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GBE MMC (Brain Dump) G#39443

By 20 April 2021June 2nd, 2021Brain Dump, Code, Encyclopaedia

GBE MMC Brain Dump

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GBE MMC Brain Dump

GBE MMC Brain Dump


  • MMC = Modern Methods of Construction
  • IMC = Innovative Methods of Construction

Brief or Performance Specification

  • Obtain brief or outline performance specification (OPS) for the building,
  • to judge designed proposal against


  • Efficient
  • Low Cost
  • Affordable
  • Manufacture off site
  • Assemble on site
  • Turnkey: ready to use

Avoiding Bespoke Systems?

  • Same system parts for multiple uses
  • Bolt together module for many uses
  • Bespoke Assemblies Possible


  • Autonomous company with all skills necessary
    • Or part of supply chain using other specialists
  • Design, Manufacturer, Procure and Install

Judge project or product against Brief or OPS

  • If no brief or OPS exists set out requirements to judge chosen assemblies and products against:
  • Rationalising design to deliver on brief


  • MMC Main Contractor/Constructor
    • Site works sub-contracted?
  • MMC Foundation?:
    • Screw piles?
      • As seen at Future build
    • Precast concrete piles and metal beams?
      • e.g. Bullivant as seen at BRE Innovation Park
    • Tolerances/accuracy at interfaces: +/- 5 mm
    • Assembly: mechanisms
    • Services: Below, above ground and within MMC and connections
    • Coordination


  • Feedback from any previous module assembly
    • Feedback loops back to design and drawings
      • Manufacturing
      • Pre-Assembly
      • On site Assembly
      • Photographic, written and remembered
    • Off site manufacture/On site assembly
      • Modular
      • Panel
      • Pods: Service Core, Bathroom, Kitchen
    • Assembly: Joints, Connections
      • Services Connection
      • Rationalise services bring many to one place
      • Spaced apart for airtightness measures
    • Onsite concealment of joints inside and outside

Module size:

  • Transportability
  • Vehicle and crane access and proximity
  • Lifting points
    • Strops, beams or frames
    • Crunch-points
  • Guide line connections


  • Encourage bolted
  • Encourage clamping
  • Minimise: welding
    • spot welding
    • fillet welding
    • full penetration butt welding

Assembly sequence:

  • Ground works
  • Foundation: Piles and/or beams
  • Sub-structure steel
  • Super structure steel
  • 3D Module or 2D Panel:
    • There a Pros and Cons with either
    • Light Metal Frame (LMF):
      • Thermal bridge issues
    • Light Timber Frame (LTF): floors, walls, roof
      • Much smaller thermal bridge issues
    • Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS): walls, floor? roof?
      • Plastic insulation Overheating risk
    • Insulated Structural Panels Systems (ISPS)
      • Other insulation Options avoiding overheating
    • Cross Laminated Timber Panels Systems (CLTPS)
      • Need additional insulation
  • Servicing Pod:
    • Panelled Pod
    • Steel framed?
      • Vertical core for multiple storey

Assembly of modules:

  • Stacking modules
    • Male and female parts
    • Interlocking Pyramid shapes to guide parts together
  • Sliding module over parts
  • Protection for aperture and socket?
  • Steering or guiding bracing into slot

Insertion of Pods:

  • Jigsaw or slot together
    • Multiple Connections by many trades
    • Or plug and play design
  • Tolerances
  • Positioning relative to structure
  • Sequence of assembly
  • Connection to Pods
  • Integrity: Thermal, Weather, Wind and Air tightness, Acoustic, Fire


  • Design Life
  • Component Life
  • Component Competency
    • Proper materials BRAD Regulation 7
  • Maintainability v EA’s sacrificial construction

Seasonal or annual usage:

  • Fabric first
    • services to fill any shortfalls
  • Summer only (Holiday accommodation)
  • Summer and winter (Residential)
  • Comfort conditions
  • Lightweight fabric and lightweight insulation:
    • Summer Overheating risk

Site exposure:

  • Local Climate
    • marine/rural/urban exposure
    • durability of materials
  • weather-proofing
    • wind driven rain resistance
  • Corrosion protection
    • Hot dip galvanized
      • Bath size limitation for framing and stairs
    • Molten Zinc Spray
    • Zinc rich Paint
      • Wind and sand scour
      • Marine conditions


  • Solar Access
    • Tree shading
      • (now considered a temporary solution)


  • Cross flow
  • Open able opaque fabric vents
  • Ventilation permeability
  • Dead end hot spots

Moon and stars:

  • night-time moon lighting
  • star gazing rooflights?

