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LoftZone StoreFloor (Method Statement) G#14281

Product Data Sheet generated Method Statement LoftZone StoreFloors cover

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LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement

LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement

Method Statement Schedule: See below

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
28th December 2016

LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement

LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement

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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
28th December 2016

LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement
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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
28th December 2016

LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement

Method Statement: StoreFloor
Company: Eco Answers Ltd t/a LoftZone
Address: 82 Coast Road, West Mersea, Colchester, Essex, CO5 8LS
Product: StoreFloor
Offsite activity:
Delivery: Currently deliver to addresses worldwide
To your nominated safe place or local address (unattended delivery to residential)
To your construction site (named subcontractor’s ground level storage)
To your site’s consolidation centre
Delivery: By parcel courier service or pallet service
Delivery Charge: £10 plus VAT for parcel delivery;
pallet delivery at cost (depending on location)
Delivery Limitations: Saturdays limited to some products and some postcodes (Enquire by phone 01483 600304)
Delivery Time: Exceptions: next day; normal: 2 working days; maximum: 1 working week
Delivery packaging: StoreFloor components:
Cardboard boxes 1200 x 400 x 300 mm. with enclosed sealed instruction manual
StoreFloor components not made by LoftZone but available from LoftZone:
Decking in packs of three 15 kg. (5kg. each) on softwood pallets
Components not made by LoftFloor but available from LoftZone:
Insulation on softwood pallets
Ladders on softwood pallets
Collection for free from: Leicestershire warehouse (book in advance phone 01483 600304)
Off-site prefabrication: None, to enable handling through ceiling access hatch
All parts premade to size but not preassembled
Transport: By courier, pallet service or collected
Delivery logistics: For all deliveries LoftZone will contact site manager to determine delivery requirements and instruct the courier accordingly, including: delivery location address, tail mounted fork lift/lifting arm/curtain sided vehicle/pallets/pallet sizes, etc.
Consolidation centers: None provided by LoftZone; delivery to your site’s consolidation centre optional
Products: Galvanized steel cross beams 1150 l x 80-85 w x 50 d mm. Also available in 1750 and 2350mm lengths.
Recycled Nylon or Polypropylene supports 279 h x 75 w x 42 t mm and 279 h x 75 w x 50-250 t mm
Loft ladders: 1376 x 348 x 157 mm when folded
Materials: Thermal Insulation Polyethylene wrapped rolls of mineral fibre quilt
Flooring grade decking:
Chipboard 1220 x 325 x 18 mm. 3 No. per packor
Chipboard 2400 x 600 x 18 mm (individual units)
On site activity: 0
Handling: On pallets by forklift truck 500 kg (maximum weight)
Deck packs: manual handling 15 kg
StoreFloor Kits In cardboard boxes 15 kg (maximum weight)
StoreFloor components In cardboard boxes 15 kg (maximum weight)
Loft Ladders shrink wrapped, 5 kg (each)
Temporary storage: Under cover, off the ground, in original packaging
Do not allow cardboard boxes or content to get wet
Temporary works: Create a temporary landing platform inside the attic to receive boxed components, spanning over ceiling joists
Consider using first pack(s) of deck boards to create the temporary landing platform
Hoarding: not normally applicable
Scaffolding: not normally applicable, access upper floors via permanent stairs
Timing: 5 minutes to lay 1 m2, after setting out time
Portable electric drill/screwdriver battery life
Phasing and zoning: If necessary reposition (some or all) occupant’s possessions to allow progress, this can be done in phases
Clear space, construct platform, move possessions to completed deck, make room for next area of deck
Create platform and complete it before moving possessions onto platform
Do not overload ceiling joists or deck with high stacks of materials or possessions
Sequence of work for competency and protection: Work from hatch and temporary landing platform, away from hatch towards extremity, assembling platform as you progress, working from platform already created
If you progress from extremity back towards hatch then create temporary access and working platform bearing on ceiling joists repositioning platform as the work progresses
Modification: Do not modify supports, reposition decking or reduce size of deck area
Preparation: Move aside occupant’s belongings/possessions to enable creation of first area of StoreFloor platform
Create temporary landing platform for materials adjacent to hatch, leaving room for access
If insulation between ceiling joists is not present this should be completed before installing supports
If top-up insulation is already in existence, this will need to be rolled back, for setting out, to place and secure supports
Insitu conditioning: None required
Preparation of substrate bases and backgrounds: None required
Protection of worker: This is effectively working at height, there is a risk of falling through ceilings
Always use temporary access platforms over joists as the work progresses
PPE: Overalls, gloves, face mask, helmet and goggles recommended for work with existing and new insulation.
Helmet, gloves and goggles: Handling materials into loft, risk of sliding back down.
Helmet: Risk of head impacts in timber roof.
Knee protection: working on knees
