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Biodiversity (Jargon Buster Theme) G#645 N#667

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Biodiversity Jargon Buster Theme

Biodiversity Jargon Buster Theme

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
9th January 2013 – 5th October 2015

Biodiversity Jargon Buster Theme


© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
9th January 2013 – 23rd December 2017

Biodiversity Jargon Buster Theme
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GBE Jargon Buster


  • See Left column and scroll down

GBE Other’s Surveys

GBE Future Events

GBE Past Events

GBE Checklist

  • A90 Performance Specification
  • A94 Airtightness Test
  • A95 Infrared thermographic survey
  • P10 Sundry Insulation/Proofing/Fire stops
  • P14 Air/Wind tightness systems


  • Biodiversity
  • Bat, Bird and insect boxes: Created for Bat and Bird book (2D & 3D & SketchUp formats)


  • Bat and Bird boxes in UK Construction


Subject Group Biodiveristy

  • Biodiversity: 100% Design Exhibition Seminar
  • 233 Biodiversity 100% Workshop (P)
  • 237 Biodiversity Low and Zero Carbon Buildings 100% Workshop (P)
  • Biodiveristy: Designing for Bat and Birds in Buildings presented to BCT annual Conference York
  • 236 Biodiversity Designing Bats Buildings (P)
  • Biodiversity: Bats, Pads & ZEDs presented to Future Cities Conference
  • 235 Biodiversity Bats Pads ZEDs (P)
  • Biodiversity: Bat Habitat
  • 234 Biodiversity Bat Habitat (P)
  • Bat and Bird Book: Presentation: to RIBA S/SE Oxford 2012
  • Bat and Bird Book: BCT workshop London 2012
  • 1175: Guerrilla Tactics

GBS Green Building Specification

  • Bat and Bird Box Specifications
  • Building Element Assembly Specifications

GBS Robust Specification



  • BFB Biodiversity for Buildings
  • NBN

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
9th January 2013 – 23rd December 2017

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