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By 16 November 2015November 6th, 2020Code, Encyclopaedia, Links

www expertise com link

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Hi Brian, I just came across your website and found it really helpful.

I’m writing from, and I wanted to reach out because we just developed several home sustainability and energy efficiency guides that I think your readers would find really valuable.
Here’s a link below to our energy efficiency resources, which includes guides on heating and cooling, efficient lighting, window insulation, water conservation, solar energy, and more.
Because of our unbiased approach, many trusted websites, government organizations, non-profits, and interest groups use our guides as resources for their readers, including:
1) Yale University Department of Sustainability, listing our resource as “pros and cons of going solar,” (Link no longer live)
2) City of El Paso, Texas, listing our resource as “Xeriscaping – How to Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape,” (Link no Longer live)
3) Kentucky State Department for Environmental Protection, listing our resource as “Home Solar Panels: Pros, Cons and Hidden Costs,”
If you like our energy-efficiency guides and think your readers would find it useful, do you think you could include a link to it on your website here (biomass web page suggested was not a good target URL)
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.
Thea Datar
1525 4th Avenue Suite #700
Seattle, WA 98101
1 (877) 769-7769


I am no longer part of GreenSpec so I am a little surprised you can still find my email address there.
However I am developing launched to Google scrutiny September 2016
I will be interested in connecting to your site from here if you are still interested.

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16th November 2015 – 6th November 2020

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