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Your Product Specifications on GBE G#4206

By 4 November 2015February 2nd, 2016Services


Your Product Specifications on GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia

4th November 2015

Dear Solution Provider

I have moved on from GreenSpec and started website to promote Solutions Providers like yourself and your/their Solutions.

I now have full control of my new website and can use it to the best advantage for my customers.

For the last two years my NGS prototype website generated 1.8m page views 2450 per day and 34,500 downloads of product literature and specifications


I have had a strong Marketing Plan developed and I have started acting on many fronts.

I have started a mailchimp email campaign account and currently transferring initial 2000 email addresses

I sent out my first GBE Subscribers Newsletter No.1 October 2015 last week to 900 Architects and 150 ex-students of mine.

This week I will send the November issue also to 220 membership groups and 180 CPD providers.

This week I will email GBE Solution Providers Newsletter No1 October 2015 to 600 Solution Providers: manufacturers, suppliers, installers and service providers and specialist consultants.

I have written and published a GBE Issue Paper on Overheating which identifies and links up Problems > Solutions > Solution Providers which is to be populated with manufacturers and products.

Shortly we plan to use the Overheating paper as part of our launch to Media and magazines to 460 email addresses

This will be also be emailed to 120 overheating contacts, 200 Housing Providers, 200 Local Government, 65 Constructors.

I will shortly start and publish a GBE Issue Paper on Retrofit Internal and External Thermal Insulation its Problems and Solutions and your products could features strongly in these with links back to GBE website pages.

This could go to most of these 2000 contacts as well as other prospects via normal email.

I am also promoting via many business and social media sites e.g. Linked in (2000+ followers); Twitter 2600 followers of @GBEGreenBuild @BrianSpecMan; facebook, my own and other group page of Homeowners; Google+, Pinterest, etc.


I have been in discussion with Architects about ECO retrofits where the ECO contractors are getting away with appalling thermal bridges and inappropriate insulation materials, so Architects and many others like them are in need of your Solutions.


So I would like to outline a proposal for your consideration.

There could be a matrix of applications in your literature and my website pages which identifies the details and accessories/systems applicable to each detail application and links directly to them on the website.

It could be used to identify which products could have a specification clause, and the detail applications that could be prepared as assembly clauses and as separate specifications.

I would write the specifications for products and detail assembly specifications.

This could be published on GBE website as a single document or as separate detail specifications.

Then update the matrix showing the individual clauses and/or detail specification references.

Post the product and/or detail assembly specifications on GBE, linked into the encyclopaedia problem and solution pages.

I will add an item in the next newsletter for the next Mailchimp email campaign, post it on GBE and in many business and social media sites.


I propose that the task is carried out as follows, with a guide to pricing:

Briefing process                                                                                         £25/hour

Matrix                                                                                                          £25/hour

Each new specification clause for new products and accessories  1 Hour  £25/hour

Each new assembly specification clause                                              1 Hour  £25/hour

Mark up updated specification for individual specifications           1 Hour  £25/hour

Edit each new detail specification                                                          1 hour £25/hour

New matrix with specification references                                            1 hour  £25/hour


In addition your company and products, accessories and systems pages could be added to the GBE website to increase the exposure of your product and their specifications to the traffic through this website.

These are priced separately and have a considerable reduction for subsequent years. See linked files below.


I have already carried out a similar task for a manufacturer of flooring accessories.

I posted their 7 specifications on NGS website and of their 9227 total downloads they alone accounted for 2131 downloads.

Kind Regards


Brian Murphy

T 01733 238148    M 07973 281024 UK GMT 09:00 – 18:00

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GBE Solution Provider Proposal 2016:

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
4th November 2015 – 2nd February 2016

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