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Phased Barn Conversion Temporary Flooring G#2788

By 21 September 2015November 19th, 2016Brainstorm, Code, Encyclopaedia, Links, Organisations, Q&A, Refurbishment

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Phased Barn Conversion Temporary Flooring

A barn conversion in stages:

  • Historic use: Barn
  • Current use: Redundant or storage
  • Temporary use: Design Office, Contractors Site Hut, Plant Room
  • Final Use: Home Office, Gym, Plant room


  • Brick and lime mortar, breathing building,
  • Timber frame roof (some rotten) hipped ends


  • Steel portal frame,
  • Beams and timber principle and jack rafters, expressed internally,
  • Radiation Barrier breathing thermal insulation:
    • Pavatex materials: soft between rafters, board over the rafters
  • Limecrete floor
  • Temporary internal floor lining: to avoid modifying partitions and doors later

Initial floor:

  • Add moisture permeable limecrete floor as base for temporary floor
  • Temporary floor:
    • 75 mm overall
  • Temporary use: site office floor:
    • Heavy wear and tear: materials, samples, equipment, tools, moisture ingress, dirt and dust, builders boots
    • Wearing surface material necessary
    • Moisture resistance necessary
    • Consider reuse at end of first temporary life
  • Consider loose laid, modular, butt jointed, heavy construction
    • Pallets cut in half to thickness, fill gaps or refit boards butt jointed
    • Battens and softwood to 75 mm,
    • Salvaged timber into panels
    • Large softwood cable drums disassembled for softwood
  • Consider loose laid, overlapping, butt or T&G jointed
    • Dense timber fibre reinforced desulfurisation gypsum underlayment boards
      • Sacrificial top layer or show bottom face in reuse application
      • Fermacell G#3191
  • Consider shower floor gratings to ventilate floor void
  • Consider cabin latches to enable easy removal of panels
  • Consider Ceramic tiles dry laid on rubber matrix (replaces adhesive and grout)

Final floor:

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