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GBC Poster (CPD) G#39556

By 10 May 2021June 3rd, 2021CPD, Encyclopaedia, Files, Poster
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GBC Poster CPD

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  • Created for: CIBSE Convention Poster, MaD Make a Difference Network
  • Presented to: MaD hangout #3 10/05/2021 WEBINAR
  • Author: BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy ONC HNC Construction BSc Dip Architecture (Hons+Dist)
  • © GBE GBL GBC NGS ASWS 08/05/2021 – 10/05/2021
  • Created: 08/05/2021
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  • Updated: 10/05/2021
  • Tags: CPD, Lecture, Poster, Webinar, Video, Green Building Calculator V2
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GBE CPD Content

(without images; See the slide show for the pictures)

MaD Make a Difference

MaD Hangout No.3

10th May 2021 6:30 pm


  • Architectural Technician and Architect by training (45 years)
  • Specification writer by choice (36)
    • –£2415m specified, British Library, Bluewater, etc,
  • NBS Specification trainer (5 years 28 years ago)
  • CPD Provider (26 years & >1000 PPTX seminars)
    • –Met MaD Edith at one in Reading
  • Environmentalist by action (22 years)
  • Public Speaker (22 years)
  • Educator by calling (14 y, despite RIBA Syllabus)
  • Waste & Recycling Research (3 years 15 y ago)
  • 3 Websites: writer and editor (10 years & 2090 pages, 30,000 to go, 30 awards) GBE GBL GBC
  • 9000 term Jargon Buster
  • Number cruncher (11 years see above)
  • Interreg Project CAPEM on LCA (5 years)
  • Bat and Bird Roost Book author 2 editions
  • Green Building Calculator (1 year, 3 awards already)
  • 4 weeks from being pensioned off
  • Starting my 4th career and I won’t stop now

In a 45 year career

  • I see Clients wishing to invest well in a green, healthy, economic to run and functional building to fit the business like a glove
  • End up with what our industry gives them not what they wanted
  • I have seen battens dropped at every stage by every party
  • I have seen building projects go from green to violet (BAU)
  • Driven by QS towards business as usual cheapness by default
  • Starts with a violet cost plan for a green building, tendered by a violet contractor with a violet supply chain, all the green healthy bits get cut out to meet the violet cost plan
  • I see Value Engineering (Grenfell’s Hackett’s Race to the Bottom) happening even before going to tender
  • Contractors substituting and surreptitious substituting for cheaper incompetent materials and products on site
  • Performance gaps between designed and built performance
  • I want a Quality Surveyor not a Quantity Surveyor
  • I want Architects to be able to cost plan their own projects
  • I want a Green Building Price Book for all to use
  • We now have to care about carbon, become carbon literate and know enough to care and defend the specification and building in-use performance
  • I want all powerful calculators to let us see instantaneously the ramifications of any change of specification
  • I am reminded to be the changes we want to see in the world

GBC Ambitions

  • Create a Design & Decision Tool (more than LCA)
  • Help clients get what they want
    • –Stop Green projects turning Violet
    • –Help avoid the ‘race to the bottom’
    • –Practice well-informed Value Engineering
  • Not cost cutting of individual components
    • –Set targets: regulation minimum or best practice
  • Calculate the embodied energy and carbon in a whole building
    • –in all the materials, products, fixed furniture, equipment, services, landscape, everything
  • Calculate the cost of those materials, products
  • Calculate the in-use energy of the same building
    • –Fuel choice used to heat building,
  • Carbon factor in that fuel
    • –In-use carbon
  • Calculate the costs of chosen fuel
  • Compare with targets and adjust if needed

GBC Method

  • Create an Excel calculator to make that process familiar, easy, consistent and comprehensive
  • Make it rich in product and materials datasets that can be engaged easily
    • –Prevent their misuse by limiting choices to intention
    • –Manufacturers inform its designed intended use
    • –Avoid more Grenfell; GBC’s Golden Thread of information
  • Readymade building elements with components to populate with materials or product choices
    • –Choices automatically populates many cells with datasets
    • –Choose: Existing, remove, replace or new
  • It to automatically calculate every decision you make
  • Allow you to change anything and see many calculations update instantaneously
    • –Dimensions, performance, quantities, hours, fuel choice, temperatures, materials, products, costs,
  • Do real well informed system Value Engineering
    • –Not dumb individual Cost Cutting

Sharing GBC

  • Make it available to others
    • –To use themselves, in house
  • better equipped staff, aim towards carbon literacy
    • –Or as a consultancy offering (to them or by them)
    • –Supporting RIBA Competitions: Carbon datasets
    • –Analyse: house types, construction method, etc.
  • Make it easy to use
    • –Colour coded excel cell functions, add choose check
    • –Conditional formatting,
  • green to violet, warnings, confirmations
    • –Drop down lists to choose from (avoid miss-typing)
    • –Sets of instructions to follow
  • Popup instructions to add later
  • Audio or Video instruction to add asap.
  • As cheap as possible so accessible by many
    • –But pay for its development, upkeep and 29 version improvements, on an annual subscription
  • V1 Available: V2 soon

GBC Future 29 Versions

  • Get it independently accredited as competent
  • User group & steering group: prioritise development
  • Add hyperlinks into Green Building Encyclopaedia
  • More Product Dataset and Prices
    • –More LCA and EPD datasets
  • 892 Readymade Elemental Assemblies
    • –Walls Floors Roofs (passivhaus compliant)
    • –Users Bespoke elements (offer discounts)
    • –Manufacturer Accredited Assemblies and Systems
  • Other disciplines: (started but future development)
    • –Interiors & Furniture
    • –Mech. Elec. Lighting, Public Health Services
    • –Infrastructure & Landscape
  • Other Issues:
    • –waste, plastics, reclaim, reuse, biodiversity,
  • Specification Generator
    • –& FM Maintenance Spec
  • Green Building Price Book
  • Users datasets <> discount > subscription year(s) off
  • BIM App to get dimensions and BoM from Model

© GBE 2021

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
10th May 2021



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Poster 3 image Future development (added since the MaD event)

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
10th May 2021 – 3rd June 2021

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
10th May 2021

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