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GBE Method Statements (Collaborate) G#12677

By 15 August 2016November 1st, 2020Collaboration, GBE Method Statement, Services

GBE Method Statements Collaborate

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GBE Method Statements Collaborate

GBE Method Statement

  • What is one of them? You might ask.
  • As a writer of contracts specifications, occasionally we come up against a difficult detail that needs to be understood to be able to provide a competent price for the job,
  • We will call for a Method Statement to find out if the tenderers have understood the problem, offered a solution and priced accordingly.
  • As a regular player in the world of Tender Evaluation I am the regular recipient of Method Statements from contractors and specialist sub-contractors.
  • Explaining what they will do, how they will do it, with whom, with what kit, why it is done that way, when and where (factory or site).
  • We have just had a conversation with one manufacturer where we described it as a grown up version of an IKEA flat pack instruction leaflet, but for professionals constructing buildings

They need a fair bit more than an IKEA instruction manual and might include:

  • Generally confined to on-site activities but might include:
    • Off-site prefabrication, transport and delivery logistics, consolidation centres, etc.
    • Materials, products, their handling and temporary storage and protection
  • Temporary works, hoarding, scaffolding, sequence, timing, phasing and modification
  • In-situ conditioning and preparation of substrate bases and backgrounds
  • Phasing and zoning, sequence of work for competency and protection, interdependence of trades
  • Congested sites, congested working, sequencing to minimise hindrance
  • Methods of pre-assembly, offering up and craning, sequence of assembly, final piece assembly
  • Safe access for maintenance and removal for replacement of damaged pieces
  • Staff, skills, accessories and equipment for installation
  • Protection, access after protection, modification, warranty maintenance and final removal of protection
  • In retrofit it might include logistics of decanting possessions, storage and reinstatement upon completion; or decanting of occupants, temporary accommodation and returning to homes
  • In demolition work it might include, soft strip, hazardous removal, deconstruction, reclaim, reuse, demolition and recycling on or off site
  • Excess to requirements return to stock, take back schemes, off-cut take back
  • Packaging waste return to producer, diversion from landfill, processing under producer responsibilities
  • Waste minimization and management, waste handling on site and waste removal off site
  • End of Life Opportunities for reclaim and reuse or recycling and recovery
  • Product Passport documentation

Method Statement Role

Their role may enable the identification of some opportunities for Value Engineering in these activities and even alternative methods of construction

They may feel a bit like a Specification’s workmanship clauses, whilst there is some overlap, they are not quite so detailed about the final installation, more about how it was created.

GBE Method Statement Collaborate

GBE offer to create GBE Method Statements for manufacturers, suppliers and installers.

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
15th August 2016 – 1st November 2020

GBE Method Statements Collaborate

GBE Method Statements PDFGBE Method Statements

LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement (Pending manufacturer’s review and confirmation)

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
15th August 2016 – 1st November 2020

GBE Method Statements Collaborate
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GBE Method Statements

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
15th August 2016 – 1st November 2020

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