos
Q(9) South Pacific and Australia. Arctic. Antarctic
Q(56) South West Asia, Turkey, Cyprus, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan
Q(68) Southern Africa; e.g. South Africa, Zimbabwe
L721011 Spa baths, whirlpool baths
F138 Space beneath a sloping roof, attic
C8122 Space design
L3525 Space frames/decks
M9123 Space heaters
L75232 Space heaters (other than electric)
C812 Space management
F139 Space on top of a flat roof
C8121 Space planning
C8123 Space standards
L3335 Spacers/chairs
F Spaces
M9371 Spades
Q(460) Spain
N15252 Span
M9385 Spanners
D1262 Spare parts/accessories shops
L721135 Sparge pipes
G48 Special activity FFE
D427 Special centres
C375 Special interest groups
JV4 Special lighting
L81326 Special needs playground fittings
JN2 Special purpose fixtures/furnishings/equipment
L74734 Special purpose luminaires
L642 Special purpose mortars
G73 Special purpose works
JQ26 Special surfacings/pavings for sport/general amenity
JV3 Special types of supply/distribution
M5167 Special vehicles
D422 Specialised clinics
L832 Specialised food storage and display furniture
L6824 Specialised function paints
D415 Specialised hospital facilities by part of body
L74733 Specialised location luminaires
L8577 Specialised retail shelving
L218 Specialised superstructures
C4 Specialist areas of management
M625 Specialist piling/drilling plant
JJ10 Specialist waterproof rendering
JA35 Specific limitations on method/sequence/timing/use of site
D564 Spectator facilities for sports
L8415 Spectator stands
N36311 Spectral transmission characteristics
D8155 Speculative housing, housing for unspecified owner
N3754 Speech intelligibility rating
L2154 Speed cameras
M92336 Speed deterrents
D13714 Spending beaches
M3262 Spigots
L4433 Spikes
L216142 Spillway components
L21614 Spillways
D176 Spillways, energy dissipating works
D1771 Spillweirs
D4156 Spinal Injuries, neurological
L43223 Spiral stairs
D637 Spires, towers, belfries, campanili
M92118 Spirit levels
D54693 Splash pools
L72103 Splashbacks
N41:D56 Sport
D5612 Sports arenas
D5613 Sports complexes
D56 Sports facilities
D567 Sports facilities by type of sport
L8131 Sports grounds and fittings
D563 Sports grounds, small-scale spectator sport facilities, playing fields
D5621 Sports hall facilities
F:D56 Sports space
L846 Sports, leisure fittings, equipment
L693 Spot removing products
L725112 Spray taps
L68117 Sprayed coatings
L68155 Sprayed coatings
JE11 Sprayed concrete
JM22 Sprayed monolithic coatings
P4145 Sprayed steel
JJ32 Sprayed vapour barriers
M9354 Spraying equipment for paints and insulation
N6612 Spreadability
M6414 Spreaders
M7271 Spreaders
M64144 Spreaders for soil stabilisation
L418309 Spring hinges
L71674 Sprinkler heads
JS63 Sprinklers
D56723 Squash
G13 Stabilisation
H113 Stabilisation
H213 Stabilisation
H313 Stabilisation
H413 Stabilisation
H513 Stabilisation
H613 Stabilisation
H713 Stabilisation
M327 Stabilisers
N851 Stability
M718 Stackers and reclaimers
L41106 Stacking
D5611 Stadia
D561 Stadia, arenas, complexes
M92123 Staffs
L747333 Stage, theatre, nightclub lighting
L8413 Stages
D5292 Stages, performance facilities
L6613131 Stained glass
P4131 Stainless steel
JH75 Stainless steel strip/sheet coverings/flashings
G23:G33 Stair finish
L43224 Stair parts
L53914 Stair rods
M3141 Stair towers
L7715 Stairlifts
G23 Stairs
L4322 Stairs
F324 Stairs, lift shafts, escalators
JL3 Stairs/Walkways/Balustrades
JL30 Stairs/Walkways/Balustrades
M3251 Stairways
L721133 Stall urinals
D3495 Stalls at markets
D2685 Stalls, pens for animals
A6 Standard contracts
D1111 Standard main line railways
A5 Standard specifications
M3211 Standards
L8443 Stands, pedestals
L671214 Staples
C353 State enterprises
N3813 Static electricity
N3111 Static loading, deformation
M6314 Static three-wheeled and tandem rollers
M4122 Static tower cranes
D1145 Station halls
M51681 Station wagons
C4172 Stationery, forms
A15 Statistics
C4593 Status of personnel, promotion
A221 Statutory Instruments, etc.