Consider safety harnesses and landyard secured to roof timbers for working at height
Risk Assessment: Co-ordinate with the Contractors CDM Risk Assessments and comply
Interdependence of trades: Power cables must not be buried in thermal insulation without upgrading the cables.
Coordinate with the Electrical and Plumbing sub-contractors to complete any modifications before commencing
Recessed ceiling lighting may need access for fitting and maintaining before and after installation
Congested sites: No issues anticipated
Congested working: Only if electricians or plumbers are not complete before commencing StoreFloor; coordinate sequencing and timing to minimise hindrance
Methods of pre-assembly: Not applicable, to enable handling through ceiling attic hatch
Offering up: Not applicable
Craning: Not anticipated, use hoist and fork lift trolley or truck for pallets
Sequence of assembly: Follow instruction manual or instruction video
Previous trades, preparation, setting out, supports, screws, beams, screws, decks, screws, possessions
Final piece assembly: Cross-beams can slide over supports to negotiate adjacent obstructions
Avoid staggered boarding to minimise limitations for future access to services
Safe access for maintenance and removal or replacement of damaged pieces: The deck provides access, if required roll back insulation and use temporary platform on ceiling joists
Staff: StoreFloor is available via an installer network (Enquire by phone 01483 600304)
Skills: StoreFloor is suitable for Do-it-yourself
Accessories: Screws ‘Spax’ or equivalent, Wood Screws 4 x 40 mm No. 8 x 1.5″ countersunk head, and self-drill into steel
Top up thermal insulation
Decking boards
Equipment for installation: Retractable measuring tape
String, chalk line or laser and pencil
Portable battery drill/screwdriver with countersink and drill bits and spare battery on larger jobs
Protection of installed parts: None needed
Immediate use anticipated with transfer of belongings/possession onto deck as work progresses
Access after protection: Use deck, if permitted to use permanent installation during construction
Modification of protection: Not applicable
Warranty maintenance: None available
Final removal of protection: Not applicable
In retrofit: 0
Logistics of decanting possessions, storage and reinstatement upon completion: No decanting necessary, belongings/possessions relocated onto deck as the work progresses
Decanting of occupants, temporary accommodation and returning to homes: Not required but keep rooms below clear of occupants in case of accidents (falling through ceiling)
Demolition work: 0
Soft strip, deconstruction, reclaim: Unscrew all decking, cross-beams and supports, reclaim for reuse
Protect for handling, transport and storage ready for reuse
Hazardous removal: Not applicable
Demolition: Not applicable
Reuse: Ensure decking panels do not get wet,
Recycling on or off site: Not applicable
Excess to requirements: Return to stock
Return to stock: Full refund for returned to warehouse within 28 days (phone in advance 01483 600304)
Offcut take back: Not available
Packaging waste return to producer: Not available
Instruction manual return to producer: Not available
Diversion from landfill: Normal site waste management plan SWMP activity
Processing under producer responsibilities: Not available
Waste minimization and management: Plan ahead, do not over order,
Offcuts: Avoid obstructions, keep modular, avoid staggering, avoid cutting; (offcuts into segregated waste containers)
Waste handling on site: Segregate pallets, cardboard, plastics and metal (whole plastics and metal items return to stock)
Waste removal off site: Not applicable
European Waste Catalogue: 15 01 01 paper and cardboard packaging
17 02 01 wood (decking and pallets)
17 02 03 plastic (supports)
17 04 04 zinc (galvanizing)
17 04 05 iron and steel (cross-beams)
17 04 07 mixed metals (galvanized steel cross-beams, screws)
17 06 01* insulation materials containing asbestos (not applicable unless existing)
17 06 03* other insulation materials consisting of or containing DS (not applicable unless existing)
17 06 04 insulation materials other than those mentioned in 17 06 01 and 17 06 03 (thermal insulation)
17 08 01* gypsum-based construction materials contaminated with DS (not applicable)
17 08 02 gypsum-based construction materials other than those mentioned in 17 08 01 (in case of accidents)
End of Life Opportunities for reclaim and reuse or recycling and recovery: Unscrew all components, reclaim, store and make available for reuse
Product Passport documentation: None provided yet
Supports are moulded with company and product name inscribed with URL
Cross-beams are dot matrix printed with the company name and CE mark
Value Engineering Opportunities: Multi-functional:
Partially removes installation team from ceiling and reduces risks of falls through ceiling
Protection of thermal insulation from compression and loss of performance in winter and summer
Storage deck for belongings/possessions increasing building storage capacity
Avoids the need to decant belongings and posessions from attic space before work commences
Access walkway for maintenance of MEP service installations
Creates its own work platform for extending the platform
Lean Construction: All parts premade to size but not preassembled
Simple, easy to handle, fast to install
Specifications: 0
Accessories: K43/230A PRIMARY INSULATION
K43/231A or K43/231B TOP-UP INSULATION
K43/240A or K43/241A LOFT FLOOR BOARDS
Installation: K43/310 to K43/520
Workmanship: K43/290 to K43/450
Waste: K43/450A to K43/460A
Facilities Management: K43/610
End of Life: K43/710
Author initials: BRM
Method Statement date: (DD/MM/YYYY) 14/10/2016 – 16/12/2016

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
28th December 2016

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