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1328: No rest: 850 page views on Christmas Day

By 2 February 2014Uncategorized

No Rest: 850 Page views on Christmas day

Not only is there no pattern of weekend lulls in interest in the pages of NGS website

But Christmas day saw 850 page views whilst most of you took a days off.
Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day totals were the lowest scoring aggregate since we started monitoring activity, as we would have expected.
Not everybody celebrates this holiday and the website is read globally so nothing too surprising by these visits.
No humbugs.

After the initial flurry of Web-bots visits to the website with a corresponding raising of monthly averages, to a peak in October, reduced to a 2nd week of December all time low.

The trend has now reversed and we are seeing a resurgance in page views, despite the three day low, the visits before and after are growing without the peaks attributable to web-bot visits.

Now we start the drive to get to 2 million projected (but in time actiual) page views per annum before October 2014.

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
28th December 2013 

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