C444323 Steady growth
JS51 Steam
L75217 Steam generators
M9122 Steam generators, water heaters
JT33 Steam heating
L712 Steam supply/storage/distribution
L6333 Steel
P41 Steel
E563 Steel arch bridges
L3332 Steel bars
L3342 Steel bars
E5114 Steel box girder bridges
P415 Steel by purpose
L3341 Steel cables
E511 Steel girder bridges
E5112 Steel lattice girder bridges
L3333 Steel mesh
L31413 Steel piles
M122 Steel pipes
M927 Steel reinforcement cutting and bending plant and equipment
L6512 Steel sections
L6614 Steel sheets
E5111 Steel simple beam bridges
M62313 Steel trench sheets
E5113 Steel truss bridges
M4512 Steep-incline conveyors
M74110 Step machines
L432 Stepped circulation
L8514 Sterilisation and contamination control equipment
N8714 Stiffening
D3371 Stock exchanges
D3372 Stockbroking facilities
D1424 STOL (Short take-off and landing) facilities
L323 Stone
M6444 Stone and sand spreaders
M7121 Stone breakers
M732 Stone cleaving machines and equipment
M731 Stone drilling machines
M733 Stone sawing equipment
L5131 Stone sheets
M64141 Stone spreaders
JF2 Stone walling
P11 Stone, natural
P1 Stone, natural and reconstituted
P12 Stone, reconstituted, reconstructed, cast
JM40 Stone/Concrete/Quarry/Ceramic tiling/Mosaic
L8224 Stools
M2117 Stop end forms
L71178 Stopcocks
N41:D96 Storage
L219 Storage constructions
JY23 Storage cylinders/Calorifiers
D96 Storage facilities
L81106 Storage fittings for services and maintenance
L7152 Storage for special liquids
L75222 Storage heaters
L7132 Storage of gases
L2222 Storage room units
L7142 Storage vessels, fuel gas and LPG (pressurised)
L71131 Storage water heaters
D26813 Storage with little or no wall, Dutch barns
D26812 Storage with non-thrust resistant walls
G46 Storage, screening FFE
M91113 Store fittings
N224 Storms, lightning
L6854 Stoved organic finishes
L75234 Stoves (solid fuel)
M52615 Straight dozers
M93923 Straight grinders
L43221 Straight stairs
M125 Strainers
P534 Strand board, oriented
C4214 Strategy establishment
P6213 Straw
H1424 Street furniture
L811 Street furniture
L747337 Street lighting
L81115 Street nameplates
JV41 Street/Area/Flood lighting
N312 Strength of materials, components of structures
N5437 Stress
M2112 Striking pieces
M9398 Strimmers
L532 Strip flooring
L313 Strip foundations
M2122 Strongbacks
P4151 Structural
JG11 Structural aluminium framing
L3 Structural and space division products
L343 Structural beams and columns
L37 Structural components in other materials
L342 Structural decks and slabs
F914 Structural element area
B25 Structural engineering, structural design
C3841 Structural engineers
JH13 Structural glass assemblies
L3813 Structural glazing
H121 Structural layers
M212 Structural members
L35 Structural metal
KM Structural metalwork
JE5 Structural precast concrete
L34 Structural precast concrete
JG10 Structural steel framing
L36 Structural timber
N31 Structural, mechanical
JG1 Structural/Carcassing metal
JG Structural/Carcassing metal/timber
JG2 Structural/Carcassing timber
H12 Structure
H32 Structure
H42 Structure
H52 Structure
H62 Structure
H22 Structure and tunnel formation
D5342 Students unions
C833 Studies of building in use
JV42 Studio/Auditorium/Arena lighting
D26531 Studs
D7695 Study areas
F2:D76 Study room
N171 Style, form, aesthetic quality
F131 Sub-basement
C3882 Sub-contractors
N213 Sub-tropical
B Subject disciplines
L71144 Submersible pumps
M112 Submersible pumps
