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1422: 26/03/2014: NGS website: passes 2000 page views per day

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26/03/2014: NGS Website: Passes 2000 page views/day

  • Since monitoring started 207 days ago
  • the initial flurry of search engine web bots pushed cumulative average page views per day to over 2700/day,
  • the trend was downwards from an artificial high, towards a natural low below 2000/day,
  • reaching 2000/day at the beginning of january,
  • 1921/day the all time low at the end of january.
  • Since the end of January that strong and persistent downward trend has been turned around
  • and finally on 26/03/2013 we re-passed 2000/day on the way up.
  • Roll on 2700 without the web bots. 
  • Will let you know when that occurs.

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
30th March 2014 

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