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1402: NGS NEWS: Post EcoBuild 2014

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NGS NEWS Post EcoBuild 2014

NGS NEWS Post EcoBuild 2014

NGS are developing an on-line NGS ENCYCLOPAEDIA of Green Construction;

  • 1400 pages have already been created,
  • 11,000 pages ready and waiting in line to be added
  • 800 CPD Seminar PowerPoint file ready to be added
  • 20,000 pages are in our heads or are to be created from existing material
  • new pages are added constantly (peak: 36/day)
  • The content is constantly being updated, refined and consolidated (average: 36/day)
  • NGS are including manufacturer’s products, to provide the whole story.
    • manufacturers, products, accessories, systems, suppliers, installers

How does the NGS website work?

  • NGS structure the website like a human brain’s neural network,
    • Every page knows about every other related and relevant page
  • NGS make website pages, upload information to them, link pages to all other related and relevant pages, so users don’t need to search for anything, it comes to them wherever they are in the website.
  • This liking of pages enables the user to access all information on a topic to enrich their understanding of it and come away better informed and with appropriate products to meet their requirements
  • This ensures small numbers of visitors generate larger numbers of page-reads
  • When they find the topic or product of choice they download all the relevant files they want
  • As site traffic increases so will page reads and document downloads
  • As site content increases more interlinking will be added improving usability and successful page finds.

How do NGS promote the website and pages?

  • NGS deliver good content, a pre-requisite of any search engine to register a page
  • NGS quietly promoted via twitter, linkedin and facebook and the NGS site’s blog
    • to thousands of NGS & BrianSpecMan followers.
  • NGS list every new page and updated page on the Homepage
  • NGS list every page Group on the Homepage
  • Search engine web-bots find NGS, catalogue the pages and the search engines promote the pages

Its already attracting attention:

  • Started September 2012,
  • Promoted since April 2013
  • it is regularly visited by Web-bots (pushing page views up to >6390/day)
    • scrutinizing the content for search-engines so they will find content instantaneously in future searches.
  • average of 1990 page views/day (actual);
  • 380,978 page views total (actual: 29/10/2013-11/03/2014)
  • 859,000 page views/year (projection)
  • targeting 2m/year page views by September 2014
  • 5348 document downloads from site (29/10/2013-28/02/2014)
  • 2013 manufacturer’s literature downloaded from their product pages (29/10/2013-28/02/2014)

Now will NGS website work in future?

  • At EcoBuild 2014 we promoted an even simpler interface: NGS 3D VIEW which is still only an ambition
  • An interactive 3D building with cutaway buttons to reveal:
    • rooms, spaces, structure, construction, services, etc.
  • Users click on anything in the building, landscape and infrastructure and all related information will appear in surrounding windows so the user does not have to search the website pages, they come to them.
  • NGS will seek funding to make this happen as fast as we can
  • NGS said at EcoBuild 2015 will be back with a working demonstration
  • NGS will put it on line sooner if we can

Costs to users?

  • its free-access and will remain so
  • Manufacturer information is free download of literature, specifications, etc.
  • Other’s published information is free download or linked to their websites
  • NGS CPD Seminars will be charged for, from £0.88/download
    • Some free samples available
  • NGS ROBUST SPECIFICATION work sections will be charged for, from £0.88/download
    • Some free samples available
  • Other NGS DOCUMENTS: from £0.88 to £5.88 depending on scope
    • Some free samples available

How do NGS choose manufacturers, suppliers and products?

  • NGS chooses products it wants on the website to help to achieve Healthy, Environmental, Resourceful, Appropriate, Competent, Effective, Yardstick, Construction.
  • (NGS HERACEY against Current Doctrine of Profit > People > Planet)
  • NGS screen manufacturers, suppliers, products before adding them,
  • LCA and EPD are only 2 of the 420 criteria NGS use to judge them

How do NGS pay for creating the site?

  • We ensure documents are being found and downloaded by users, by good NGS LINKING and ENRICHMENT
  • Using the site’s own data logging, regularly record data and create graphs to provide evidence to manufacturers,
  • Then NGS charge a small fee to pay for the time it took to put the information up.
  • NGS charge screened manufacturers/suppliers the time it takes to upload their information
  • NGS charge manufacturers/suppliers the time it takes to upload their information on screened products
  • NGS help manufacturers/suppliers to promote their products characteristics better by improving their literature, specifications, marketing, advertising, websites, etc.
  • Income from CPD, Specification and other document downloads
  • NGS will keep the site advertising-free
  • NGS always promote new additions to the site to help generate traffic, it might look like advertising but its only helping the manufacturers and suppliers to get noticed initially.


Reaction at EcoBuild 2014 resource

  • NGS just spent 3 days at EcoBuild promoting the website to would be users, contributors and customers.
  • NGS were overwhelmed with instant positive reactions from all sides of the industry and public alike.
  • NGS were greeted with 3 reservations from Architects saying this takes away from the Architects role.
  • The overwhelming reaction from Architects was ‘When can I get my hands on it?
  • Its been on line since it was started in September 2012.
  • NGS met some potential contributors to the content.

Plans for EcoBuild 2015 resource

  • NGS promised to be at next year’s show to give a live demonstration of NGS 3D VIEW

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
9th March 2014 – 26th April 2014

NGS NEWS Post EcoBuild 2014

EcoBuild 2014 Display Layout png

EcoBuild Logo png

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
9th March 2014 – 10th March 2014

NGS NEWS Post EcoBuild 2014
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© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
9th march 2014 – 1st April 2014

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