C645 Submission of proposals for all approvals
N247 Subsidence
N3118 Subsidence, settlement
C45921 Subsidised meals
N844 Substitution
N824 Subtraction, removal, extraction
D1113 Suburban heavy railways, secondary lines, branch lines
M5231 Suction dredgers, cutter dredgers
M6216 Suction drilling systems
C4544 Suggestion schemes
N43 Suitability, efficiency, effectiveness
D8583 Suite of hotel rooms
L22109 Summerhouses
D1342 Summit canals
L81206 Sundials
JY89 Sundry common electrical items
JY59 Sundry common mechanical items
JP2 Sundry finishes/fittings
JP10 Sundry insulation/proofing work/fire stops
JP1 Sundry proofing/insulation
JP3 Sundry work in connection with engineering services
N222 Sunshine
D3442 Supermarkets
D344 Supermarkets, food superstores
C4595 Supervision
L7542 Supply air treatment
G5241 Supply and extract ventilation
L71162 Supply pipes
G532 Supply to services installations
L71122 Supply water tanks
L715 Supply, storage and distribution of special liquids
L71 Supply/storage/distribution of liquids and gases
JY63 Support components – cables
H73 Support services
L557 Supports
L8262 Supports, brackets
D1252 Surface car parks, street parking
N3532 Surface coefficient
L68321 Surface consolidation/hardening impregnations
JM Surface finishes
L752292 Surface heating products
L683 Surface impregnation products
M92129 Surface indicating devices
N3225 Surface spread of flame
G71 Surface treatment
M72313 Surface vibrators
G5812 Surface water drainage
H527 Surfacing
H226 Surfacing for transport
H122 Surfacing to pavements/hard landscaping
L72333 Surgical instrument sterilising equipment
L762202 Surveillance mirrors
B3 Surveying
M921 Surveying and measuring equipment
A14 Surveys
C622 Surveys and structural implications of site
G222:G3322 Suspended
G24:G3322 Suspended
L7711 Suspended
L387 Suspended ceilings
M3126 Suspended scaffold
M315 Suspended work platform
E55 Suspension bridges
L82517 Suspension storage systems
L8417 Suspension systems
A924 Sustain
Q(485) Sweden
M6446 Sweeping machines
N41:D54 Swimming
D54 Swimming facilities
D541 Swimming facilities
D541/4 Swimming facilities by main type of activity
L71145 Swimming pool pumps
JS21 Swimming pool water treatment
L71155 Swimming pool water treatment
L8133 Swimming pools
D54:E832 Swimming pools with retractable roofs
E574 Swing bridges
L81323 Swings
C411 Switchboard services
D15911 Switchboards
D1152 Switches
L74611 Switches
L747353 Switches for flashing light effects
D15672 Switching centres
D1567 Switching facilities
Q(494) Switzerland
M32612 Swivel couplers
C181 SWOT analysis
L84207 Synagogue furniture
D653 Synagogues
L6126 Synthetic foam granules
D1666 Synthetic gas (from coal etc.) production and supply facilities
M74112 Synthetic resin concrete casting machines
L22102 System buildings other than houses
L22 System buildings, minor buildings, room units
L22101 System built houses
M3112 System scaffold
E834 System-built buildings, volumetric buildings
C4573 Systems of payment
D56725 Table tennis
L8718 Tablecloths, placemats, etc.
L8221 Tables
L8343 Tables
M92139 Tachometer
E819 Tall buildings, skyscrapers
M72314 Tamper vibrators
M63112 Tandem vibrating rollers
L21912 Tank components
M5161 Tanker vehicles
L6814 Tanking
L2191 Tanks
L71323 Tanks for chemical/toxic gases
E42 Tanks for liquids
L217112 Tanks, filters, etc. for treatment
L21732 Tanks, filters, etc. for treatment
E4 Tanks, silos, etc.
H4 Tanks, silos, etc.
