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GBE Diary 2015 Q4 G#1766 N#1661

By 8 April 2015July 30th, 20182015, Blog, Diary, News

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GBE Diary 2015 Q4

GBE Diary 2015 Q1 (Archive); GBE Diary 2015 Q2 (Archive); GBE Diary 2015 Q3 (Archive); GBE Diary 2015 Q4 (this page)

GBE Diary 2015 Q4

GBE Diary October 2015

Ska Logo

1: Ska Higher Education Scheme Weighting

Mailchimp Email Campaigns

2: MailChimp Campaign

2: GBE Solution Provider News No1 November

3: GBE Members Newsletter No1 October

4: GBE Supporters Membership Benefits page

5: GBE Membership Campaigns: 150 Students and 900 Architects and update email address book

GBE Logo

5: Added Google Analytics code onto GBE Website

6-11: UK Construction Week

Multi Show event NEC Birmingham rescheduled to bring together 9 shows


6-8: Build Show NEC

Build Show Logo png

  • Attending all 3 days to find interesting new products

9: Write up newsletters covering interesting products

10-15: GBE Address book: screening, cleaning, scanning, expanding, classifications before importing to MailChimp software

13: GBE Navigation Pages start here

GBE Logo

Home Planning Help 094 Podcast Page

Home Planning Help 094 Podcast Page

15: HomePlanningHelp Interview Podcast summary editing
10 Insulation Types and When to Specify Them

15: GBE Address Book UKCW contacts scanning and MailChimp

16-19: GBE Members Newsletter No1 & No2 writing

17: UKCW page in website

17: Home Planning Help Page




19: Conference call WordPressNoStress about website editing



20-21: NGS Echo Confirmation of Manufacturers Self-Declaration for Anhydritec: Write up meeting notes; Desk study then Crewe Factory Visit with Alan Best Sustainability Peer Reviewer.




22: TGR Steering Group Meeting



22: BrianSpecMan spoke at TGR 15 year celebration Bristol

ProjectLogisticsArchitecture24: Project Logistics Architects specification proposal


24: Ecological Building Systems specification proposal

25: GBE Navigation Pages expansion

GBE GAWebstatsStart

26: GBE Webstats from Google Analytics spreadsheet

26: GBE Newsletter Templates in MailChimp

28: GBE MailChimp Address Book Segmentation & Groups

29-31: GBE Innovation Statement for Paul Bourgeois for 100 Days, AECB

29: GBE Newsletters issued by MailChimp

30: GBE Webstats spreadsheet developed to Charts for GBE Sparklines

LSBU logo words

30: LSBU End of Year Assessment Dropbox



The Marketing Compass Logo 3

30: Marketing Compass monthly skype call

31: GBE Innovation Statement for Paul Bourgeois for 100 Days

31: GBE Website Q&A for WordPressNoStress

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th January 2015 – 25th November 2015

GBE Diary 2015 Q4

GBE Diary November 2015

1: GBE To Do List

1: GBE Webstats: More Sparkline Charts

2: GBE Robust Specifications: Proposals to Diasen, SipFit, Resistant & Enviroform

2: Book Review enquiry


2-3: NGS Echo Assessing Anhydritec manufacturers Self-Declaration under ISO 14021 scrutinising paperwork, visiting factory, storage facilities and transport.  Writing Supporting Document.

4: GBE Checklist Navigation

4: GBE Robust Specifications emailing manufacturers

4: Reviewed Book Proposal for Tom Dollards follow up to ZCH’s builders book.  Very Positive review with some cautions and suggestions.

4: Conference call with Renuables pre Horizon 2020 and CAPEM 9th-10th December events.

CAPEM Team meeting in Lille

CAP’EM team members

5: GBE Address Book update and screening Membership Groups and CPD providers for MailChimp import

GBE Overheating Paper A11 BRM 071115

GBE Overheating Paper A11 BRM 071115

6: GBE Issue Paper Overheating: update related pages

7: GBE Address Book update and screening Media, Magazines and Newsletters providers for MailChimp import



6-8: NGS Echo Certificate draft and Anhydritec manufacturing Flow Diagrams


8: Project Logistics Architecture: Specification Strategy proposal


8: Marketing Compass Q&A postings

AECB 2013 Logo

AECB 2013 Logo

9: Proposal to Paul Bourgeois to present to AECB Committee re Crowd Funding

10: NGS Echo: Report, survey images and manufacturing flow charts completed, issue to Anhydritec for confirmation.


