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CAP’EM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Impacts of Materials (Project) G#546 N#566

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CAP’EM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Impacts of Materials Project

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CAP’EM Objectives:

  • To develop a shared methodology for the life cycle analysis of the environmental and health impacts of construction materials and products.
  • To evaluate 100 building products and other materials according to this new methodology and enable users to classify them according to multiple criteria.
  • To increase the use and knowledge of eco-materials in North-West Europe by engaging with the building industry.
  • To demonstrate the use of eco-materials in new build and renovation contexts, via a network of exhibition centres.

CAP’EM Goal:

  • To promote eco-materials and to provide the construction industry with simple and practical tools to support their adoption.

CAP’EM Partners:

  • The partner organisations come from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

CAP’EM in GBE Website:

  • There are links or references to CAP’EM in over 200 (of 1540) pages of this website

CAP’EM after Interreg funded: CAPEM:

  • We liked working with each other so plan to continue
  • We will establish a European Legal Entity
  • We have submitted a proposal for LIFE funding Build4LIFE project to promote CAPEM Compass
  • We will seek opportunities to expand and share the content of CAPEM Compass
  • We will establish CAPEM as an EPD Programme or become part of EcoPlatform

CAP’EM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Impacts of Materials

CAP’EM Inputs/Outputs

WP0 Bid Preparation

  • CAP’EM Funder: Interreg IVB NW Europe
  • See Sponsors, Clients and Collaborators
  • CAP’EM Partners & Match Funders table See Middle Column Fig. 6
  • CAP’EM Scope of Proposal, Budget, Programme, Partners,
  • CAP’EM Revised scope
  • CAP’EM Management Structure
  • CAP’EM Working Groups
  • CAP’EM Partners
  • CAP’EM Map

WP1 LCA Life Cycle Assessment

A01 Benchmark

  •  CAP’EM Definitions

A02 Methodology

  • CAP’EM Technical Partners
  • CAP’EM Method 1 2014/07/14 (£0.00)
  • CAP’EM Confidentiality Agreement with Manufacturer

A03 Software Specification

  • CAP’EM GUI Brief
  • CAP’EM GUI Specification
  • CAP’EM Tenders (minus tender prices)
  • CAP’EM Tender evaluation

A04 Material Selection

  • CAP’EM Products Long List schedule from which to choose 30
  • CAP’EM PQQ Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to help filter out manufacturers early
  • CAP’EM Short List 30 products to be assessed to test method

A05 Software testing


A06 Method testing

WP2 Product Data

A07 Product Selection

  • CAP’EM Product List Final: some dropped out and others stepped in
  • CAP’EM COMPASS: Manufacturer and Product List

A08 Products Data Collection

  • CAP’EM Product Data Collection Sheet: for collection only
  • CAP’EM Product Data Sheet Template: for product data dissemination
  • CAP’EM Product Database: for holding information online
  • CAP’EM Generic materials: shortlist
  • CAP’EM Labels: Product Accreditation, Endorsement, Accolade & Lables Table
  • CAP’EM DropDownLists:

A09 LCA Data Processing

  • CAP’EM Products LCAs 100 products (results only)
  • CAP’EM Generic materials 150 (regionalised data)

A10 Classification and GUI


  • CAP’EM Compass is an online tool for comparing building products on their environmental performances.
  • CAP’EM Compass is based on Life Cycle Analysis results of the CAPEM project.

It enables the user to:

  • Find the construction products based on their applications
  • Find the construction products based on the user’s preferences
  • Compare them mutually and to conventional products
  • Filter the products based on the user’s location
  • Calculate the delivery to site footprint and show the results on the graph for better and easier understanding of the users.
Useful Documents:
  • CAP’EM Method
  • Compass User’s Manual
  • Materials Manufacturers List
  • WIKI Compass
  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions PDF


A11 Market Approach

WP3 Communications

  • A12-A15 Communications Strategy
  • CAP’EM Targets v Outputs
  • CAP’EM brochure:
    • English – French – Dutch – German
  • CAP’EM Box
  • CAP’EM Box Labels
  • CAP’EM Mock-ups
  • CAP’EM Events
  • CAP’EM Exhibition Displays
  • CAP’EM Exhibitions
  • CAP’EM Exhibition Brochure
  • Exhibition Website
  • CAP’EM Pop-up Banners
  • CAP’EM Film (not happening)
  • CAP’EM Videos
  • CAP’EM Build4BLOG
    • Subscribe
  • CAP’EM News
  • CAP’EM Newsletters Previous Sign-up
    • (4 language options)
    • No. 7 JULY 2014
    • JANUARY 2014
    • No. 4 MARCH – 2013
    • OCTOBER – 2012
    • JANUARY – 2012

