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1130: 100% Design Exhibition Review

By 20 February 2014Uncategorized


100% DESIGN Show Review

100% DESIGN Show Review

100% suffers the same fate as EcoBuild, EcoShowcase & GreenBuild

  • Limited time at the show so I did not see everybody
  • The eco construction hall was almost anything but
  • Every violet company that pays seems to get in
  • ≈3 companies could rightly claim to be offering something greener
    • Reclaimed timber floors
    • Recycled materials cladding systems
    • Dry tile flooring system enabling reclaim and reuse
  • Nobody will stick their neck out and define Eco nor be selective
    • If they won’t do it then they should drop the Eco banner altogether
    • Its all bullshit relient upon designers to be dumb or gullible
  • And some come with their big marketing budgets to tell how wonderful their sector is
  • ≈20 companies with any green agenda in the whole show
  • Some of the students work addressed environmental and just as many did not
  • 1 company does all the low water flow stuff but also makes the worst shower head so the worst people can do their worst and squander the most water on the grounds they are rich and deserve the right to squander
  • No rug sellers had heard of Rugmark
  • Many timber manufacturers had not heard of FSC

 I will add to this when I have a little more time

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
22nd September 2013



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