11-12: GBE In-House CPD: G#4383 Specifications in the World of NBS Building

GBE CPD Cover 9 Slide/Page Handout Specification NBS World

GBE CPD Cover 9 Slide/Page Handout Specification NBS World


16: Enviroform Solutions‘ Liam Brown: planning meeting to develop GBE Robust Specifications for Solid Wall External Insulation details

GBE Logo

GBE Logo

Horizon 2020 Logo

Horizon 2020

17: Atteneded Built2Spec Horizon2020 Project Seminar & Public Consultation Workshop.


Met ECD Architects discussed Enviroform Solutions‘ External wall solutions and possible CPD.



18: Planning an in-house CPD at EDCA on Solid Wall External Insulation Details with Enviroform Solutions‘ Liam Brown


Mailchimp Email Campaigns

Mailchimp Email Campaigns

18: GBS Robust Specification Mailchimp Email campaign to Solution Providers

GBE Logo

GBE Logo

Passive Building Suppliers (Republic of Ireland) Logo

Passive Building Suppliers (Republic of Ireland)

18: Contacted by Partel of Republic of Ireland planning a meeting to discuss GBE Robust Specifications

19: Adding more News links to GBE Home Page, Renamed NGS News to GBE Diary and updated


19: G#1064 N#1082 NGS Echo Collaborator Service: Client feedback on draft issue of certificate and report, conference call today from France.
Minor tweaks to layout, no change to content, xref between report and certificate.

NGS Logo Cropped alt3

NGS Logo Cropped alt3

20: Added Correspondence G#4721 Sacrosanct Specification

20: Growing and enhancing Navigation pages and rebuilding templates

Enviroform Solutions Logo

Enviroform Solutions Logo

20: Demonstration G#4728 Enviroform Solutions Ltd. Company Page


21: Anhydritec NGS Echo: Certificate and Report completed, printed, bound signed and posted.

22: 8 hours uploading 2500 files to the G#7237 GBE Media Library

GBE Logo

23: Co-ordinating and cross linking Page templates


23: Promoting CIOB 1st December CPD event Zero Carbon Is It possible?

CQCeequalLogo23: G#7282 CEEQUAL is dead, long live BRE CEEQUAL


23: GBE introduced ECD Architects to Marketing Compass‘s NT; meeting today to discuss developing Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Compass Logo 3

24: Mailchimp Campaign test GBE Solution Providers News No2

25-27: GBE Brainstorm: Desk study of a proposal for backland development single house; on a long narrow (one room and corridor wide) site between the bottoms of gardens between two north London terraces; potentially develop contract specification.

Considered 3 emailed design drawings, before meeting Architect.  Prepared a 2 page analysis of proposal.  Considered:

  • wind access: restricted or not (assumptions with limited information)
  • solar access: restricted or not (assumptions with limited information)
  • urban heat island effect: potential influence
  • tree locations: overshadowing, undermining, leaf drop blockages
  • room functions:
    • internal thermal, moisture and acoustic conditions
    • relationship to open light and ventilation wells
  • ability to resist solar gains
    • risk of overheating and potential alleviation
  • servicing strategy, structure, construction and services routing
  • methods of construction and material choices

25: CRUK event today in London



25: NGS Echo Anhydritec: Report scope increased to cover for 4 countries and 4 materials.


26: Visited Project Logistics Architecture to:

  • Their office is in one of their recent projects:
    • an office attached to a factory which maintains and leases food grade artesian screws
    • a great showcase of their lateral thinking and enabler of subtle culture change
  • Discussed building physics and approaches to vapour permeability, vapour open/closed, hygroscopicity, moisture mass, decrement delay and appropriate material choices, products and manufacturers/suppliers on three projects:
    • Solid wall historic refurbishment with extension,
    • Extruded block wall new build,
    • cavity wall extensions and roof alterations.
  • Brainstormed healthy environmental appropriate, competent, effective  construction methods and material choices for those three projects.
  • Critiqued details and annotation on a set of design and working drawings.
  • Explored developing a Practice Specification for new houses, alterations and extensions using NBS Scheduler and a specification template drawing.
  • Will produce and outline schedule of Products and Suppliers following the meeting.


