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1046: TheFlooringShow2013HarrogateContractFlooringConference

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The Flooring Show Harrogate 1-3 Sept 2013
Commercial Flooring Conference 2-3 Sept 2013
Flooring CPD 2nd Sept 2013  

What did I find interesting at the Flooring Show?

TFT Wood Experts Ltd. 

Diamond Mark 

  • awarded to Hanson Plywood ltd. for their:
  • SP101 Plywood for Flooring Applications
  • Conversation about the serendipity of over specification and under performance of marine grade plywood
  • Hope to have an article written by them on the subject appropriate products for the application requirements.

Non-destructive non-invasive testing Moisture Meters

The Campaign for Wool 

  • Patron: HRH Prince of Wales 

British Wool Marketing Board 

The Woolsafe Oranisation & Woolsafe Academy

  • Directory of natural wool carpet cleaners and complaint inspectors.
  • WoolSafe Approved Service Providers (Cleaning companies)
  • Registered WoolSafe Approved Inspector
  • How to care for carpets and rugs
  • Other helpful hints relating to carpets and rugs
  • General rules of spot removal
  • DIY Spot Removal Treatments
  • Suppliers of WoolSafe-Approved carpet care products
  • WoolSafe-Approved consumer products
  • Wool-safe stain guide APP
  • Education and training
  • 6 international branches
  • WoolSafe Certification Mark (meeting strict performamnce and safety requirements)
  • WoolSafe Standard WS 1000
  • Green WoolSafe Standard WS 1002 (meeting WoolSafe Mark and Environmental standards of GreenSeal, Eco Logo or EPA)
  • I will update 3rd Party Evaluations
  • I will update Natural Cleaning page.

  • Possibility they produce something green but insufficient information available

Nano-technology anti-bacterial flooring
  • Graboplast Floor Covering Manufacturers Ltd.
  • Hungary
  • Sadly its PVC
  • So its not really interesting to National Green Specification
  • No mention of REACH regulations on literature picked up
  • No information on Phthalate content
  • So its not really interesting to National Green Specification
  • High phthalate content in PVC resilient flooring means its likely to change or disappear
  • 100% recyclable LEED endoresment
  • Recycleable means very little to National Green Specifiction
  • If and when recycled High Phthalate means its in circulation longer doing more harm 
  • It uses silver to kill bacteria without chemicals
  • It claims to kill 99.8% of harmful bacteria
  • Tested to ISO 27447:2009 Test Method for anti-bacterial activity of semi-conducting photocatalyctic materials
  • It still needs to be cleaned but with less cleaning chemicals
  • It uses Titanium Dioxide to help decompose germs
  • TiO2 is a very high impact material
  • So its not really interesting to National Green Specification
  • Floor scope endorsement
  • Reuse and Recycling Case studies
  • Presentations
  • Directory of Carpet Recyclers


  • Not promoting Ska

AIS Association of Interior Specialists

  • Joe Cilia promoting Ska in seminar @AISJoe


He who shouts the loudest has the weakest argument

Dont they know that bikinis and high heels to attract punters onto the stand, tells us that the product can’t be up to much.
If they can squeeze past the girls in the doorway won’t they then spend the time admiring the skin, not the products?
I hope the show organisers realise the 1970’s was 40 years ago, we have moved on, its time the flooring sector caught up.

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
3rd September 2013 – 4th September 2013

The Floor Show 2013 Harrogate
See Also:

NGS Presentation at Harrogate:

Resource Efficient Flooring

  • Waste Hierarchy 2011
  • Flooring Waste statistics
  • Design to reduce offcut waste
  • Change of scale at perimeters

REAP Resource Efficiency Action Plan

  • Flooring Sustainability Partnership
  • Flooring Waste Calculator
  • Report generation to forward up demand chain
  • Upskilling Tradesmen to talk Resource Efficeincy to their clients/next links in supply chain
  • Added value in tendering
  • SWMP ready made solutions




  • Flooring Resource Efficiency
    • Presented to FSP
    • Presented at EcoBuild CRUK event


  • REAP Resource Efficiency Action Programme
  • FSP Flooring Sustainability Partnership
    • BrianSpecMan has attended the Committees
    • Picked up a minutes action point
    • Propose resource efficiency tools
    • Working with Alan Best Sustainability
    • Proposals presented to Committee
    • So far the Committee has not discussed proposals


  • Flooring Resource Efficiency Calculator (Project Ambition)
  • WasteCost® Lite



  • NGS ECHO Confirmation of Manufacturer’s Self-declaration to ISO 14021

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
25th July 2013 – 20th August 2013

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