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By 15 January 2015June 6th, 2016Blog, News, Other's Stuff

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Other’s Blogs

Other’s Blogs

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Carbon Free Group The Sustainability Consortium Making Zero-Carbon Living a Reality
Jae Mather Director of Sustainability

Green 15 audio blog

 ech2o Cath Hassell: Water and Carbon Specialist

2015 blog: ‘Public Toilet Provision, Gender and Menstration’

  • The latest two World of Water blogs are out. Clara Greed’s ‘Public Toilet Provision, Gender and Menstration’ blog discussing how public toilets are the missing link in creating sustainable, accessible and equitable cities.

2015 blog: Water Use in The House

  • And Tina Holt steps in to talk about ‘Water Use in The House’, how her and her family set out to become the most water efficient they could and what this meant in effort, cost and results.

2014 Blog: ‘Showering with Polar Bears’

  • The new blog is out for December.
  • This time Cath discusses showering with a gadget that gets you considering the direct impact of your shower on melting ice caps and cute polar bears.
  • A gadget that requires no batteries and provides you with an energy rating at the end!

2014 Shower Survey

  • Also…please take part in the ech2o shower survey and tell us about your shower habits. It’s anonymous so don’t worry you won’t be named and shamed in the next blog!

2013 blog: A year of showering variously

2012 blog:

TGR Blog
Latest blogs

RTPI East Of England

  • Quick snippets of information on events and other happenings in the RTPI East of England can now be found on our new blog at  
  • Have a look! 
  • Being interactive, you can make your own comments and make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to receive updates.


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Other’s Blogs


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Other’s Blogs
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ech2o Shower Survey

2014 Shower Survey

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