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1454: 03/05/2014: Open invitation to Suppliers & Manufacturers


Supplier’s & Manufacturer’s Invitation

Supplier’s & Manufacturer’s Invitation

Dear Green Building Materials & Product Suppliers & Manufacturers

I am Brian Murphy formerly the public face of GreenSpec website, now I am developing another website to re-educate the design professions, students, self-builders and construction industry at large in sustainable construction:  ‘NGS ENCYCLOPAEDIA’ and at the same time introduce them to sustainable materials and products that work well within them.  Some of you know me and will know I have been planning this for a long time, finally I am creating it in my own capacity and even at this early stage of its development with only 1450 of the 11,000 planned pages, users have responded positively with 500,000 page views in 8 months, I have a realistic target of 1m at 1 year.

I have been developing and testing the website structure, mimicking a brain’s neural networks, so everything knows where everything related to is located and they are linked up to avoid users searching; with a few sample manufacturers, suppliers, products, accessories and systems, I have tested to see if users can find their way around and find the all important download files, 7300 document downloads in 8 months says its working.

I believe that the number of file downloads (supplier’s or manufacturer’s literature or NGS SPECIFICATIONS) is the criteria for success rather than numbers of unique visitors. I believe the website is ready to start serving paying guests and I have decided to start with Suppliers and Manufacturers.

I have created NGS MANUFACTURER & NGS SUPPLIER Templates which hint at the potential scope and links to 4 other CORE PAGES and which I will link to and from the NGS ENCYCLOPAEDIA and other pages of the website to suit.

I have developed a very low cost entry system, as low as £60 for 1 CORE PAGE and £6 per document upload (free downloads for users) to encourage you to join in and once its proved its worth encourage you to take more pages and NGS will link them up so the true power of the website structure can come into play.

Moreover I have developed a novel payment system where we agree the scope and price in advance, I set up the pages and only where I have evidence that the pages are working (1 or two days or weeks will be enough to see downloads) and if no downloads occur I will work on the linking to and from the NGS ENCYCLOPAEDIA until the downloads are occurring, only then will I invoice, if I am unsuccessful in generating downloads there will be no invoice. Its in my interest to ensure the website is working for your business. If there is no success then the pages should be removed.

After presenting my website ambitions at EcoBuild 2014, to a very diverse audience, I am very confident that the approach I am taking is going to be successful; apart from 3 architects who feared they could be replaced, every other delegate including architects were very impressed and wanted to know when it goes live, I was pleased to report it already is.

I also presented an ambition to develop NGS 3D VIEW a building model to interface with the NGS ENCYCLOPAEDIA so as you touch any object in the model, screens of information from all parts of the encyclopedia would appear, everything comes to you; we promised to come back to EcoBuild 2015 with a working model.

I would like to visit you in your premises and present to you, with no obligation, the existing website, encyclopaedia, its structure, the format, content, linking, the NGS 6 CORE PAGES: manufacturers, suppliers, products, accessories, systems and installers; the payment system and an equally novel annual renewal system.  I would like to attend when it suits you, ideally during May 2014. I can offer 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29th, 30th, if any of these suit you, please let me know and I will arrange to visit. Please allow for a 1 hour visit, if practical.

Yours sincerely Brian Murphy

For National Green Specification

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy A00 BRM 03/05/2014
3rd May 2014 – 6th May 2014

Supplier’s & Manufacturer’s Invitation

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© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
3rd May 2014 – 4th May 2014

Supplier’s & Manufacturer’s Invitation
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© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
4th May 2014 – 6th May 2014

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