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Cove (Jargon Buster) G#1196 N#1197

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Cove Jargon Buster

Cove Jargon Buster



  • Moulding around room at junction of wall and ceiling, soften the appearance of sharp internal corners, soften the acoustic nature of sharp internal corners, making the rooms acoustically more comfortable.
  • Junction between walls and ceilings are also covered by coving or cornice.
  • Junction between walls and floor can have cove profile to soften corner, usually added for easy cleaning but can be added for acoustic softening

(GBE BRM ’10 – ’15)

Relevance to Sustainable Construction:

Potential defects:

  • Covers a multitude of sins including air gaps between wall linings and floor finishes which otherwise create air leaky construction; they remain leaky behind the coved skirting, but are covered up, so thermal flanking and thermal bypass, remains a problem.
  • With convected heat the bottom of the room is coldest and so has the greatest potential for condensation due to cold air behind the coving and wall linings or floor finishes.
  • Heat passing through wall linings and skirtings are then lost to airleaky construction and cold air from outside gets to the space behind the coved skirting.
  • Seamlessly joined/bonded coved skirtings are added to resilient floor coverings like PVC/Vinyl, rubber to make watertight floors to showers and wet rooms and easy-clean hygienic floors in hospitals.
  • The use of high phthalate content as plasticising polymers in PVC coved skirtings, formers and cappings and now incompatible adhesives has lead to polymer migration, shrinkage and adhesive failures resulting in gaps that are no longer bridgeable by the shrunk coving and non longer repairable with the surfaces coated in plasticised adhesive.
  • In Europe the use of coved skirtings in hospitals was abandoned some time ago.

(GBE BRM ’11-’13)




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Cove Jargon Buster

 GeminiPVC GCF-020 CoveFormer 2D

GeminiPVC 38 CoveFormer png

GeminiPVC 38 CoveFormer 3D png

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Cove Jargon Buster
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