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Building Information Management (BIM) (Jargon Buster) G#869 N#889

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Building Information Management BIM Jargon Buster

Building Information Management BIM Jargon Buster


Relates to 3D CAD, but data rich modelling, object based CAD, not lines in space anymore.
All things to all men, from prototyping through manufacturing to building, embraces and engages with many issues holistically: if you choose to exploit its potential
Intelligent, Coordination (of consultants inputs), Compatibility (clash detection), Consistent, schedule generating, automatically updating all outputs from a single place.
Engages with project delivery, predictability of delivery, production management, manufacturing, waste minimisation, facilities management.
Can even engage with environmental design: BEM Building Environment Modelling, BES Building Environment Simulation, within or by integrating with other software.
Clients are beginning to ask all members of project teams to deliver the project design in BIM formats.
Embraces Latham and Egan aspirations and recession hit practices are skilling up rather than navel gazing.

Building Modelling (BM) is what most people are doing, without most of the Information that makes BIM.
(NGS BRM ’10 – ’14)

The most important part being INFORMATION
In the world of BIM and the information Age, raw data needs refinement
(NGS BRM ’12 after Paul Fletcher ’12)


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process of generating and managing building data during the building’s life cycle.

There will be increased awareness and use of BIM in the UK, although not likely to reach the heights of use in the USA, where it is used by 71% of all contractors engineers architects and owners.

The Government’s BIM Implementation Task Group should publish a BIM protocol this year, but then it was promised in 2012.

Having BIM may give a USP or advantage in the market; it is said to save time and cost and certainly is signposted as the way forward.

(Taylors Construction Bulletin February 2013) The Gathering Storm or New Opportunities?

GBE Opinion: BIM

  • Brian Murphy of NGS believes the UK is not ready to leap forward with BIM. He comments,
  • “Whilst BIM is seen as the Holy Grail, and some claim they are already doing it, they may be doing the 3D CAD aspects and may even have built a library of components;
  • but much of the sophistication of BIM comes from the I in BIM for Information, and the manipulation of the data in design & decision tools, many of which have not yet been written and the databases of comparable information probably do not exist either”.
  • “Libraries of components may exist but they remain relatively dumb, lacking much of the data needed to carryout intelligent comparisons.
  • We run the risk of paying heavily for software only to discover they lack interoperability and we risk playing ‘Top Trumps’ focusing on one or two issues, for instance, Embodied Carbon and initial cost, at the expense of building performance and long term running costs.
  • Nothing new there then.”
(NGS BRM ’13)

GBE Opinion:
Does Specification Exist in the world of BIM?

The thing about BIM is that the product information and properties will be attached to the product object in BInformationM
The assembly will be by the drawings
The non-product information: e.g.
Workmanship could be attached to the object but probably won’t be.
The performance of the assembly may or may not be able to be attached to the assembly of object(s).
The inspection of samples and testing and commissioning and quality checks will be harder to add to the BIM Model file.
So a specification residue for non-product information may still be needed and it may need to be a separate document?
But BIM should be able to do all that if its clever, I do not know how BIM envisages this.
A separate application to interrogate the BIM Model to extract the ‘Specification fragments’ and assemble them intelligently into an order, and to amalgamate the non product requirements, into what we have known as a Specification may or may not be needed.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
18th March 2013 – 28th May 2017

Building Information Management BIM Jargon Buster

  •  Group: National BIM Library
  • Subject: Monthly News from the NBS National BIM Library

New National BIM Library Objects go live!

We are delighted to announce this month the BIM objects for
• Glerflor Ltd,
• Interface Europe Ltd,
• Dow Building Solutions,
• Protan UK Limited,
• Sika Limited,
• Komfort

are now live on the National BIM Library. Take a look –

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NBS Live – NBS Live is a brand new event created to provide construction professionals with access to over 80 expert speakers and 26 hours of content rich presentations across 16 themed seminars, all in one place on a single day this November.

There are 4 themed rooms – Business & Practice, Technical, Design or BIM.

Book of the month

BIM Demystified is a short, practical introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Addressing BIM from the point of view of mainstream practice as opposed to a cutting-edge technological perspective, it offers a user-friendly yet thorough explanation of a subject which is often swamped by jargon and deluged with spin.

Please vote…

NBIML have been nominated for the Construction Computing Magazine awards:

1. BIM Product of the Year – For the NBS National BIM Library
2. Product of the Year – For NBS Create
3. Company of the Year

And finally

NBIML are launching our very own NBS Contracts and Law LinkedIn group, click now to join

From your National BIM Library Team :)

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aka BrianSpecMan
18th March 2013 – 28th May 2017

Building Information Management BIM Jargon Buster
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