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WasteCost lite Jargon Buster

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WasteCost lite Jargon Buster


WASTE COST LITE ‘WasteCost lite’

  • BRE’s waste statistics are of interest to BRE and other waste agencies, industry engages with waste statistics if companies and projects are looking for KPI and EPI data.
  • Simons Construction have demonstrated that waste segregation costs more money but saves considerably more.
  • Over a weekend BrianSpecMan of National Green Specification (NGS) took BRE and Simons data and turned it into simple calculator that takes minutes to complete, indicating the size of the project, choosing a construction method, selecting which waste will be segregated, and modifying default waste stream disposal costs to your local services costs.
  • WasteCost lite then instantaneously gives the answer to 3 questions:
    • 1 how much will it cost to dispose of the waste from the project?
    • 2 how much will is cost to segregate waste from the project? The QS and buying department usually give up at this point
    • 3 how much will it save by segregating the waste? And now they will engage.
  • NGS gave the tool to BRE and said this is what industry wants and this is what you need to create.
  • 3 years later BRE created their version, its more accurate but it takes a day to get results.
  • WRAP have their own tool it takes even longer to get more accurate results.
  • By which time the QS left the building

Relevance to Sustainable Construction:

Either you are:

  • BRE and collect data and inform Government
  • WRAP and collect waste diverted from landfill tonnage data and inform Government
  • Or you understand the cost of waste and engage with its reduction


  • Its a rough tool for quick answers to get the attention of the QS or contractor buying department
  • It takes 10 minutes to get rough answers unlike WRAP and BRE tools that take days to populate and get accurate answers by which time the QS has left the building.
  • 3 questions
    • How much does a building’s waste cost
    • How much to segregate that waste
    • How much can be saved by segregating that waste
  • I made it over a weekend.
  • I used it to show BRE, who only excelled in waste data, how to use cost data to get contractors engaged in waste
  • I gave it to BRE and told them to do the same only better
  • They took 3 three years to do their own
  • This was downloaded and used by contractors.
  • Its 2002 data and 2007 prices but it allows the user to update the prices
  • It was populated with Smith Construction of Lincoln (east midlands regional contractor) cost data
  • It needs BRE or DEFRA or CRWP or EA cooperation to get it up to date with Waste statistics
  • But we know how long we will be waiting for BRE to help.



© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
30th November 2013 – 29th February 2020

WasteCost lite Jargon Buster





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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
30th November 2013 – 29th February 2020

WasteCost lite Jargon Buster
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