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GBE website right name right place G#59

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GBE website right name right place

Welcome home,
Hey, this is very exciting, I now have a brand new website with the right name and in the right place, ready to start all the wonderful ideas I have spinning around in my head.
Over the next months we will be transferring the 1771 pages from the prototype website (, renaming the pages and refining the site map.
We are planning a Crowd Fund Campaign to kick state the website and try to get 30,000 pages created in 5 years.
Over the following months I plan to start building the GBE 2D View interface to the GBE Encyclopaedia to help find the information you want from those 30,000 pages.
I will mention the new website ambitions in a presentation at the Vision London Exhibition at Olympia, first week in June 2015, do come to hear about it first hand.
If I don’t see you there I will be telling you about the project ambitions here over the following months and years.
Looking forward to seeing you back here soon.

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