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Greenpeace Nature Pledge G#13052

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Greenpeace Nature Pledge


Decades of progress on clean water, clean air, thriving wildlife habitats and climate action could unravel unless this government assures us it’s committed to protecting nature and taking action to stop runaway climate change.

Lots of the laws and regulations that protect people and wildlife from dirty corporations come from the EU. And some of the politicians now in charge might try to slash those protections.

Together we’re going to defend all those protections Europe gave us, and if we can we’re going to make them even stronger.

Ask your MP to make a pledge to protect what we love.

Talking points

We’re calling for MPs to pledge to protect the environment with Green Alliance and lots of other organisations.

To get your MP to sign up, please include the following link in your email: 

If you get a response from your MP, let us know by emailing:

Below are some talking points to email your MP about.

• Mention why protecting nature, the environment and taking action to stop climate change is important to you.

•We need MPs on our side, so please keep the tone polite and constructive and use the points which matter to you the most.

• Brexit throws up a lot of uncertainty on lots of issues, but Your MP could very easily assure you that they are committed to protecting what we love.

• The regulations we inherited from Europe that protect our wildlife, habitats and seas need to be strongly enforced and not scrapped.

• The U.K could become world leaders on the environment, by developing new policies that create a thriving natural world, clean air and water and communities that are connected to nature and a sustainable economy.

• The promises made to fishermen by Brexit campaigners need to be kept, so British fishing is sustainable.

• Government funding for landowners needs to prioritise flood prevention and biodiversity.

• We need a British equivalent of the EU Blue Flag scheme so Britain has clean beaches and rivers.

© Greenpeace 23rd September 2016

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