D5155 Tap rooms
L7845 Tape
M2286 Taper ties
L87361 Tapestries
L72511 Taps
L7251 Taps/terminals for water supply
M64134 Tar and mastic heaters
M64135 Tar sprayers
C4241 Target setting
M9291 Tarpaulins
N176 Taste
D5153 Taverns
D3151 Taxation facilities/customs houses
D1442 Taxiways
D5673 Team ball games
D7135 Technology schools
L418306 Tee (cross-garnet) hinges
D15673 Telecommunication control facilities
JW10 Telecommunications
C3852 Telecommunications engineers
B5:D15 Telecommunications planning
D1542 Telegraph facilities
L7631 Telephone based systems
D1592 Telephone booths
L866 Telephone booths
D1593 Telephone boxes
D15412 Telephone engineering centres/TSCVs
D15411 Telephone exchanges
D1541 Telephone facilities
D154 Telephone, telegraph facilities
G555 Telephones
M5213 Telescopic excavators
M225 Telescopic floor centres
M474 Telescopic platforms
M241 Telescopic props
D153 Television facilities
D5273 Television studios
D15421 Telex facilities
D3393 Tellers boxes
D11323 Telpher lines
N212 Temperate
N356 Temperature
L7551 Temperature controls
N3562 Temperature of outside air
L84209 Temple furniture
D651 Temples
E853 Temporary buildings
M34 Temporary fencing structures
M343 Temporary hoardings
C392 Temporary organisations
JA44 Temporary works
D87 Temporary, mobile residential facilities
C7342 Tenant communications
C716 Tenant decanting
N5364 Tenants, occupiers
C68 Tender action
C672 Tender documents
JA30 Tendering/Sub-letting/Supply
L1152 Tendons
D56721 Tennis
JH90 Tensile fabric coverings
L383 Tensile fabric structures
N3121 Tensile strength
F13610 Tenth floor
L747 Terminal devices
JU43 Terminal heat pump air conditioning
JU42 Terminal re-heat air conditioning
G64 Terminals
H726 Terminals and junctions
L7136 Terminals for supplied gases
L7563 Terminals for treated/untreated air
C4566 Termination of employment
P4146 Terne coated stainless steel
D811:E824 Terraced housing
F65 Terraces
E824 Terraces/parades
P336 Terracotta
P218 Terrazzo
JM41 Terrazzo tiling/In situ terrazzo
D37531 Territorial army centres
D17225 Tertiary treatment plant
D411 Tertiary, teaching hospitals
L78155 Test plugs
C432 Testing
JY81 Testing and commissioning of electrical services
JY51 Testing and commissioning of mechanical services
M8 Testing equipment
D13641 Tethered leg platforms
L216251 Tetrapods
L5152 Textile
D276 Textile/clothing industries
D2761 Textiles
L6634 Textiles
N172 Texture, feel
L6823 Textured paints
C3752 TGR
L523 Thatch
JH91 Thatch roofing
Q”1919/1939″ the ‘inter-war’ years
Q(3) The ancient world
C354 The armed forces
Q7 The arts. Recreation. Entertainment. Sport
Q22 The Bible. Holy scripture
JA2 The Contract
JA20 The Contract/Sub-contract
H72 The installation
C4221 The marketing mix
JA1 The project generally
JA12 The site/Existing buildings
Q”193″ the thirties (1930-39)
D5241 Theatres
D5832 Theme parks
M92115 Theodolites
Q30 Theories, methodology and methods in the social sciences. Sociography
N35 Thermal
N3533 Thermal conductance (C value), thermal conductivity (k value)
N3537 Thermal emission, absorption
N357 Thermal expansion
JY50 Thermal insulation
L6815 Thermal insulation
N352 Thermal insulation
L7841 Thermal insulation and linings
N32242 Thermal irradiance
N3114 Thermal loading
N3534 Thermal resistance (R value), thermal resistivity (r value)
N353 Thermal transfer
N3531 Thermal transmittance (U value), thermal transmissivity
M9222 Thermic boring equipment
L78611 Thermometers
N15261 Thickness
L663 Thin flexible sheets including textiles
L6632 Thin sheets, metal
L6631 Thin sheets, plastics
L6633 Thin sheets, timber
D1774 Thin-plate weirs
F13603 Third floor
L67122 Threaded fixings
L67121 Threadless fixings
E813 Three storey buildings
M51214 Three-way tippers
L4188 Thresholds, sills
M2287 Through ties
E595 Through-girder bridges
M61121 Thrustboring equipment
L8575 Ticket machines
D1146 Ticket offices
N242 Tides
M3265 Tie assemblies
M32652 Tie members
M2288 Tie sleeves
L533 Tiles and blocks
L68141 Tiles, panels, etc.
