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Communicating Product Data BIM4M2 G#11309

By 2 June 2016February 27th, 20192016, Current, Daily Updates, Events, MicroBlogs, News, Workshop
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Communicating Product Data BIM4M2:
New Workshop 30 June

Communicating Product Data BIM4M2:
New Workshop 30 June

  • BIM4M2 are running workshop events for Trade Associations to help them help their members communicate product data. Our next workshop will be in London on 30th June 2016.
  • Product data is essential for the delivery, maintenance and operation of any physical built asset.
  • It is important to share consistent, accurate information to enable specification, assembly and ongoing maintenance and replacement through an asset’s life cycle.
  • It is essential that we the product manufacturers are able to communicate our product information in a way that is low cost and ensures that the information is supplied relevant to the maturity stage of the project.
  • Through a joint initiative between the Construction Products Association, HMG BIM Task Group and BIM4M2 a free-to-all plain language dictionary and template tool` will be provided that enables users to access, create and download data templates combining information requirements from a number of industry sources.
  • To support the terminology and information requirements for each product type/ application will need to be defined, it is essential that this is completed by the product experts: “manufacturers”.
  • BIM4M2 are inviting trade associations to attend our events where we aim to communicate this process and how to be involved, we believe that trade associations are best placed to lead the definition of the requirements for each product type.

  • The next workshop will take place in London on 30th June:

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