Development Control: Planning:

  • Permitted development?
    • Other Dispensations?
  • Planning Aspires towards less repetition smaller projects
  • MMC aspires towards consistency and bigger projects
  • Platform approach
    • Modular parts
    • Variety in assembly
    • Variety in finishing

Regulations v Design Standards

  • Legal Minimum v Future Facing?
  • England Wales TAN6 Scotland Northern Ireland Other
  • RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge
  • LETI London Energy Transformation Initiative
  • Passivhaus
  • AECB standards
  • See GBC Green Building Calculator

Structural strategy and sequence:

  • Lifting design v foundation design
    • methods of fabrication/assembly
    • bolting clamping welding
    • support points and sub frames
    • lifting points
  • Site conditions: Different every time
  • Foundation:
    • Screw piles
    • Columns and Transfer frame
    • Tolerances and assembly issue
  • Services: Pod or conventional

Flood sites: Stilts

  • Corrosion protection
  • Decoration
  • Transfer Floor Frame
    • Cantilever balcony or access
    • Support to external stair
  • Timber based and insulated panels
    • Above flood levels
  • Diagonal bracing
    • In 3 planes
    • Support or/and Restrain

Flood tolerance:

  • Raised above site
  • Services at site level
  • Electrics at what levels?
  • Buoyancy of pod tanks
  • Flood pollution recovery
  • Salt water exposure recovery

Equality Act (Replaces DDA)

  • Stair access and egress
    • Disabled exclusion
  • Manoeuvrability in all locations
  • Internal visual colour/tone contrast visibility
  • Tactile interfaces?

Fire and life safety

  • Combustibility of materials
  • Cavity fire passageways
  • Means of escape

Sound exposure:

  • Sea, Wind, aircraft, roads, other
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Material choices
  • Construction methods
  • Air wind tightness
  • Acoustic ingress and egress


  • flat roof -ve pressure uplift
  • holding down straps
  • framing cleats,

Embodied Energy, Embodied and Sequestered Carbon

  • in the building and in waste making the building
  • Steel framing
  • Plastic insulation
  • Cement choices in Concrete foundations
  • Claddings

Thermal Insulation:

  • Fabric-first
  • Thermal comfort
  • Overheating
  • Thermal bridging
  • Thermal bypass
  • Ventilated cavities/wind washing

Glazing: Thermal insulating or Thermal comfort?

  • Frame material; Choices
  • Double glazed for energy efficiency
  • Triple glazed for comfort conditions
  • G value
  • Solar control: inside, glass or outside
  • Low E: what heat source?
  • Low Iron glass?
  • Cavity Gas
  • Spacer material: thermal bridge
  • Annealed, Toughened, Tempered, Laminated (façade fire and inter-layer?) combinations
  • Sliding casement interface performance
  • Track, wheel, bearing performance
  • Ironmongery performance
  • Installation: performance and thermal bridges

Balcony Walkways Stair Balustrade:

  • Containment: Building Regulations
  • Impact performance: Class A BS 6206 BSI Kitemarked
  • Safety glass
  • Laminated glass (containment)
  • Interlayer exposure at edges
  • Capped edges
  • Assembly

Air and wind tightness

  • strategy
  • heat loss, coolth gain
  • moisture management and vapour control
  • red-lining drawings

Appropriate material properties matching applications

Indoor air quality

  • Wind and Airtightness
  • Ventilation
  • Material choices
  • Healthy interiors

Corrosion protection

  • Splash zone
  • Marine environment
  • decoration
  • coatings
  • access for maintainability

Servicing strategies

  • In construction zone
  • Access for rodding
  • Direct routes, bend avoidance
  • Interfaces
  • Insulation integrity


  • Heating, Cooling Strategy:
  • Fabric-first
  • Energy Performance
  • Energy Sources
  • Fuel choices, Access and Fuel storage
  • Thermal comfort
  • Thermal mass
  • Decrement delay
  • Partial filled cavities, thermal bypass
  • Slumping insulation


  • Privacy
  • Solar control
  • U & G Value
  • Thermal comfort
  • Glazing gas
  • Spacer materials
  • Low E
  • Clarity & Low Iron & Solar control films

Off-site Prototype testing?

