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GBE Future Facing Environmental Bathrooms (BrainStorm) G#15701

Future facing Environmental Bathrooms

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GBE Future Facing Environmental Bathrooms BrainStorm

GBE Future Facing Environmental Bathrooms BrainStorm

Future-facing Sustainable Bathrooms, Bathing and Sanitaryware


  • Chicane pathway with no inter-visibility entering and leaving public toilets
  • No doors and no ironmongery for bacteria transfer
  • Interior designers seem to be pushing for unisex communal toilets in offices
    • Space saving seems to be the driver
    • Socialising will probably consume more time
      • But happier staff?
  • Sequential layouts with some logic to the movement of people
    • Time saving navigation and sequence of activities
  • Wet-soap-dry machines in larger numbers or phased out in high demand toilets
    • Need to keep customers flowing
    • Will hand wash and drying taps over basins clog up the flow of people
  • Architect designed vanity unit/basin tops banned!
    • Avoid splash water flooding vanity top then dripping onto floors
    • Architect designed vanity unit tops and taps tested together on full-flow, low-flow and drip-drip.
  • Outward opening door to small cubicles (French approach) to reduce space needed
    • Robust internally hooking ironmongery to give users confidence
  • Consider Ska rating (Environmental Assessment Method) for fit-out and refit.
    • More robust and comprehensive than BREEAM


  • All water saving profiles/outlets
  • Proximity actuated, water saving, flow regulated, aerated taps (except bath taps)
  • No more tooth brushing with tap open long term

Proximity actuation (presence or departure)

  • Proximity actuated low water flow sprinkler taps
  • No-more percussion push-taps ever especially in pressurized multi-storey projects
  • No more water hammer (for quiet Schools Universities Hospitals)
  • Proximity actuated foaming soap dispensers


  • Smart baths for water management
  • Voice actuated and voice recognition
  • Fills the bath for you
  • Knows your temperature and depth preference(s) and lighting/music scenarios,


Another mist shower

Water saving showers (even if rain showers)

  • Smart showers for water management
  • Voice actuated and voice recognition
  • Knows your temperature preference, head settings, stops and starts water for you
  • Audible
  • “Wet, soap-up, rinse”
  • Count down
  • Controls with attitude
  • lets you know when you’re consuming too much water
  • or lingering too long


  • Effective visual privacy between urinals
  • Elbow rests on urinal dividers in public houses! Somewhere to lean if drunk!
  • Waterless smell-extracting urinals
  • Visual privacy if urinals are part of communal unisex toilets (unlikely)
  • Female urinals will probably never catch on except at music festivals
  • Too many risks of wet clothes to consider them?

Rainwater harvesting

  • Effective Wisy filters on down pipes
  • To Flush toilets
  • Clothes Washing Machine

Grey water harvesting

  • From basins to flush toilets
    • Australian basin on WC cistern
    • Roca/Laufen model basin beside WC
    • See 2009 Future bathrooms (right column)
  • From baths to flush toilets
  • In wall pre plumbed systems
  • No energy intensive UV or chemical cleaning of water
  • If you must, use Solar PV to run it

Fabric first refurbishments

  • Whenever a bathroom is refurbished or refitted, use it as a trigger point for a proper job
  • Decent Homes, privately, Insurance repairs, etc.
  • All removed parts diverted from landfill for reuse or recycling
  • Insulate the external walls, and all voids that are opened up, properly for before refitting
  • So it does not have to be undone and then redone later (GreenDeal, ECO)
  • Refit with access panels to minimize leak damage and avoid refits next time
  • Insulate all hot and cold pipes everywhere not just the 1st meter from the cyclinder


  • No more noisy hand driers
  • ‘Quiet mark’ promoted more widely
  • Awarded to exceptionally quiet fast-air blower hand-driers
  • Not just to the first company that asked to be assessed
  • And not likely to be awarded to Dyson Airblade (whether they applied or not)
  • Men not allowed to pee standing up in blocks of flats and hotels after 9pm
  • Acoustic privacy in cubicles especially in unisex communal toilets
  • Airtightness measures at all pipes through walls/floors/roofs/partitions/ceilings/in casings/ducts

Vitreous china

  • Higher recycled content vitreous china:
  • Resource efficiency
  • Lower temperature baked vitreous china:
  • low embodied energy and potentially low embodied carbon


  • Reduced chemically intensive chromium plating to metalwork
  • Anti-bacterial silver-plated flush handles/plates/buttons/knobs/taps etc.

Anti-bacterial coatings:

  • Anti-bacterial silver-plated cubicle and door ironmongery on way out
  • Anti-bacterial silver-plated flush handles/plates/buttons knobs, taps, etc.
  • Anti-bacterial coated WC bowels: skid-mark-eating self-cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial coated everything in Prisons, Hospital and Mental institutions


  • Purpose-made profile single-piece rubber gasket water-tight seal to walls and floors:
  • avoiding silicone sealant:
  • easy reclaimable, cleanable, resalable and reusable china

Energy consumption

  • Effective design hand driers down to 500 Watts and still effective in 10 seconds
  • Fast air blower hand drying in preference to heat
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance promoted widely
  • Energy Technology List listed appliance adopted more widely
  • Shower waste heat recovery transferred to shower hot water supply, fitted everywhere
  • Insulated hot and cold pipes (everywhere including domestic)


  • Waterless smell-extracting urinals
  • Move away from PVC to ABS in downpipes
  • Move away from PVC to Polypropylene in waste pipes
  • Airtightness/acoustic/fire/smoke/weather measures at all pipes through elements
  • walls/floors/roofs/partitions/ceilings
  • Flow regulating/isolating valves
  • Insulated pipes everywhere

Electrical wiring

  • Move away from PVC sheathing to Low Smoke Low Halogen LSLH

Water consumption

  • Isolation/flow regulation valves on all appliances
  • Set to low flow by default (CITB Skills training needed)
  • Dual flush leak-free WC valves every time
  • Leek-free mono-block swivel taps
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance promoted widely
  • Water Technology List listed appliance adopted more widely

Leak-Flood prevention

  • Special valves to limit size of floods due to leaks, fitted on appliances:
  • Washing machines
  • Dish washers
  • Water fountains

Easter and western WC habits will probably never merge for the majority

  • Westerners with medical guidance may adopt squatting
  • Western poo inspection platforms will never catch on in UK except in medical buildings perhaps
  • Easterners catered for:
    • Robust Toilet seats that will not break if not lifted and squatted upon (Seen in schools)
    • Squatting profiled feet places on western sitting WC bowl?
  • Truly rimless toilets (not smaller rims) with a ledge
    • First seen by me in Belfast during their ‘troubles’
    • Assumed to be designed ‘nowhere to hide explosives’
  • Rimless toilets in Prison WCs
    • No where to hide ‘miniature mobiles, drugs, sharps’

© GBE NBS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
24th August 2017 – 27th August 2017

GBE Future Facing Environmental Bathrooms BrainStorm

Future facing Environmental Bathrooms

Future facing Environmental Bathrooms

© GBE NBS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
24th August 2017 – 27th August 2017

GBE Future Facing Environmental Bathrooms BrainStorm
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© GBE NBS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
24th August 2017 – 27th August 2017

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