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Creating Categories Hierarchy G#2582

By 14 September 2015July 3rd, 2019GBE Under Construction

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Creating Categories Hierarchy

Creating Categories Hierarchy

  • Clever thing about WordPress by creating a hierarchy of Categories and assigning them to Posts you build the website’s sitemap automatically.
  • So you need to be a bit thoughtful about their arrangement.
  • Remembering that search engines do not want to be chasing moving targets every few years.
  • Taking the NGS website sitemap as a starting point and adding the GBE Marketing ambitions the website hierarchy has had to evolve.
  • But the 1800 pages from NGS website need a GBE home so the sitemap is not radically different but evolving from one or 2 roots in place of many.
  • The thing that does not happen is dropdown menus are not created and developed for you.
  • Once the hierarchy is complete and Posts have been assigned Categories I will generate the sitemap and turn it into navigationspages.
  • Posts can be in many categories so can appear in many places in the site map, so cross referencing between Posts with similar topics is less important
  • But the site can become crowded and could feel a bit repetitive.

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