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GBE Learning Website

GBE Learning

  • GBE Learning a sustainability multi-format programme of learning activities fit for 2020 is now launched
  • GBE Learning comprises a series of webinars, workshops, visits, and more, which arrive in the Spring of 2020.
  • Following a few exchanges and meetings with Edith Colomba of Make a Difference (MaD) and Ecocentric Design, we have decided to join forces to offer what we both have to heart: ‘sharing the knowledge that matters’ and so GBE Learning is launched!!
  • Join us on this learning programme and be the change that you want to see in the world’.


GBE Learning Events

How to take action now

Human-centered sustainability

GBE Learning Workshops (London)

GBE Learning Building Visits (London)

GBE Learning Event Formats

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Exemplar Building Visits
  • Learning Archive
  • ‘Chosen by you’ sessions

GBE Learning Event Categories

Circular Economy: including

  • Resource efficiency, Waste Hierarchy, Design for Construction, Maintenance Deconstruction Reclaim and Reuse

Carbon Conscious Design: including

  • Carbon Definitions, Low carbon materials, Carbon Sequestration, Bio-based construction

Health and Wellbeing: including

  • Healthy materials, Indoor air quality, Mental wellbeing

Traditional Building Refurbishment: including

  • Moisture control, insulation, PAS 2035

Climate Change Resilience: including

  • Overheating,

Sustainable Materials: including

  • Green or Violet, Insulation, Samples, Properties, Applications

Exemplar Building Visits: Including

  • The New British Library

Chosen By You: including

  • Topics, Subjects, Visits, Workshops

GBE Learning Bespoke Services

See the full calendar and book your place.
Feel free to forward this email to your contacts and invite them to join you
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Looking forward to seeing you online and/or in person,

Edith and Brian

GBE Feedback

Russell Smith Managing Director at Parity Projects

  • Good luck guys, this is a great thing!
  • Brilliant idea. What a great collaboration. Very happy to help with building visits or talks, just let me know?
  • What a wonderful idea, well done! 

Ian Cooper Director of Eclipse Research and AECB member

  • I like your ‘new look’ and hope it brings you greater success.

Julia ‘Joolz’ Bennett Director of Natural Architecture and AECB member

  • Such great news Brian, Well done!
  • Ever supportive

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23rd November 2019 – 11th February 2020

GBE Learning Website

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Eco-centric Design Ltd. Refurbishment, Health and Wellbeing Designer

Eco-centric Design Ltd. Refurbishment, Health and Wellbeing Designer

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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
23rd November 2019 – 19th February 2020

GBE Learning Website
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