Performance Gap:

  • Airtightness testing
  • Infrared Thermography

Feedback loops:

  • Do drawings suggest learning
    • from earlier prototypes
    • from build to design/drawing

Tolerances and Accuracy setting out

  • Site conditions and foundation methods
    • services interfaces

Structural strategy and implementation

  • thermal bridges through building fabric
  • condensation risk
  • corrosion risk
  • Mould risk

LTF Carcass

  • thermal bridges and thermal Insulation interfaces
  • empty cavities
  • correct placement of insulation in cavity
  • condensation and mould avoidance

Finishes and substrate compatibility

Flame retardant paint

  • appropriateness
  • surface spread of flame materials
  • ignitability
  • combustibility
  • application


  • Strength and stability
    • head restraint
  • Fixing for transport
  • Fixing for use
  • Patrass strength in walls
    • Local or generally

Flat roof competency

  • Acoustic performance
  • Thermal performance
  • Decrement delay overheating
  • Fire passage cavities
  • Interstitial Moisture management
  • Living Roofs
    • Green, Brown or Blue Roofs
    • Water storage, structural capacity
  • Fabric falls and drainage
  • Leaf filtration
  • Blockage risk
  • Overflow pathways down façade
  • Snow and freezing risks and overflows

Modular material design

  • Materials modules > Element Modules
  • Wall dimensions > Board dimensions
  • Resource efficiency
    • waste minimisation
  • Embodied energy and carbon in waste

Offsite prefabrication/

  • Circular Economy
  • Buildings as Materials Banks
    • BAMB project
  • On site assembly/connectivity
  • Joint design
  • Sequence of assembly
  • Assembly by numbers
  • Dictated sequences
  • Feedback loops
  • Method statement


  • Co-ordinated or not
    • What happens in reality?
  • In element layering or not
    • Structure zone
    • Framing zone
      • Notching drilling and cutting zone
    • Acoustic thermal fire insulation zone
    • Service zone
    • Lining zone
      • Air tightness
    • Cladding zone
      • Wind tightness
  • Integrity of building fabric
    • Acoustics
    • Thermal
    • Fire
    • Wind and Air


  • Passive/Active/Mechanical/Air Conditioning
  • Activation?: Humidity, Smells, CO2, heat
  • Extraction/heat recovery
  • Dispersal: Inlet and outlet separation
  • Envelop penetrations
    • Wind weather and Air tightness


  • Concealed or visible
  • Access
    • Maintenance
    • Rodding
  • Shower waste heat recovery

Rainwater drainage:

  • Vacuum flat
  • Gravity falls
  • roof falls
    • Firrings
    • Insulation cut to falls
  • pipe runs
  • thermal bridge at outlet
  • Wind and airtightness at penetration

Water harvesting and reuse

  • Black water (Settlement tank, cesspit, land drainage pipes)
  • Avoid Mixing Rainwater and Grey water
  • Energy and carbon or chemical intensity of cleaning and storing
  • Separate systems
    • Separate reuses

Site servicing

  • Autonomous?
    • PV, Wind, GSHP, ASHP, WSHP, Satellite, Mobile, Wifi
  • Off mains Storage on site
    • Bottled gas
    • Oil tank
    • Biomass fuel storage
    • Ash
    • Sewage
  • On Mains:
    • Power, Water, Cable
  • In bound
    • Common trench
  • Out bound
    • Drains to falls to sewers
  • Foundation interface

Clarify specification approach options to be adopted:

Options to consider:

Scope of Work:

  • Subdivision of trades?
  • Excluding Preliminaries
  • Structure and Services (By others?)

Assignment of responsibilities:

  • CDP Contractor Design Portion in sub-contracts?
  • MMC
    • 3D Modular
    • 2D Panels
  • Structural frame
  • Services
  • Stairs
  • Lifts

Method Statement:

  • Sequence and dependency
  • Assembly feedback loops
    • Lessons learned in factory passed to site to avoid repetition
  • Assembly by numbers
    • Or sequence instruction
  • Assembly worker training
    • toolbox talks

Clause types:

  • Elemental Assembly Performance clauses cross referencing to…
  • Elemental Prescriptive Assembly clauses cross referencing to…
  • Component clauses cross referencing to …
  • Workmanship clauses
  • Manufacturer recommended workmanship clauses extracted from literature/specifications/certification

Inspection and Choosing

  • Mock ups,
  • sampling
  • control samples
  • Right first time or:
    • quality control
    • snagging
    • correcting

Calibrating Testing and Commissioning

  • Soft landings?
  • Controls in particular

BUG Building User Guide

Bespoke work sections and clauses examples

  • CAWS Classification extended
  • A90 Performance Specification
  • A94 Airtightness testing
  • A95 Infrared thermography
  • G10 Steel frame
  • G13 Light Steel Framing System (LSFS)
  • G20 Timber frame
  • G25 Light Timber Frame Systems (LTFS)
  • G26 Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS)
  • G27 Insulated Structural Panel Systems (ISPS)
  • P14 Air/Wind tightness systems
  • Z20 Connectivity

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
December 2020 – 20th April 2021

GBE MMC Brain Dump


© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
20th April 2021

GBE MMC Brain Dump
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