M9133 Tilley lamps
L41310 Tilt and turn
M72165 Tilting drum mixers
M92114 Tilting levels
M7422 Tilting tables for precast concrete elements
KO Timber
P5 Timber
JK20 Timber board flooring/sheathing/linings/casings
JK2 Timber board/Strip linings
D2775 Timber manufacturing
L31414 Timber piles
M3122 Timber scaffold
L6511 Timber sections
JH64 Timber shingling
JK21 Timber strip/board fine flooring/linings
JH21 Timber weatherboarding
P53 Timber, wood, fibre building boards
P51 Timber, wood, general
P52 Timber, wood, laminated
L3622 Timber/plywood fabricated beams
C722 Time control
L76121 Time distribution systems
P494 Tin
L41863 Tinted/opaque film
M5123 Tipper chassis
M5121 Tipper lorries
M4141 Tipping buckets
M51651 Tipping trailers
G333:G251 To external walls
G333:G252 To internal walls
G3311:G221 To lowest floors
G3312:G221 To lowest floors
G3321:G24 To roofs
G3322:G24 To roofs
G3311:G23 To stairs
G3321:G23 To stairs
G3311:G222 To upper floors
G3312:G222 To upper floors
G3321:G222 To upper floors
G3322:G222 To upper floors
D2736 Tobacco
D56754 Toboggan runs
M3243 Toeboards, guard boards
M91131 Toilet units
M9113 Toilet vehicles and cabins
JU11 Toilet ventilation
L72111 Toilets
N1529 Tolerance, fit, accuracy
D674 Tombs, mausoleums, funeral vaults, shrines, reliquaries
M92623 Tool silencers
G23:G3311 Top
C21 Top management, directors, partners
L41303 Top-hung casement
N23 Topographical
N3222 Total heat emitted, calorific value
C121 Total quality management (TQM)
L661302 Toughened glass
N8713 Toughening
N313 Toughness, resistance to cracking
N41:D584 Tourism
D584 Tourist facilities
D5842 Tourist information centres
D11366 Tow lifts
L8243 Towel dispensers
L8245 Towel rails
M4144 Tower crane track etc.
M412 Tower cranes
E61 Towers
L2182 Towers
H524 Towers (plus suspension/stays)
H6 Towers, superstructures
E6 Towers, superstructures (excluding building
C3861 Town and country planners
B5 Town and country planning
A2212 Town and County Planning
JC21 Toxic/hazardous material removal
N3369 Toxicity, chemical safety
JY24 Trace heating
D567411 Track
H1421 Track fittings
M4115 Track-laying cranes
M5241 Track-laying loaders
M643 Track-laying machines
M5252 Track-laying scrapers
M52613 Tracked dozers
M5211 Tracked excavators
D5684 Tracks
M5135 Tractor loading shovel
M51351 Tractor loading shovel with back hoe equipment
M51352 Tractor loading shovel with four in one attachment
M5138 Tractor shovel
M5133 Tractor with bull/angle dozer
M5132 Tractor with dozer
M5134 Tractor with dozer and ripper attachment
M92612 Tractor-mounted compressors
M51353 Tractor-mounted loading shovel with ripper attachment
M513 Tractors
C371 Trade associations
D742 Trade centres
C376 Trade unions
N41:D34 Trading
C44214 Trading capital
D34 Trading facilities, shops
F:D34 Trading space
D325 Traditional office facilities
D7211 Traditional universities
D1642 Traditional watermills
D1641 Traditional windmills
N253 Traffic
D127 Traffic calming constructions, road vehicle control facilities
M92331 Traffic control lamps
M923371 Traffic control signs
M92337 Traffic information signs
D12811 Traffic lanes
L2152 Traffic lights
M923311 Traffic lights
M923372 Traffic warning signs
M472 Trailer mounted/portable platforms
M63113 Trailer vibration rollers
M5165 Trailers
C453 Training
N3256 Training in fire safety
C7341 Training of operating and maintenance staff
N83 Transfer
N842 Transformation
L752 Transformation and conversion of energy
L742 Transformation devices
L74221 Transformers
H728 Transformers, other electrical devices for transportation/control of electricity and electrical signals
L7422 Transformers/converters
D1566 Transmission facilities
L2175 Transmission networks
M3212 Transoms
N367 Transparency
G56 Transport
M615 Transport and conveyor systems
L215 Transport control and monitoring products
M743 Transport equipment for the concrete block industry
C8145 Transport facilities
B5:D11/D14 Transport planning
L77 Transport services products
JX Transport systems
C3866 Transportation planners
E577 Transporter bridges
L416 Trap doors
L155.1 Trapions
L21731 Traps, screens
N41:D1 Travel, transport, etc. activities
G564 Travelling cradles
JX22 Travelling cradles/Gantries/Ladders
L432243 Treads
JS2 Treated on site water supply
JS20 Treated/Deionised/Distilled water
L754 Treatment
L744 Treatment devices
L7134 Treatment for industrial/medical gases
L7154 Treatment for special liquids
L7541 Treatment of circulation liquids
L81114 Tree grilles
L811141 Tree guards, ties
B5:D261 Trees and forestry planning
L1422 Trench revetments
M6234 Trench ring lifters
L14222 Trench sheeting
M6231 Trench sheeting equipment
