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938: VIBE Event 16-17 May 2013

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16th May 2013 VIBE’s & natureplus annual meeting, 
17th May 2013 VIBE’s CAP’EM symposium & international LCA Confrence
KAHO Sint-Lieven Gent Belgium

VIBE hosts an international two-day conference on natureplus and LCA,

16th and 17th of May in Gent (Belgium) at Kaho Sint-Lieven Gent Technology Campus.

Day 1: Natural building materials in specifications and subsidies

  • simultaneous translation in EN-DE-FR-NL.
  • EPD’s, LCA’s, building evaluation tools, building product calculators… can you still follow?
  • A label is an easy way to recognize a building product with high standards.
  • The independent label ‘natureplus’ has developed ambitious standards on environmental performance and health issues. 
  • What does it test?
  • How is it applied in existing public procurement systems and subsidies?
  • How can you use it correctly in tendering documents, specifications, subsidies etc?
  • How do architects make use of it in designing buildings? 
  • What is the EU policy on type I labels?

Program Day 1:

Day 2: LCA practices and issues

  • will be in English
  • CAP’EM (cycle assessment procedure for eco-materials) has an international LCA calculation tool. 
  • Within this Interreg IVB-project, more than 100 ‘eco’ building materials where calculated. 
  • At this conference, the results, expressed in ILCD-impact categories, will be shown for the first time. 
  • But we’ll also take the time to examine some difficult LCA-questions, explain different tools and results in Belgium, and give practical examples with different tools.
  • Launch of CAPEMCompass: Building Product COMPArison SyStem, Database and LCA tool
  • Launch of VIBE’s CAP’EM Showroom.
  • BrianSpecMan Architects don’t need LCA Designers and Specifiers going about their normal duties do not need LCA if they filtered out the bad stuff by judging ingredients, product and their application first’

Program Day 2:

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
25th April 2013 – 22nd May 2013









 BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
25th April 2013

Event Information:




  • CAP’EM
  • CAPEMCompass: Building Product COMPArison SyStem, Database and LCA tool
  • GreenSpecPASS Product Assessment Screening System
  • VIBE’s Showroom


  • Allocation
  • GreenSpecPASS
  • ILCD
  • LCA
  • Monetisation

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
25th April 2013 – 22nd May 2013

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