27: NGS Echo: Final Certificates and Report issued to Anhydritec

Horizon 2020 Logo

European Funded R&D projects

27: Downloaded Horizon 2020 schedule of project proposals looking for project partners to consider with Dr Andrew Norton of Renuables.

28: Diary and Daily updates

28: “Zero Carbon, is it possible?” CPD preparation for Tuesday

29: Project Logistics Architecture: After meeting notes and contact detail vCards emailed over

30: “Zero Carbon, is it possible?” CPD preparation for Tuesday and posting page with list of GBE CPD: Carbon seminars.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th January 2015 – 3rd December 2015

GBE Diary 2015 Q4

GBE Diary December 2015


1: Project Logistics Architecture: After meeting notes added to and more contact detail vCards emailed over

1-3: Uploaded 1500 GBE CPD image files from NGS website to Media Library: Ready to reconnect many pages with 404 reports.

1: “Zero Carbon, is it possible?” CPD preparation for Tuesday adding image slides


1: CIOB CPD 18:00pm BrianSpecMan to present ‘Zero Carbon’

GBECPD9H ZeroCarbonIsitpossible

GBE Logo

GBE Logo


1-2: ArchitEx Architecture & Building Design Exhibition and Conference Liverpool

2: Uploaded CIOB event GBE CPD Files

2: New GBE CPD Navigation page and updated links

2: GBE Marketing Compass Conference Call

2-4: G#7794 Tabbed Product Page Template

3: Final edits of Ska HE GPM Good Practice Measures

3: Ska TC Technical Committee meeting rounding up Higher Education Scheme.

Ska Logo


4: Summary of service provided to Architectural Practice related to 3 Projects, Building Performance and material choices and Office Specification templates: GBE Brainstorm: 3 Houses Case study

4-5: Added Testimonial Quotes around GBE website

JargonBusterA46Cover4-6: Updated GBE Jargon Buster Collection merging in more terms to 451 pages, 7600 pieces of Jargon, Revision 49 ready for adding more to website.  Uploaded PDF to website for downloads.

5: Added GBE CPD Navigation Pages About Specification

5: Relocated GBE CPD Navigation to CPD Refurbishment and Retrofit files.

6: Updated and linked files on Flood Jargon Buster Theme page

7: Call from Vitec expanding foam window perimeter insulation sealer

G7999TabbedManufacturerTemplateTabs G7999TabbedManufacturerTemplate1

7-8: Developed GBE Tabbed Manufacturer Page Template

GBS J A90 PerfSpec CPDCover7: Updated specification pages Thermographic SurveyPerformance Specification

7: Updated and posted Future Events 2015-2016 page

JargonBusterCollected A30 BRM 0212117: Posted free 2012 version 30 of Jargon Buster Collected (currently at version 49)

7: Updated AJ Special External Envelopes page


Enviroform Solutions Logo

8: Meeting with Enviroform’s Liam Brown to discuss GBE Robust Specifications, preparing quotation.

8: End of project Report from IFORE Innovation FOr REnewal retrofit Interreg project links to Building Case StudiesProjects Information Case StudiesProject Event Case Studies

Horizon 2020 Logo

9: KTN Horizon 2020 project event London

Attending with Dr Andrew Norton or Renewables to consider future Nature-based project opportunities


CAPEM Compass Interreg Logo

CAPEM Compass Interreg Logo

9-10: CAPEM post-project team meeting to discuss future of CAPEM and CAPEM Compass

CAPEM Team meeting in Lille

CAP’EM team members

CAPEM Compass Logo

CAPEM Compass Logo

Follow up actions: Brief for new CAPEM Website followed by quotes
CAPEM Carbon Calculator Brief and exiting competition


10: Will not be attending SBEE Meeting in Cambridge whilst in France.

