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Specifiers Design Forum SDF (Event) G#367 N#368

By 9 June 2014February 18th, 20202014, Archive, Blog, Conference, Events, News
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Specifiers Design Forum SDF Event

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Specifiers Design Forum SDF Event

  • Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist)
  • NGS Founder, Environmental Sustainability and Specification Consultant


  • “Specification is part of the design process”
  • © Alan Forsyth


  • Specification is the invisible pillar of design
  • © Howard de Mont 070406


  • If you can design it
    We can define it
  • © Howard de Mont 070406

Michael Foster, AA Dipl, MA, RIBA, MCSD, Architecte DAA (France)

  • Partner of The Tooley & Foster Partnership
  • Michael Foster is one of the UK’s leading key opinion formers in the architectural industry.
  • He has taught at many design schools, including The Royal College of Art and The Architectural Association and has been external examiner at a number of leading schools of architecture.
  • He is editor of the book ‘Principles of Architecture: Style, Structure and Design’.
  • President of The Architectural Association 1989-91,
  • a Trustee of the Geffrye Museum 1990-97 and
  • Secretary of the Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture 1996-03,
  • Michael has a wide knowledge of commercial and educational, high quality residential and Listed Building projects in particular.
  • Mike Foster will be the conference Chairman.

Alan Jones, BSc (Hons)

  • SKM Anthony Hunts
  • Alan Jones has a broad experience of using different materials and structures including in-situ and pre-cast concrete, timber frame and structural steel, with a particular interest in glass, reinforced plastics and fabric structures.
  • He has lectured extensively and written papers for the Institution of Structural Engineers.
  • His experience in concrete resulted in the commission of a number of exciting projects where the material was used as an important part of the environmental control system.
  • This is illustrated by the Jubilee Library, Brighton, which received awards in 2005 from The Concrete Society and the British Construction Industry Awards where it took the Building Award and the Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award.
  • Other recent work has included major Millennium Commission projects, most notably the Eden Project.
  • Since 1995 Alan has been responsible for the civil and structural design of the infrastructure and all the buildings on site including: Two Biomes; Link Restaurant; Visitors’ Centre; the Eden Institute Building; Staff Facilities Building; the Core (education building) and various canopies/walkways.


  • Alan will be discussing how he’s used specification as a design instrument on some of the UK’s most visually interesting structures including the Jubilee Library, the Eden Project, the Rolling Bridge at Paddington and the Waterloo International Terminal.

Howard de Mont, AA Dipl, RIBA

  • Founder of the Specifiers’ Design Forum and Specification Facilitator at Benoy
  • Howard holds an Architectural Association Diploma and over the last twenty years has written specifications for projects with a cumulative value in excess of £2,000 million.
  • His portfolio includes: Bluewater shopping centre, the Bullring in Birmingham, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the BA World Cargo and BA HQ at Heathrow Airport.
  • Within the industry, Howard is regarded as one of the protagonists on the role specification plays in the design process and is regularly approached to give professional lectures across the UK.


  • Howard will be discussing how the RIBA Plan of Work could be updated to reflect a more modern and integrated approach to the design process.

Peter Caplehorn RIBA

  • Peter is the Technical Director and heads Scott Brownrigg architects Technical Services with additional responsiblity for Scott Brownrigg Safety Management.
  • With over 20 years experience at Scott Brownrigg he has become increasingly involved with technical innovation and compliance.
  • His involvement in conceptual and detailed design has always focussed upon ‘buildability’.
  • His management of many projects, notably airport, office and the refurbishment of large facilities, has led to building close relationships with clients and occupiers faced with potentially disruptive programmes.


  • Peter will be discussing how specification can control the qualities of a project through description data and processes.

Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch(Hons + Dist)

  • Founder of National Green Specification
  • An architect by training and specification consultant by choice for the past 20+ years, his portfolio includes various large-scale projects across the UK, including the New British Library.
  • For the past four years, Brian has developed his knowledge of environmentally sound design and construction, conveying his learnings through the National Green Specification.
  • He has developed a DTI, WRAP, Envirowise and GO-East funded interest in waste prevention, minimisation management, reclaim, reuse or recycling of products, materials and packaging and offers over 300+ Environmentally Sustainable Construction seminars as CPD topics.


  • Brian will be examining the ‘perceived’ barriers to sustainable design and specification.