M62311 Trench struts and sheets
L14221 Trench supports
M5214 Trenchers
M5278 Trenchers
E71:E75 Trenches for pipelines
JP30 Trenches/Pipeways/Pits for buried engineering services
M3125 Trestle scaffold
N5112 Tribes
L41871 Trickle vents
L8719 Trimmings
M92122 Tripods
M4125 Trolley jib tower cranes
L82511 Trolleys
N214 Tropical
L721131 Trough urinals
L7224 Trouser presses
JM12 Trowelled bitumen/resin/rubber-latex flooring
M9382 Trowels
M515 Truck chassis for special superstructures
M4112 Truck-mounted cranes
D12211 Trunk roads
L7822 Trunking
L3621 Trussed rafters
L3523 Trusses
C44123 Trusts
M3121 Tube and coupler scaffold
L774 Tube conveyors
M71274 Tube mills
M35 Tube straightening equipment
L81205 Tubs for plants
P495 Tungsten
Q(61) Tunisia, Libya
H222 Tunnel formation
M6121 Tunnel shields
M6 Tunnelling, drilling, compaction
M61 Tunnelling, shafts
E21 Tunnels
KT Tunnels
E2 Tunnels, shafts, cuttings
H2 Tunnels, shafts, cuttings
L74212 Turbine driven generating sets
D16192 Turbine halls
L451 Turnstiles
M5125 Turntable skip
M4111 Turret cranes
G554 TV
L747334 TV/film studio lighting
M6317 Twin rollers
M63171 Twin rollers with seat and steering wheel
L6733 Two pack polymerising adhesives
E812 Two storey buildings
C3 Type of business/ organisation
A9 Types of medium
D3291 Typing/word processing pools
C313 UK
A21/3 UK legislation
L747347 Ultra-violet lighting
L762210 Ultrasonic systems
N3872 Ultraviolet radiation
L82110 Umbrella stands
D3112 UN
JK12 Under purlin/Inside rail panel linings
L78222 Underfloor trunking
E86 Underground buildings
D1251 Underground car parks
L7824 Underground enclosures
L7312 Underground pipes and fittings
D1121 Underground railways
D112 Underground railways, light rail transit systems
JC12 Underground services survey
H725 Underground support
D1633 Underground transmission
L53611 Underlay
JD5 Underpinning
JD50 Underpinning
M9253 Underwater cleaning equipment
L747336 Underwater lighting
M9221 Underwater welding equipment
D3351 Underwriting facilities
JP20 Unframed isolated trims/skirtings/sundry items
JV32 Uninterrupted power supply
L7412 Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
H741 Unit enclosures
Q(410) United Kingdom of Gt Britain and N Ireland
N153 Units of measurement/dimensional systems
Q Universal Decimal Classification
D721 Universities
D763 University, college, school libraries
N513 Unorganised groups
L8715 Upholstery
G222 Upper floors
D1674 Uranium mines
B56 Urban planning
P7115 Urea formaldehyde
L72113 Urinals
Q(899) Uruguay
Q(73) USA
F911 Usable area
N44 Usefulness, obsolescence, degree of utilisation
N41 User activities
F191 User functional departments
N51 User groups, communities
N5 Users, resources
N41:D587 Using parks, gardens
D3417 Utilities service centres
D1 Utilities, civil engineering facilities
Q4 Vacant
JS50 Vacuum
L72411 Vacuum cleaners
L71332 Vacuum pumps
L71321 Vacuum/pressurised air supply
M124 Valves
L73131 Valves for sanitary pipes and fittings
L7117 Valves for water supply/distribution
L721041 Vanity units
M51671 Vans
L68124 Vapour barriers
C443242 Variable costs
M52753 Variable geometry rippers
Q67 Various industries, trades and crafts
L6825 Varnishes
L8722 Vases
JU31 VAV air conditioning
P62 Vegetable material
L81209 Vegetable plants
L444 Vehicle barriers
M516 Vehicle superstructures and trailers
M475 Vehicle-mounted platforms
D2756 Vehicles
M7433 Vehicles for feeding concrete block machines
N3313 Velocity of air
L8574 Vending machines
L66172 Veneered
P525 Veneers
L4224 Venetian blinds
Q(87) Venezuela
G524 Ventilation
M616 Ventilation and dust extraction
JU Ventilation/Air conditioning systems
JU1 Ventilation/Fume extract
L4187 Ventilators/condensation controls/glazing channels
N3253 Venting/control of smoke and fumes
F651 Verandahs
L21551 Verge markers
L52945 Verges
D12841 Verges, soft shoulders
L6123 Vermiculite
P319 Vermiculite
L686 Vermin control
L4225 Vertical blinds
L825101 Vertical carousels
N1524 Vertical dimensions
E573 Vertical lift bridges
L41309 Vertical pivot
L41306 Vertical sliding
F12 Vertically divided parts of buildings
L71322 Vessels for medical gases
D638 Vestries
D461 Veterinary hospitals
M71275 Vibrating grinding mills
M6227 Vibrating hammer/extractor
M6311 Vibrating rollers
M7131 Vibrating screens
M74105 Vibrating tables
L71165 Vibration (hammer) arrestors
L7843 Vibration damping
L762206 Vibration detector systems
L6817 Vibration insulation
JY52 Vibration isolation mountings
N3191 Vibration properties and characteristics
M6321 Vibration rammers
M4519 Vibrators for material conveying and pneumatic conveyor lines
D8145 Vicarages, rectories, etc.
