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F23 Boulder and Turf hedge bank walling (RSW) G#1612 N#1539

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F23 Stone/Soil/Turf/ Hedging Hedge Bank Walling RSW

F23 Stone/Soil/Turf/ Hedging Hedge Bank Walling RSW
About & Index:

Robust Specification

GBE Classify

This work section uses CAWS classification

A second version of the file will be created to fit into Uniclass 2015 classification if the demand is there.

GBE was asked why this was not already in Uniclass 2015 to suit the BIMers. LinkedIn

Our response is that Uniclass does not have a place for Hedge Bank Walling nor its components so we will have to create them and adopt them until Uniclass is updated and then bumps ours elsewhere.

If you need to adopt Uniclass or add this specification into NBS Create then the following gives you each Classification’s closest fit, GBS’s proposed new work section or proposed clause numbers to allow easy insertion of the clause into CAWS 2012 or Uniclass 2015 work sections.

If you come up with a better proposal we will be interested to hear about it.



Element, Materials or Component found in classification system
Element, Materials or Component not found in classification system

  • Classification system
  • GBS Embellished Classification system
    • NBS Specification clauses numbers
    • GBS Specification proposed clause numbers

This work section was created to be included in a CAWS based or NBS based specification


  • F20 Natural Stone Rubble Walling
  • F23 Boulder/Turf/Hedge Bank Walling

CAWS 2012+: 

  • 25-10-55 Masonry wall systems
  • 25-10-55 Hedge bank walling

Uniclass 2015:

  • Hedge bank walling
    • Element Function: EF_25_10 Walls
      • GBS Clause: EF_25_10_10 Hedge bank walling
    • Systems: Ss_25_13_50 Masonry wall systems
    • Systems: Ss_25_13_50_54 Masonry free-standing wall leaf system
      • NBS Create Clause: 25-10-55/170 Masonry freestanding wall leaf system;
      • GBS Clause: 25-10-55/180 Hedge bank walling
  • Boulders
    • Products: Pr_45_80_50 Natural rubble stones
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-80-50/326 Natural rubble stones;
      • GBS Clause: 45-80-50/327 Natural boulder stones;
  • Cultivated turf 
    • Products Pr_45-40-95 Turf and pre-planted substrates
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-95/331 Cultivated turf;
  • Natural turf
    • Products Pr_45-40-95 Turf and pre-planted substrates 
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-95/333 Natural turf;
  • Site won turf
    • Products Pr_45-40-95 Turf and pre-planted substrates  
      • GBS Clause: 45-40-95/335 Site won Turf
  • Site won subsoil
    • Products Pr_15_31_26 Excavated earth and fill materials
      • Not in NBS
  • Earth
    • Products Pr_15_31_26_26 Earth
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-55-28/330 Earth;
      • GBS Clause: 45-55-28/332 Site won subsoil
  • Landscape Area Fill Materials
    • Products Pr_15_31_26_46 Landscape area fill materials
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-55-28/340 Fill materials for landscape areas;
  • Site won topsoil
  • Topsoil
    • Products Pr_15_31_26_90 Topsoil
      • Not in NBS
    • Products Pr_45_31_89 Topsoil, feeds and growing media
    • Products Pr_45_31_89_41 Imported growing media
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-85/340 Special imported topsoil and growing media
    • Products Pr_45_31_89_42 Imported topsoils
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-85/325 Imported topsoil to BS 3882;
    • Products Pr_45_31_89_50 Manufactured growing media
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-85/330 Manufactured growing medium;
    • Products Pr_45_31_89_51 Manufactured topsoils
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-85/335 Manufactured topsoil;
      • GBS Clause: 45-40-85/337 Site won topsoil
  • Hedging
    • Products Pr_45_30 Flora products
      • Not in NBS
    • Products Pr_45_30_90 Trees, shrubs and woody climbers
      • Not in NBS
    • Products Pr_45_30_90_08 Bare-root shrubs
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-90/370 Bare root shrubs;
    • Products Pr_45_30_90_20 Container-grown shrubs
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-90/395 Container grown shrubs;
    • Products Pr_45_30_90_73 Footballed shrubs
      • NBS Create Clause: 45-40-90/405 Rootballed shrubs;
      • GBS Clause: 45-40-90/415 Site won hedging

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
4th August 2014 – 20th November 2016

F23 Stone/Soil/Turf/ Hedging Hedge Bank Walling RSW

GBE Specification

NGS F23 BoulderTurf Walling Cover png


Seminar Topic Group

  • Seminar
  • F23 Hedge Bank Walling
NGS CPD Hedge Bank Walling Cover png
Hedge Bank Walling Side png
Hedge Bank Walling Section SRA png

GBE Projects

  • St Davids Pembrokeshire Visitors Centre
St Davids Vistors Centre png

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
4th August 2014 – 20th November 2016

F23 Stone/Soil/Turf/ Hedging Hedge Bank Walling RSW
See Also:

GBE Jargon Buster


  • Term
  • Term
  • Hedge
  • Hedge Bank Walling
  • Sub Soil
  • Top Soil


Seminar Topic Group


GBE Checklist

New Build

GBE Materials

  • Boulders
  • Hedge
  • Hedge Bank Walling
  • Sub Soil
  • Top Soil

GBE Elemental Assemblies

    • F23 Hedge Bank Walling:
      • 93:F20:F23:F20:01
    • F23 Hedge Bank Walling

GBS Green Building Specification

GBS Robust Specification

  • Robust Specification Clause
  • Robust Specification Work Section
  • F23 Hedge Bank Walling (this page)
  • W21 Projection Paint (Not used in the end)

GBE Projects

  • Oriel y Parc & St David’s Gallery G#1669 N#1576
  • BrianSpecMan wrote the contract specification for the extension and upgrade
  • SWMP workshop run by BrianSpecMan
  • F20 Natural Stone Rubble Walling
  • F23 Hedge Bank Walling
  • H13 Structural Glass Assemblies
  • H21 Timber Weatherboarding
  • H74 Zinc Roofing
  • M40 Stone Flooring
  • Q23 Breedon Gravel Replaced
  • W21 Projection Paint (Not used in project)

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aka BrianSpecMan
16th December 2012 – 20th November 2016

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