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East Coast Storm Surge 14/01/2017

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Flood Jargon Buster Theme

Flood Jargon Buster Theme

  • EA
  • Flows (Jargon Buster) G#1356 N#1340
  • FRA
  • FRe  (Jargon Buster) G#1355 N#1339
  • PLR
  • SEPA
  • SuDS
  • SUDS

Words and phrases

  • Balancing Ponds
  • Coastal Errosion
  • Environment Agency (EA)
  • Flood
  • Flood Avoidance
  • Flood Control
  • Flood Defence
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Flood Plain
  • Flood Plain Land Use Optimising Workable Sustainability (FLOWS)  (Jargon Buster) G#1356 N#1340
  • Flood Resilience (FRe) (Jargon Buster) G#1355 N#1339
  • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)
  • Flood Routeing
  • Flood Tolerant
  • Future Cities
  • Managed Retreat
  • Natural Resources Wales
  • Permeable Pavement
  • Property Level Resilience (PLR)
  • Rain gardens
  • Retention Ponds
  • Sacrificial Construction
  • Sedum Roof
  • Settlement Ponds
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS SuDS)
  • Swale

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Flood Jargon Buster Theme


SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency 27 Jan 2016


live update

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Flood Jargon Buster Theme
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GBE Campaigns


Hi there,

Recent UK floods left swathes of the UK underwater. Buckling from the strain of torrential rains, rivers overflowed and flood defences were breached. Hundreds of families were forced to evacuate their homes.

David Cameron has pledged to help people suffering in the wake of the destruction. That’s a start. But in the aftermath of such ferocious storms, we need to make sure he joins the dots to climate change.

More fossil fuels means a warmer climate. And the latest science tells us that rising global temperatures are fueling volatile, erratic weather. We need to make sure the prime minister know that if he’s serious about protecting the UK from flooding, he must accelerate the roll out of clean power, not burn more fossil fuels. Please sign the petition to tell him to act:

Thank you

GBE News

14/01/17: Flood Warning map updated

27/01/16: SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency

24/01/16: Greenpeace UK Flood campaign


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23-25: Flood & Coast 2016

Conference & Exhibition Telford


2014 February 11: Surface Water Flood Forum, WWT & EDIE, Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre

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CIRIA SuDS Training Jan/Feb 2014

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EA Hydrology Team 


  • NEW Flood Recovery Guide (linked to its website)
  • Mary Dhonau and Carly Rose have produced this new free guide to help victims of flooding through the initial stages of recovery, as well as the following months to come.
  • The invaluable guide pulls together all the best practical advice for people who have been unfortunate enough to have been flooded. The information is presented in a clear and easy to understand format, designed to help everyone (whether insured or not) to cope and find a way forward during this awful time.

ODPM Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government

Sir Michael Pitt


HM Government

SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency

BSI British Standards Institute

  • BSI PAS 1188 Flood protection products
  • needs to be referenced in procurement documents.
  • There are plans underway to make the PAS a full British Standard and that process will allow a shakeout of the current approach and add to it
  • BSI Kitemark scheme for the installation of measures meeting PAS 1188 to ensure consistency of approach and application of standards.
  • BS 85500 is the standard developed to provide guidance to developers and designers on how to improve the flood resistance and resilience of buildings to reduce the impacts of flooding by the use of suitable materials and construction details.
  • Ensure that BS 85500 is adopted by house-builders and commercial builders in areas at risk of flooding.

Flood Performance Certificate G#10014

GBE Projects

HPA Harrison Pitt Architects

  • HPAFloodResilientHouse
  • Living With Water – Flood Resilient House
  • International Design Competition Entry
  • 1 Page PDF 672 kB
  • Real Stories of Flooding
    PDF 4.1 Mb


GBE Checklist


  • Q10
  • Q24
  • Q25
  • Q26
  • R10
  • S15

Uniclass I

  • N224 Flood Risk

GBE Disciplines

Flood resilience surveyor

Architects: Flood Resilience & Flood Mitigation

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