D4477 Victims of abuse
L761341 Video monitors/walls
A97 Video, film
D5323 Village halls, general purpose community halls
P7116 Vinyl
L5364 Vinyl sheets, synthetic linoleum
D58332 Virtual reality amusement facilities
N368 Visibility
D5841 Visitor centres
N5375 Visitors
G552 Visual display
L7612 Visual information
L8459 Visual message systems
L76124 Visual signals for buildings
P337 Vitreous china
JK15 Vitreous enamel linings/panelling
P4324 Vitreous enamelled aluminium
P4147 Vitreous enamelled steel
L6844 Vitreous enamelling
M2134 Void forms
N245 Volcanic eruptions
D56737 Volleyball
N3851 Voltage (volts)
L74512 Voltage meters
L78613 Volume measuring
N1522 Volume, capacity
C45922 Vouchers
D1423 VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing) facilities
Q(66) W Africa; e.g. Ghana, Nigeria
Q(78) W States
P535 Waferboard
M2121 Walers
Q(410.3) Wales
L4312 Walkways, elevated walkways
M21 Wall and floor formwork systems
L513 Wall cladding panels, slabs; facing slabs
L511 Wall cladding sections
L5141 Wall cladding sheets
L514 Wall cladding, lining sheet materials
L3262 Wall connectors
L515 Wall coverings
L51 Wall coverings, claddings, linings
L517 Wall finishing coatings
G333 Wall internal finishes
L516 Wall linings
L5161 Wall panelling
M2273 Wall shutter clamps
L3263 Wall ties and cramps
L512 Wall tiles
L83122 Wall units
L8736 Wallhangings
H422 Walls
H623 Walls
H323 Walls (non horizontal construction)
L82112 Wardrobe rails
L82101 Wardrobes
D4141 Wards/inpatients facilities
JT40 Warm air heating
JT41 Warm air heating (small scale)
M9131 Warning lamps
M92311 Warning signs
L72104 Washbasins
L72106 Washing fountains, troughs
L7221 Washing machines
M714 Washing machines, scoops for sand, gravel, etc.
