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Animal (Materials) G#16486

By 27 December 2017February 19th, 2019Animal, Bio-Based Vegetable, Design, Encyclopaedia, Materials

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Animal Material

Animal Material


  • Fur, hair, Wool, Feather
    • Thermal Conductivity Insulation
  • Horse hair
    • Reinforced plaster
  • Horse manure
    • Used in render/plaster mix
    • Landscape compost
  • Sewage
    • Lightweight Expanded Sewage Aggregate (LESA)
  • Skin
    • Cow Leather
    • Fish Leather
  • Bone
    • Connecting Toggle
    • Aggregate
    • Take extra care to ensure all brain and nerve tissue is removed
  • Bone and connective tissue
    • Glue
  • Egg
    • Used in natural paints
  • Milk
    • Used in natural paint


  • Damp Proof Layer (DPL)
    • Loose shells in layer (prevents capillary action upwards)
    • Vapour open (no barrier to moisture vapour or ground gas)
    • Trickle layer (enables water to trickle downwards)
    • Will not prevent rising ground water table reaching ground floor
  • Lime/cement replacement
    • (energy intensive, less than cement)
    • Plaster/Render

Not coral

  • even if destroyed by bad fishing techniques
  • even if destroyed by warming oceans

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Animal Material

Sheep’s Wool

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Animal Material
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