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Manufacturer Specification to GBE Robust Specification G#12493

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Manufacturer Specification to GBE Robust Specification

Manufacturer Specification to GBE Robust Specification

GBE Robust Specifications from Manufacturer’s Specification or Literature

  • GBE writes GBE Robust Specifications for products, accessories and/or systems.
  • If you have your own specification, GBE will adopt it as a starting point, review it and when applicable improve it to GBE Robust Specification approach.
  • If you have no specification of your own then GBE will extract information from your literature or certification to create one
  • clauses and work sections will be edited or written and posted on Green Building Encyclopaedia pages
  • a GBE service you may wish to consider

National Green Specification (NGS) have started website to promote ‘Solutions Providers’ (manufacturers, suppliers, installers, applicators and servers) and their ‘Solutions’ (products, accessories and systems and services).


GBE Robust Specification clauses and/or work sections:

  • Are all things to all users at all stages of the demand and supply chain
  • Informs the design team, briefs the Quantity Surveyor for cost planning and billing, add to the production information and tender documents, enables enquiries and pricing, enables site agents to brief and monitor and sub-contractors to purchase and install
  • Contain everything anybody needs to know without relying upon reference to manufacturer’s literature for recommendations and requirements; websites, codes of practice, certificates; because they are often not available on site.
  • Incorporate essential information from your literature, websites, advertising to ensure a complete and competent installation
  • Incorporate essential information extracted from BBA Certificates to ensure full compliance
  • Incorporates words spoken by yourselves from your own experience of the products in application or installation
  • Include all information to avoid disruptive phone calls and time delays with Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Rewrites your guidance in literature to instructions in specifications
  • Adopts industry standard Common Arrangement of Work Sections (CAWS) order
  • Occasionally expands upon CAWS to subdivide and focus on one method of construction or type of system
  • May be split and spread correctly between numerous work sections to facilitate appropriate sub-contracting
  • Adopts industry standard National Building Specification (NBS) format, approach and language
  • Adopts and fits between NBS clause numbering to enable merging into NBS based project specifications
  • Will address any approved contractor issues, certification and warranty requirements
  • Includes the reason the designer/specifier chooses the product in the first place, those unique characteristics that make your product stand out from the crowd and provides a basis for equivalency comparison
  • Is robust enough to help defend the choice when it comes to “Value Engineering, Cost Cutting and Substitution”
  • Includes ‘editing brackets’ for the project specifier to add project information into or choose from manufacturer’s options
  • Populates guidance notes or ‘editing brackets’ with all manufacturer’s options for the project specifier to choose from and copy+paste into ‘editing brackets’ or choose from the many options already in the brackets
  • Gives the tenderer confidence that the specifier knows what they want, has left nothing out;
    without unknowns tenderers can price with confidence, avoid safety margin pricing, provide a competent price, within cost plan and win the job
  • Ensures your competent product is supported by a competent specification leading to a competent installation

GBE Robust Specification Guidance Notes:

  • Can include General Guidance about the method of construction
  • Can include Clause Guidance Notes to help complete the ‘blanks’
  • Can include Schedules of product information to help the specifier choose and complete the ‘blanks’

GBE Robust Specification(s) and guidance can be published on the GBE website as one or all of the following:

  • Single specification document with all clauses included
  • Individual products, accessories and systems in separate clauses in separate documents
  • Separate specification clauses addressing separate detail applications including applicable products and accessories clauses

GBE Robust Specification and Guidance Notes will be published:

  • In Green Building Encyclopaedia in GBE Robust Specification pages
  • Freely available to users when the Solution Provider has paid for their creation and publication
  • Available from GBE Shop for £0.88 to download if they have not been paid for by the Solution Provider but created at GBE’s expense

GBE Inter-visibility and Interconnectivity

GBE Robust Specification and Guidance Notes pages will be linked to and from relevant and related GBE encyclopaedia pages so that they can found from those pages too:

  • Jargon buster (to ensure the terminology is understood)
  • Checklist (to ensure users are prompted towards problem solving products)
  • Issue papers (addressing large problems, their solutions and pointing at problem solving products)
  • Problem and Solution pages (analysing problems, suggesting solutions and linking to products)
  • Q&A pages (Answering users questions with analysis and suggesting problem solving products)
  • CPD (seminars covering the relevant topic in more detail)
  • Lectures (university lectures covering the related topic in more detail)

Specification pages will be linked to and from as many of these as are applicable.

Sequence of Work:

  • Briefing process, choosing service from below & proposal writing and pricing
  • Identifying which products, accessories and assemblies to specify
  • Choose specifications types: components, systems, assemblies, details, work sections
  • Scope schedule and pricing
  • Write robust specification clause for products and accessories
  • Write robust specification clause for detail assemblies, cross reference products and accessories clauses
  • Write additional supporting clauses or guidance notes to make work sections
    • e.g. preceding trades, preparation, workmanship, testing, following trades, etc.
  • Edit detail assembly specification into separate documents
  • Specification File download pages created, files uploaded, listed and linked
  • Upload solution provider’s literature files and post into pages (free to download by users)

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
24th July 2016 – 27th July 2016

Manufacturer Specification to GBE Robust Specification

ManufacturerSpecToGBERobustSpecGBE Robust Specification Proposal 2016

Speak with Brian Murphy about Specifications, Pages and Advertising in GBE Encyclopaedia and GBE Newsletters

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
24th July 2016 – 27th July 2016

Manufacturer Specification to GBE Robust Specification
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Speak with Brian Murphy about Specifications, Pages and Advertising in GBE Encyclopaedia and GBE Newsletters

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
24th July 2016 – 5th August 2016

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