WP4 Investments

CAP’EM+10% Extension 

WP5 LCA to End of life Method for EPD Environmental Product Declaration

WP6 Establishing an EPD Programme Operator

  • A06 Establish a Programme Operator Organisation Structure
  • A07 GPI General Programme Instruction
  • A08 PCRs Product Category Rules
  • A09 EPD Environmental Product Declaration


Interreg IVb Strategic Initiative Cluster.

  • Interreg IVb 50% fund numerous projects including CAP’EMFuture CitiesC2CN,
  • Interreg have set up relationships between projects of related activity as Strategic Initiative Cluster.
  • ENVIREO is the “Strategic Initiative Cluster dedicated to mainstream sustainable building practices across North West Europe”
  • The four INTERREG IVb projects in Envireo are:

Envireo Outputs

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
8th February 2013 – 2nd August 2019

CAP’EM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Impacts of Materials


Fig. 1 EU Flag


Fig. 2 Interreg IV B logo

Capem new logo RGB png

Fig. 3 CAP’EM Logo




Fig. 5 CAP’EM Partners and Match co-Funders Logos

ICDuBO Holland Exhibition Poster EU Green Labels

CAP’EM, GreenSpec, natureplus, IBO, etc.


Fig. 7 Poster at Exhibition


Fig. 8 NGS CPD

CAPEM JTS Build4 Visit png

Fig. 9 Presentation to JTS in the UK by BSK-CIC

CAPEM 2013 JTS Build4 Cover png

Fig. 10 Presentation to JTS in the UK by BrianSpecMan

BRM at Interreg Office png

Fig. 11 CAP’EM Visit to JTS Office 2013

CAPEM EcoBuild 2010 png Display

Fig. 12 EcoBuild 2010 Exhibition display

bouwboulevard logo png

Bouwboulervard HomePage png

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
8th February 2013 – 2nd August 2019

CAP’EM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Impacts of Materials
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  • ‘BRE Green’ v ‘GBE Green’
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  • CAP’EM COMPASS Building Product COMPArison SyStem (2013) @natureplus GENT
  • Architects Don’t Need LCA (2013) @ VIBE Gent Belgium
    • Designers and Specifiers going about their normal duties do not need LCA if they filtered out the bad stuff by judging ingredients, product and their application first’
  • CAP’EM Presentation to JTS at Build4 UK
    • An update on CAPEM Compass and Biobased materials
  • Creating Healthy Buildings @ IEMA, ____, WSCP Leeds 2014 & London 2014
  • CAPEM Compass (2014) @ [avniR]

CAP’EM Tools

CAP’EM Project Outputs:

  • CAP’EM Jargon Buster Excel file Worksheet 1. CAP’EM Glossary
  • CAP’EM LCA Definitions Excel file Worksheet 2. LCA definitions
  • CAP’EM Set of Definitions Word Doc
  • CAP’EM GUI Graphic User Interface to Database
  • CAP’EM Compass Building Product COMPArison SyStem

GBE Video

  • CAP’EM Building Product Comparison System @ [avniR] November 2011 LCA Convention Lille by BrianSpecMan
  • 28th March 2013 CAP’EM Conference Rotterdam
  • 25th April 2013 Impressions Conference at HANappr.
    • 175 visitors (including 60 first year students from the building institute) and 20 companies presenting their products (ecological and biobased materials in combination with energy saving/passif house).
    • To give an impression of the event, people from the HAN has made a short youtube item.
    • Fred van der Burgh & Han van Drunen and Sissy Verspeek
  • Zo Kan Het OOk: Biobased Economy (Dutch with English translation)
  • ACORP water tower
  • CAP’EM’s Huddersfield Station water tower Acorp office conversion 3rd award

GBE Projects

GBE Links

GBE Collaboration Services


CAP’EM Collaborate Services

  • CAP’EM Product Data Sheet
  • CAP’EM Compass Adding products to the Database (reliant upon having LCA)
  • CAP’EM Marketing
  • CAP’EM EPD and LCA scoring the environmental impact of materials and products
  • CAP’EM Detox using LCA data and Marginal Analysis to help manufacturers improve their products

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
20th January 2013 – 2nd August 2019

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