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948: Rachael Edwards

By 20 February 2014Uncategorized


Rachael Edwards

Rachael Edwards

After 10 years GreenSpec was still not paying its way.

It generates a few enquiries from manufacturers but very few seem prepared to pay the cost of creating Product Pages.

BrianSpecMan asked Rachael Edwards to join GreenSpec and focus on sales of product pages, but her strength lie in marketing and in order to do sales there was a need to understand GreenSpec’s offering and present services in a way to generate new business.

A sales leaflet was created focussing on GreenSpecPASS & GreenSpecPRODUCT PAGES

This started new enquiries being generated.

Rachael is now embarking on a PhD in her chosen subject.

Rachael was only involved with GreenSpec for a short while, but had considerable influence over the future of the GreenSpec website, which should be seen in the near future.

Rachael acted as a catalyst that helped BrianSpecMan decide to depart from GreenSpec and rekindle NGS National Green Specification and start again in the ambition to create the encyclopedia of green construction on this latest NGS website.

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
12th September 2013 – 26th December 2013





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