N462 Waste
L7236 Waste disposal units
D5183 Waste food handling facilities
L73 Waste handling equipment
B5:D17 Waste management, pollution control planning
N336 Wastes, pollution, harmful effects of matter
M9124 Watchman’s heaters
M9134 Watchman’s lamps
L711 Water and general supply/storage/distribution
M2285 Water bar ties
L68222 Water based
L83252 Water coolers
L21712 Water distribution systems products
L216 Water engineering construction products
D175/8 Water engineering facilities
C3844 Water engineers
G731 Water features, pools
L71151 Water filters, purifiers
N3345 Water leakage
M92116 Water levels
D17132 Water mains
G751 Water mains
L217121 Water mains
L7118 Water meters
L7164 Water mist (fine water spray)
D54691 Water polo pools
L63103 Water reducing agents
L68325 Water repellent impregnations
L63102 Water retaining agents
D56783 Water skiing
L81331 Water slides, flumes
L71152 Water softeners, conditioners
D17126 Water softening plant
M5171 Water storage tank trailer
G50 Water supply
JS1 Water supply
N41:D171 Water supply
D1713 Water supply distribution facilities
D171 Water supply facilities
L2171 Water supply products, large scale/municipal/mains
D1711 Water supply storage facilities
D1712 Water supply treatment facilities, water works
M517 Water supply vehicles and equipment
N41:D17 Water supply; disposal
D1711:E42 Water tanks, water towers
E42:D1711 Water tanks, water towers
JY21 Water tanks/cisterns
L218222 Water tower components
L21822 Water towers
D13 Water transport and protection facilities
N41:D13 Water travel
L7115 Water treatment
L21711 Water treatment products
N3331 Water vapour penetration
N3332 Water vapour permeability
L3352 Waterbars
L82314 Waterbeds
L747345 Waterproof lighting
JJ Waterproofing
KW Waterproofing
L6813 Waterproofing
L63109 Waterproofing agents
L74521 Watt-hour recorders (electricity meters)
D13713 Wave deflectors
D5476 Wave generation plant
D5466 Wave pools
D16171 Wave power
D1371 Wave protection works
D13711 Wave screens
D13712 Wave walls
L721114 WC cisterns
N8727 Weakening
N8724 Wear
N226 Weather tightness, proofing
L4189 Weatherbars, weatherseals, draught excluders
L5111 Weatherboarding
N227 Weathering
P4158 Weathering
L81108 Weathervanes
M222 Wedges
M7253 Weighgear
M4515 Weighing conveyors
L78615 Weighing instruments
M83 Weighing machines for construction materials
M84 Weighing machines for vehicles
L21615 Weir components
D177 Weirs, barrages
N6623 Weldability
L672 Welded joint products
M9226 Welding accessories
M9223 Welding electrodes
M922 Welding equipment
N41:D44 Welfare
D446/7 Welfare facilities by type of user
D44 Welfare facilities, homes
F:D44 Welfare space
M6215 Well drilling systems
D17111 Wells
Q(729) West Indies
L6411 Wet (ready to use)
D13131 Wet docks
JS62 Wet risers
D1721 Wet waste collection
D1723 Wet waste disposal facilities
D172 Wet waste facilities
L731 Wet waste handling products
N41:D172 Wet waste, sewage treatment
D1174 Wheel lathes
M5242 Wheel-loaders
M9344 Wheelbraces
M52611 Wheeled dozers
D5467 Whirlpools/spa pools
L82424 Whole body driers
D341 Wholesaling, auction and market facilities, etc.
D3411 Wholesaling/factory retail facilities
N36121 Wide spectrum artificial light
M43 Winches
N223 Wind
L74214 Wind driven generating sets
N252 Wind effects
D16173 Wind power
L75352 Wind tower ventilation systems
D1343 Winding holes
M2132 Window formers
L4182 Window furniture
L6613134 Window leading materials
G321 Windows
JL10 Windows
L413 Windows
JL Windows/Doors/Stairs
JL1 Windows/Rooflights/Screens/Louvres
F121 Wings
D5675 Winter sports
L21103 Wire ropes for suspension bridges
L661304 Wired/corrugated wired glass
L6762 Wires
M487 Wires
L746211 Wiring cables
D85811 With en-suite facilities
D85821 With en-suite facilities
D3341 With offices/accommodation
D85812 Without en-suite facilities
D85822 Without en-suite facilities
D3342 Without offices/accommodation
JM42 Wood block/Composition block/Parquet flooring
P536 Wood cement particleboard
L613 Wood particles
P219 Wood wool cement
E513 Wooden bridges
P614 Wool
JA5 Work by others or subject to instruction
JA53 Work by statutory authorities
L85 Work environment furniture, fittings
M322 Work platforms
JM3 Work related to plastered coatings
J Work sections for buildings
K Work sections for civil engineering works
JA50 Work/Materials by the employer
L8541 Workbenches
JE41 Worked finishes/Cutting to in situ concrete
C4555 Worker control
C458 Working conditions, nature of work
C652 Working drawings including CAD
F42 Working space
D2811 Works
G471 Works of art
G47 Works of art, soft furnishings
C4239 Workshops, seminars, conferences
C444343 World banks
N41:D6 Worship, religion
M21121 Wrecking strips
D567133 Wrestling
L8454 Writing boards
M226 Wrot
P423 Wrought iron
L22244 X-ray shielded rooms
D2684 Yards
D3765 Young offenders institutions, borstals
D5341 Youth centres
D8551 Youth hostels
P45 Zinc
P451 Zinc alloy, mazac
JH74 Zinc strip/sheet coverings/flashings
L75511 Zone controls
Q59 Zoology

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GBE Uniclass 1 1997 Classification

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GBE Uniclass 1 1997 Classification
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