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LSBU EREID 2017 Task 6

LSBU EREID 2017 Task 6


Dear Students

Task 6 > Week 7 Homework

Task 5 > Week 6 Homework

Task 4 > Week 5 Homework

Task 3 > Week 4 Homework

Task 2 > Week 3 Homework

Task 1 > Week 2 Homework

LSBU EREID 2017 page


Your Wk6 > Wk7 Homework assignment


Life skill

  • Read this more than once before you start, often during and at least once after you think you are finished.
  • Read with highlighter in hand and highlight the important issues that you need to address
  • Check off the highlighted items against your work until you have done it all
  • Add deadlines to your electronic diaries with advance warnings and alarm calls on days of submission and attendance and no not press snooze or you will snooze through life.


1-3 pages with:

  • Learning from your previous brief and your building’s uses.
  • Learning from your previous site and surrounds investigation, building and adjacent building survey/analysis.
  • Learning from your previous elemental performance task
  • Learning from your previous elemental assembly and materials task
  • Update any or all of the above if you find they are not detailed enough.
  • Describe your Elemental Assemblies in a excel file to allow integration with two future tasks
  • Each element needs to be broken down to each and every component from outer face to inner face in each
  • I am not asking for every accessory (but you can add them if you wish and do calculations to suit)
  • You may put each element on a separate sheet or all on same sheet
  • But remember you need to print to A3 or A4 (singular or multiples)
  • I do not want loads of pages (if possible)
  • Elemental Assemblies: could be any of the following (all that apply, only if applicable)
    • Basement retaining floor
    • Basement perimeter retaining wall
    • Basement partition
    • Ground floor
    • Upper floor
    • Compartment party floor
    • External wall
    • NB If you have glazed walls as well as opaque walls make two items
    • Compartment Party wall
    • Compartment Communal wall
    • Integral unheated space to Internal room
    • Internal partition
    • Pitched Roof
    • Barrel vault roof
    • Flat Roof
    • Shallow roof
    • NB If you have glazed roofs as well as opaque roofs make two items
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Rooflights
    • Roof windows


Handing it in

  • hand in at the next lecture, on 1 or more sheets of A4 or A3 portrait or landscape paper
  • If you plan to use A4 make sure the font is 10 point at A4
  • If you use multiple A4 or A3 bind, staple or footnote each (name and page number) so they can be found and read together
  • File in dropbox homework folder, at latest midnight the day before lecture W7.
  • If you have updated previous home works add them to their dropbox folder but add a number (starting with 2) before the . for me to consider and improve your score if applicable.


The deadline:

  • Will be 11:59/00:00 the day before the next lecture.
  • Life skill: add it to your electronic diaries with advance warnings and early morning wake up calls, turn off snooze function and get up.
  • But the files that arrive sooner will make me happier as a client.
  • I will collect the last files at 04:00 am on the day of the lecture. (not your deadline)
  • If you miss the 11:59/00:00 deadline do the work anyway and do it as soon as possible, it will be taken into account in the final score minus points for lateness.


The file naming convention:

  • So that you do not overwrite each other’s work when you drop files into dropbox
  • “Task 6 your first and last name EBB7525 ERIED 2017.xls” or .xlsx”
  • depending upon the version and software you use.
  • Do not add extra hyphens or brackets or gaps to the file name, do not close gaps that I put there.

Replacing previous homework files with a better one:

  • “Task 2 your fist and last nameEBB7525 ERIED 2017 2.doc” or .docx” or .pdf”


DropBox (how dropbox works let column and scroll down)

  • I have opened and added your email addresses to a dropbox and invited you to visit to collect files and deliver files there too.
  • I added subfolders which you will be able to see and I will collect your file and move it to the subfolder as I mark it.
  • Let me know if you still have not had an invite to dropbox.


Scoring: In the weeks context marking is: (6 points)

  • Was it on time?
  • Was it delivered by dropbox?
  • Was it delivered on paper at the lecture?
  • Did the file name adopt the convention?
  • Did it follow the homework brief?


Scoping of resubmitted work

  • Did you upgrade your previous homework(s) in response to this one?
  • If the previous score was low then they may be upgraded



11th March 2017

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
13th March 2016 – 11th March 2017

LSBU EREID 2017 Task 6
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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
13th March 2016 – 11th March 2017

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