11: Catching up on email actions


11: Enviroform Go ahead


LSBU logo words

11: LSBU Lecturers Christmas Dinner

CAPEM Compass Interreg Logo

CAPEM Compass Interreg Logo

10-12: CAPEM replacement website brief and specification

PDT CableLadderSystem

13: G#8097 Product Data Templates

13: Added BIM PDS to Tabbed Product Page Template; later will add to Product Data Collection Schedules

14: Updated Tabbed Manufacturer and Product Page Templates and made PowerPoint GBE 6 Core pages showing Tabbed versions of pages


15: Updated Specification Liability PowerPoint and Page


15: Update Specification Workshop Calculator for half and whole day training workshop in 2016; updated GBE CPD About Specification


15: Discussing potential Practice Staff NBS Building Software training day


16: Relaying GREENPEACE campaign against Fracking Vote in parliament today (only a week after COP21 UK government appear to have caved in to big business and carbon makers) result this afternoon.  Amazingly their seriously stupid ambition to permit fracking in water aquifer areas was abandoned but they permitted them to frack under AOB and SSSI.  Think the fight is now on, I wonder if the ladies that habitually object to wind turbine planning applications will be out there blocking the drilling lorry paths.  I do hope so. CPRE, Ramblers, Womens Institute and National Council of Women, your moment is now.


16: Big welcome to CAPEM Group Europe on twitter @capem_eu and brushed up CAP’EM pages

16-17: GBE Product Data Collection Sheet update


GBE Incubator Product Schedule is first part done

16: GBE Q&A From Architect to Specifier


Q “What rendering system is appropriate for an already insulated cavity wall on a small residential building?”


16: G#8280 GBS Specification In Practice Shrewsbury School in Pictures

Enviroform Solutions Logo

Enviroform Solutions Logo

17: Extending Navigation pages to Accessories Navigation in M20, M21 for Enviroform’s Accessories.

Extending Navigation pages to Product Navigation to Assembler for Enviroform Solutions Ltd.

17-18: Started updating GBE Product Data Collection excel file to deliver to all tabs in Tabbed Product Page Template (incomplete)

LSBU Logo ImageLSBU logo words

18: Confirmed contract to deliver Lectures to Part 2 Architecture course Energy & Resource Efficiency In Design Module starting February 2016

enviroform18: Created G#8356 Tabbed Accessory Page Template (in development) ready for Enviroform Solutions Accessories

19: Adding and updating Image sliders to Navigation pages

19-22: VAT Accounts & Annual Accounts

21-22: Updating Navigation pages and Others Stuff Navigation

Mailchimp Email Campaigns


23: Mailchimp GBE Solution Provider News No2 December 2015 update and issued to >600

23: GBE In-house CPD updates and added image slider

23: Mailchimp GBE Members Newsletter No.2 December 2015 updated and issued to >1500

24: Other’s Newsletters update

LSBU logo wordsLSBU Logo Image

24-27: LSBU London South Bank University Pull time Posts: Job Applications form filling

25: Day off

26: Updated Supporter Membership Benefits3D View2D View CPD Slide Graphics & PASS Serve

27: SEO upgrades on many pages

Enviroform Solutions Logo

28: Development of Tabbed Manufacturer Page Template to replace Enviroform Solutions Ltd. Page  links to Refurbishment CPD

28: Development of Tabbed Accessory Page Template to add Enviroform’s solutions

29: Created PNG images from Enviroform Solutions literature, imported to Media Library, then posted into Tabbed Accessory Page Template

30-31: Final editing of Tabbed Accessory Page Template and Enviroform Solutions Ltd. Page; updated WordPress Template; created 5 new Accessory Pages from template and edited each Thermo-Bead, Thermo-Pro Soil Pipe, Thermo-Pro Fascia, Thermo-Flash, Thermo-Trac; then in page SEO update; Add images to top right; Add Classification information; Updated Template.


LSBU logo wordsLSBU Logo Image

31: LSB University Job Application forms

TMC MarketingCompass8stars31: Marketing action discussions with Marketing Compass

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th January 2015 – 2nd February 2016

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