Dominic Meyrick MSc Bachelor of Arts {Honours in Design for Industry}

  • Lighting Principal/Associate Partner of Hoare Lea
  • A graduate from the Bartlett College of Architecture, Dominic is currently the Lighting Principal at Hoare Lea Lighting.
  • He is responsible for the Lighting Scheme Design for major projects, primarily in London, but with responsibilities for lighting design throughout the practice.
  • He previously worked as a Senior Lighting Designer at Marlin Lighting.


  • Dominic will discuss the need for product specification at an early stage in the design process in order to ensure the visual impression both the designer and user require.

Andrew Stanway

  • Property Developer and Psychologist
  • Seminar:
  • Andrew Stanway, a psychologist, will examine what influences a client’s motivation, unconscious drives and aspirations when specifying high-end residential developments.

Other seminars

  • SustainabilityDefinitions.ppt
  • RouteToTheFuture.ppt

Specifiers’ Design Forum Objectives (long)

  • To get Specification on a stronger footing in Architectural Practice
  • To reclaim Specification’s past authority
  • To have Specification identified in the RIBA Plan of Work as a separate task
  • To get Specification on the Architectural Education Curriculum

Specifiers’ Design Forum Objectives (short)

  • Promote the importance of Specification
  • Promote Specification to the Architectural Curriculum
  • Amplify Specification in the RIBA Plan of Work
  • Re-establish authority of Specification

Building Blocks for Better Practise include:

  • Specification to be a key consideration throughout brief interpretation and design process
  • Allocation of proportionate specification expertise within the design team
  • Integration and interaction with specification writers during crucial planning meetings
  • Prevention of product substitution through robust specification practices
  • Increased knowledge management among architects and designers using industry standard software

Liz Reason

  • How can we ensure that specification remains a key consideration throughout?
  • Who should hold responsibility for specification within the design team?
  • How can we integrate the specification writers into the design team meetings?
  • How can specification defend itself against substitution?
  • How can we use industry standard specification software in knowledge management?

Drawings provide

  • Plan Shape, Length, Changes of direction, Slope, Height, Volume, Articulation
  • Location of surfaces, edges, corners;
  • Location of openings, changes of materials, joints within materials,
  • Geometry of components, assembly sequence, complimentary components

Specifications Provide

  • Materials, grades, performance class or levels, sizes, tolerances
  • Colour, grain, texture, figure, pattern, direction, profile, finish, gloss level
  • Transparency, translucency, opacity
  • Assembly sequence, joints, bond, profile, pattern, tolerances,
  • Tools, methods and workmanship

Specifications also…

  • Dictate:
  • Regulatory
  • Performance Requirements
  • Test Methods
  • Pass levels
  • Corrective processes
  • Airtightness testing
  • Heat loss minimisation
  • Timber Quality v FSC
  • Specialist Tradesmen Appendix
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Packaging Waste
  • Sustainable Furniture
  • Tolerances
  • Durability & Design Life
  • Materials & Characteristics
  • Less of everything and less waste as well
  • Reclaimed for reuse or recycled
  • Natural & Renewable
  • Legal and Sustainable
  • Low Allergy & Non-toxic
  • Non-Synthetic & Low VOC
  • Non-hazardous in manufacture & use
  • ZODP Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Low embodied energy: CO2

SoftAir sofa

  • 100% recyclable
  • Polyolefin plastic
  • Slow burn, non-toxic fumes in fire
  • 83% fewer resource used
  • Inflated by lungs or foot pump
  • Occupies 10% of space in transport/ storage
  • Removable covers for cleaning and updating

Phenix Biocomposite desk

  • Plant Based Resin
  • Annually renewable, sustainable and recycled resource
  • Recycled paper, soy bean resin and colour additive
  • Feel of hardwood
  • 1.5 times strength of oak
  • Worked similarly to wood
  • 5 – 15% lighter than wood
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • 70% less energy

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

  • 67% recycled parts
  • 100% recycled aluminium (95% better than virgin: energy, materials, water and air)
  • ISO labelled for recycling
  • Designed for disassembly
  • Dematerialises conventional chair construction
  • 10 year design life
  • Repairable
  • Recyclable

© GBE, NGS, ASWS, Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist)

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
9th June 2014 – 18th February 2020

Specifiers Design Forum SDF Event

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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
9th June 2014 – 18th February 2020

Specifiers Design Forum SDF Event
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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
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