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Build4LIFE (Project) G#1839 N#1716

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Along with my colleagues from the EU Interreg funded CAPEM project have completed a proposal for EU LIFE funding to keep this project going a further 3 years to address more challenges in the adoption of Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declarations, Green Labels in the selection of green construction materials, products, systems and methods of construction in private and public procurement.

Our ambitions include amongst many:

  • Developing Build4LIFE Green Building Encyclopaedia,
    • Focused on the project’s scope, including: LCA, EPD, Green labels, Green Public Procurement, etc.
    • a 3D interactive building model interface to interrogate the encyclopaedia
    • to deliver relevant information about the parts of the building you click on.
    • 100 Product pages with Product Data Sheets
  • CAPEM Compass a Building Products Comparison System to help choose the right product for the right application, with user choices, shortlisting and comparison by LCA and EPD with generic materials, add site postcode and get LCA impacts the building site and with LIFE development to end of life.
  • Run events to disseminate about Life Cycle approaches to product design and manufacture, to design and specification of buildings, to procuring and installation, through in use life to end of life opportunities.
  • Work with manufacturers using LCA and marginal analysis to identify the high impact ingredients to find low impact alternatives and recalculate LCA to see potential reductions in overall impacts.
  • One whole day, free, in-house training for design participants in all the project outputs
  • Working with you and your client to help persuade and consider alternative greener materials in your projects
  • Pilot studies of your projects to carryout LCA study at whole building level before and after using Compass to help choose greener alternatives generating Evidence Base Case Studies.
  • Run a Green Public Procurement event in Peterborough to understand the Barriers and Opportunities in Greening up the procurement of National & Local Government, on the current assumption there are some, we hope to find out more as the project progresses.
  • Deliver frequent seminars about the project from smartLIFE’s building in Peterborough Posh stand currently under construction, seminars across the UK and exhibit 2015-2018 at Vision, EcoBuild/Resource, Grand Designs Live and Self Build Shows.

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16th October 2014 – 14th March 2015


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aka BrianSpecMan
14th August 2014 – 14th March 2015

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