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GBE Supporter Membership Benefits G#506

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GBE Supporter Membership Benefits

GBE Supporter Membership Benefits

Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) is a work in progress, an ever expanding website containing detailed information about competent buildings and appropriate building materials – from a resource efficiency and green perspective.

Your financial support is invaluable to the rapid development of the content reducing the development time from 40 years to 5.

Annual Membership Subscription Normal Fee Reduced Fee for first Year
Student £30 per year £15 for first year
Public/Self-builder £50 per year £25 for first year
Small Company/Professional £100 per year £50 for first year
Big Company/Practice/University £500 per year

£250 for first year

GBE Benefits from Download and Annual Fees

Download and Annual Membership Subscription payments will:

  • Support GBE’s ambition to speed up the creation of the website content (reduce 40 years to 5 years)
    • Much is readymade, needs formatting and loading.
    • Others still to be written, need to engage specialists to write it
  • Enable engagement of other specialist contributors for more joined up interdisciplinary approach
  • Enable engagement of graduates to help upload files and process 32,000 anticipated pages
  • Enable the development of more tools, calculators, GBE 2D View and other features on the website

Schedule of Benefits for differing levels of support by user

Benefits Not signed-up,
no annual fee,
no annual fee,
annual fee,
supporter member
GBE Encyclopaedia content: Pages, Posts & Free Samples Yes Yes Yes
GBE Monthly eNewsletter No Yes Yes
GBE Download Files: Free Some Pay/download Yes
Membership Listings No No Yes
Stakeholder steering group membership option No No Yes
Collaborator Page upgrade option No No Yes

GBE Supporter Membership Benefits

  • Newsletters
  • CPD Seminars
  • Specifications

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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
26th December 2015

Not signed-up, no annual fee, non-member benefits

Non-members see most if not all of the GBE Encyclopaedia Pages and Posts for free as they progressively get added to the website:

  • GBE Encyclopaedia Entries:
    • Currently over 1800 Pages and Blog Posts
      • All joined up, listed and linked, so you do not have to search for related content
    • Ready to upload: 11,000 Pages and Posts
    • Planned so far: it is going to be vast, with at least 32,000 Pages and Posts
  • GBE Jargon Buster: 9000-terms including:
    • Abbreviations, acronyms, words, phases and classifications
    • Themed clusters of terms e.g. BIM, Flood, Biodiversity, Carbon, Energy, materials, etc.
  • GBE Environmental Checklists:
    • By trades and elements as well as wider issues:
    • Things to avoid, reduce, replace and alternatives to consider in their place, reclaim, reuse, recycle
    • New Build, Decent Homes, Refurbishment, Energy Retrofit, GreenDeal, Home Improvements.
  • GBE Issue Papers:
    • Addressing everyday problems with detailed analysis, GBE Solutions and GBE Solution Providers
    • Overheating: is the first, it affects over 20% of housing stock and many other buildings
  • GBE ‘Joined up information’:
    • GBE Issues > Problems > Solutions > Solution Providers > Products > Accessories > Systems
    • 100s of manufacturers, 1000s of products
    • Every ‘GBE page’ is listed and linked to all relevant pages of the GBE Encyclopaedia
    • No need to search for anything, it comes to you.
  • GBE BEAD: Building Element Assembly Descriptions
    • 892 readymade elemental assemblies
    • GBE BEAP: Building Element Assembly Performance:
    • GBE BEST: Building Element Screening Test: critique of performance characteristics
  • GBE Free Samples: to show the quality of download documents to encourage becoming a Supporting Member
  • Manufacturers pay for their documents to be uploaded, so their information is free to download by all users.
  • Listing and some previews of Download files that require a fee per download.

Signed-up, no annual fee, members benefits

By signing-up gives visitors access to additional features:

All of the Pages, Posts & Free Samples listed in column 1 and:

Sign up for GBE Monthly eNewsletter by email:

  • Detailing additions and updates: in preceding month listed and linked into website
    • Pages and Posts, Downloadable files, Portfolio Images, etc.

GBE Files: Additional files will be downloadable for a fee per document download: (price range)

  • £0.88 (PDF handouts 9 slides/page)
  • £1.88 (PDF show files)
  • £8.88 (editable documents to modify and show PPT, PPTX, PPS).
  • Non-supporters will pay the download fee

GBE Supporting Members: GBE Supporting Membership Fee means no download fee

The following are planned so far, others will be added as they arise:

  • GBE Robust Specifications:
    • Product Specifications created by GBE at its own expense, not by manufacturer
  • GBE CPD Seminars: 1000 in 30 topic areas related to:
    • Environmental Construction, Specification, Procurement & Professional Practice
    • Handouts to read, PDFs to show or PPTs for educators to modify and show
  • GBE University Lectures: from BSc, Post Graduate Diploma and MSc courses
    • Includes: Series on Elemental Construction e.g. Ground Floor Construction (the most downloaded file!)
  • GBE Readymade specifications that save time and money
    • GBE GBS work sections: missing from NBS
    • GBE GBS Robust Specification Product clauses or work sections
  • GBE Calculators:
    • GBE Equations, GBE Generic Material DataSets & GBE Product DataSets
  • GBE Image Portfolio:
    • Building Visits, Building Details, Section Details
    • GBE Labels, Logos, Identification sets
    • GBE CPD Covers, Slides, Book Covers
    • GBE Videos

Signed-up, annual fee, supporter member benefits

GBE Supporting Member Benefits will include the following, progressively loaded onto the website as your membership fee enables faster development of the content:

  • All of the Pages, Posts & Free Samples listed in column 1 and:
  • Sign up for GBE Monthly eNewsletter by email and:
  • All of the GBE Download files listed in column 2 for free and:
  • GBE Supporting Membership listing and mention in newsletter: with contact details and website on GBE website
  • Classified to enable finding of equivalent organisations, or enable finding of project collaborators
  • Those offering a specialist environmental service can consider upgrading to a Collaborator Page
  • Access to BrianSpecMan via helpline/forum for advice/guidance on environmental construction issues.
  • Outcomes turned into more anonymous Pages or Posts for all to benefit
  • Opportunity join stakeholder steering group to influence the order of development.

Until the site is launched formally, we can offer you a 50% reduction on annual supporter membership:

  • Student: £30/year reduced to £15 for first year
  • Public/Self-builder: £50/year reduced to £25 for first year
  • Small company/professionals: £100/year reduced to £50 for first year
  • Big company/practice/university: £500/year reduced to £250 for first year

Join Early 50% discount

GBE would also like to add you to the GBE MailChimp email account to receive newsletters and other information.

But if you really don’t want to know, you will see an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the email.

Press just the ‘unsubscribe’ button and you won’t hear from me again.

Or Email back, message, text or call me on 01733 238148 to register.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
4th October 2015 – 26th December 2015

GBE Supporter Membership Benefits

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